Edge publisher Future to cut jobs, business “isn’t working hard enough”

Friday, 2nd May 2014 08:31 GMT By Matt Martin

Future Publishing, the media outlet responsible for Edge, CVG and The Golden Joystick Awards, will begin laying off staff as it restructures around a single content and marketing team.

According to Media Week, the business will no longer be structured around content types like games, technology and sports, but be led from a single marketing and editorial division.

“Future’s business model isn’t working hard enough. This isn’t sustainable in the medium term and needs to change,” said CEO Zillah Bing-Maddick.

The redundancies will affect the entire company – “no part of the business will be unaffected”.

“We’re planning to refocus and simplify our business around those two key stakeholders and that opportunity. We have a clear business model and strategic vision,” she told Media Week. “And we’re starting the conversation about how to apply it with our people now. We’ll update our external stakeholders at our Interims at the end of the month.”



  1. Fin

    Hope Edge’ll be ok :/

    #1 8 months ago
  2. GrimRita

    The question is – is there a space for all these redundant magazines? Bull shit reviews and out of date ‘news;’ reporting have helped press the self-destruct button at Future. With new media embraced by individuals such as Angry Joe, is there a place for an arse licking publisher who show no dignity when giving review scores based on advertising spend and not actual game content?

    Naturally, I feel sorry for those caught up in this mess, but you should have all seen the shit storm coming

    #2 8 months ago
  3. ij 44

    GrimRita is right. This reminds me of a comment in ‘s most recent pod-cast (no.59?) where it was said “there might as well just be one videogamer website with one review” (possibly I’m taking out of context).

    IGN, Gamespot, CVG, Edge, Gameinformer etc – what’s the difference -I remember when closed – what was lost? nothing. Eurogamer has its tech-face-offs but otherwise its just the same. And there are literally hundreds of others, want your ad-clicks. Much. Plus we have those self-centered so-called video game sites like Polygon, where the real topic is the the self-entitlement of the reviewers.. More than one like that.

    The we have the dire warnings from self same sites when amazon starts using metacritic – why – the reality shows the disconnect between the mass of reviewers and the buying public – specifically their ability to call out a shitty game.

    #3 8 months ago

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