Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer officially released, out November 4 – watch

Friday, 2nd May 2014 07:57 GMT By Dave Cook

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has received its first official trailer out of publisher Activision. It confirmed the shooter’s future setting, hover bikes and all.

I’ve also written a bullshit blog full of stills and observations from the clip above. Come have some fun here.

The shooter was supposed to be fully unveiled on May 4, but we’ve posted an early selection of screens and details here.

It’s set in the future, where private military contractors go to the highest bidder to wage corporate – and totally not Metal Gear Solid 4-like – wars. Kevin Spacey appears to be the villain of the piece, as you can see by his shiny, mo-capped, new-gen face.

There’s hover bikes, stealth cloaks, sticky gloves that make a man climb like that Spider-Bloke, exo suits that allow for superhuman jumping and strength, and not a single trace of rappelling.

Thank christ.

We’ll have more on the game once the bigger reveal drops.



  1. KAP

    I fuckin’ love Kevin Spacey.
    Call Of Duty on the other hand……… no!
    But I won’t lie, I’m intrigued by the campaign.

    #1 8 months ago
  2. Dave Cook

    I’m in. Bring it on.

    #2 8 months ago
  3. Fin

    Certainly more interesting looking than Ghosts.

    I assume it’s just going to be identikit game design though :/

    #3 8 months ago
  4. Matt Martin

    I have faith. Three years in the making. Sledgehammer Games. I’m losing my shit right now.

    #4 8 months ago
  5. DoubleM

    Does this mean that I have to buy a new console? Well, I didn’t want to; At least not until Kingdom Hearts III was released.

    #5 8 months ago
  6. Legendaryboss

    Called it, i knew Sledgehammer Games working on this longer than usual would turn out to be different.

    #6 8 months ago

    Oh, the nostalgia…

    #7 8 months ago
  8. Joe Musashi

    Kevin Spacey needs to be in everything. He’s faptastic.


    #8 8 months ago
  9. Legendaryboss

    Da Hell?

    #9 8 months ago
  10. The_Red

    Really wish the Kevin Spacey model was better. Still, it looks like ten generations better than Ghosts both in terms of visuals and gameplay (Exo suits > Dogs + Fish AI).

    #10 8 months ago
  11. Joe Musashi

    I confidently predict Danny Trejo as Battlefield’s next antagonist. EA are so cheap…


    #11 8 months ago
  12. kingy

    It looks good very good but is it just me or does it have a look of killzone in it

    #12 8 months ago
  13. Dragon

    Nothing like CoD, right? ;)

    #13 8 months ago
  14. Edo

    No rappelling?BOOOO!Also…WELCOME BACK G1GA :) !

    #14 8 months ago
  15. Erthazus

    Same old engine. It looks bad, again. The only difference is that they used current gen “High textures” and other bullshit that was in CoD on the PC version all these years.
    Oh man… Nothing changes.

    and yeah. Kevin Spacey. Because of that shitty engine you can’t properly make a motion capture of him. His face is plastic and lifeless. You can’t do anything about it.

    Also, 1:36 – they are using 2D for a fog from Call Of Duty 2

    #15 8 months ago
  16. Hcw87

    Looks good as most CoD set pieces does, but the problem is the same as ever: 3-4 hour campaign. 99% of the time will be spent in Multiplayer anyway, so they sure waste a lot of time and resources on a 4 hour experience. Why not make a good 10-15 hour campaign instead? Crysis 2 could do that for example, and it still had multiplayer.

    #16 8 months ago
  17. unknown_gamer

    Battlefield Wanna-be Huh ?

    #17 8 months ago
  18. bradk825

    I clicked on the video convinced I’d watch it and think “That settles it I am not buying COD this year.” And Fuck, they have Kevin Spacey, a new setting and premise altogether, and hoverbikes. How do they keep hyping me every year?

    #18 8 months ago
  19. YoungZer0

    Totally love the armor design. Definitely looks interesting, might be the first CoD in years that I buy.

    #19 8 months ago
  20. TD_Monstrous69

    Am very intrigued by this. Looks a hell of a lot more promising than Ghosts ever did.

    #20 8 months ago
  21. thesnowman

    Despite it having shades of ‘CrysisFall’ it looks better than any of the recent CoDs

    #21 8 months ago
  22. Game Hunter

    @Hcw87 yet all those 4 hours are full of cool cinema style action scenes and great firefights.MW 3 had the best campaign in the series IMO.and yeah Crysis 2 campaign was long and fun,especially on Supersoldier difficulty.Crysis 3 completely fucked up the campaign.

    #22 8 months ago
  23. FreeZZa

    This looks really cool actually. I’m not a fan of Call of Duty AT ALL, but this looks really promising.

    #23 8 months ago
  24. Game Hunter

    Ghosts was a complete disappointment. Although the ending was superb,the rest of it sucked.but this trailer has picked my interest.anyway,I’ll still buy it,because of my argument with my friend 5 years ago,which was about who has completed the whole series.I’ve completed all the 10 Cods and will complete the future ones because I gave my word to my friend.

    #24 8 months ago


    Thanks, but I’m not back. Just passing through…

    Have fun, though!

    #25 8 months ago
  26. ManuOtaku

    @G1GAHURTZ a real shame, but whatever is rhe best for you mate, i hope eventually i can fond a match you are in on COD

    #26 8 months ago
  27. Darkfield

    So we all learned Sledgehammer can rip-off Titan Fall. Cute!

    #27 8 months ago
  28. joshua nash

    As someone who downright vehemently hates CoD and blames the game for why modern gaming is going to ****, I must say that this game might actually change my mind, cause its got KEVIN F’ING SPACEY and he only does quality work so maybe It’ll be good. Haven’t really played any FPS on my PS4 mostly cause my preferred FPS BF looks like **** and the CoD game with the dog also looks like ****, though the killzone game looks nice but I really can’t force myself to get into it mostly cause It’d feel like I’m betraying Halo, but then again I’d unhook my Xbox360 and put it in my console graveyard cupboard so maybe its time to move on

    #28 8 months ago
  29. tmac2011

    this gonna be on all console sor just ps4 and xbox one?

    #29 8 months ago
  30. Swedish_dude

    Nice acting by Mr Spacey, but as far as the game, people might not want democracy but they sure as hell want mediocrity. Fool me once and all that, but people should know better, these games havent been and never will be good.

    #30 8 months ago
  31. Ilovesony

    well if this video is based on the Sockbox One… Then the PS4 will look Twice as good!!

    #31 8 months ago
  32. YoungZer0


    This just in: Titanfall created Sci-Fi.

    #32 8 months ago
  33. Panthro


    And if the PS4 version looks twice as good as the ‘Sockbox…?’ version the PC version will five times as good!

    #33 8 months ago
  34. Panthro

    Edit button… I miss you :’( Fuck this site.

    #34 8 months ago
  35. Ilovesony

    So if it looks like this on the Sockbox One… Then it must look twice as good on the PS4

    #35 8 months ago
  36. Panthro


    You’ve said that already.

    #36 8 months ago
  37. Ilovesony

    @Panthro and if it looks 5 times better on the PC then it will look 100 times better on Project Morpheus… Your turn.

    #37 8 months ago
  38. Panthro


    And if it looks 100 time’s better on Project Morpheus I will suck your dick.

    Luckily, it won’t.

    #38 8 months ago
  39. Reddpayn

    Panthro is right. The pc version on maximum settings will exceed console versions. Its a shame though that one should still buy a 700 euro pc to be on par with the ps4, and still the pc version would lack splitscreen mode.

    #39 8 months ago
  40. Darkfield

    @YoungZer0 Nah man was just being sarcastic :D

    #40 8 months ago
  41. mxmassef


    #41 8 months ago
  42. bradk825

    @Panthro Man I really hope it doesn’t look 100 times better on PM.

    #42 8 months ago
  43. Panthro


    I’ll start an email list to notify everyone and I will stream it live.

    #43 8 months ago
  44. Panthro

    The odds are 1000/0 as it stands presently so I’m not going to be setting up recording equipment any time soon.

    #44 8 months ago
  45. Panthro

    If you watch the video on youtube you can select which resolution you want to view it at.

    The video has a 1080p option, was this reeaaaaally captured on an Xbox One? I

    #45 8 months ago
  46. Edo

    That’s a damn shame…ever since you and DSB left,this place has really changed…for the worst…the new look didn’t help it either.

    #46 8 months ago
  47. harr0w

    Kudos to sledgehammer for getting spacey on board other than that same shit different day. Has ps3fanboy changed his name again!!!

    #47 8 months ago
  48. bradk825

    @Panthro if I watch it on Morpheaus will I feel like I’m doing it myself?

    #48 8 months ago
  49. Hcw87


    You’re implying the site took a turn for the worse just because 2 members left? Doesn’t make sense to me. It’s been bad for a LONG time community wise.


    Nah, this guy has even worse grammar. Still a Sony-worshiper though, so i don’t blame you for the comparison. This is why the site needs a ignore-user option.

    #49 8 months ago
  50. Panthro


    I’ll set it up in a POV fashion just for you.

    #50 8 months ago
  51. bradk825

    @Panthro Hahahaha. Gross.

    #51 8 months ago
  52. Swedish_dude


    Well, just don’t read his posts? But maybe that’s too analog.

    #52 8 months ago
  53. fearmonkey

    Kevin Spacey is a great actor and for the first time in a long time, I want to play a COD game now. Well done Activision.

    #53 8 months ago

    @Manu & Edo:

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the kind words.

    #54 8 months ago
  55. dontbescaredhomie92

    Hmm first COD since black ops 1 that has peaked my interest, campaign-wise.

    #55 8 months ago
  56. harr0w

    @49 thought as much

    #56 8 months ago
  57. Redh3lix

    Game looks like uninspiring trash that will appeal to the COD masses. COD 4 is > * out of the series.

    #57 8 months ago
  58. zombizmo

    It’s almost like it’s the same shit year after year.

    #58 8 months ago
  59. DarkElfa

    He has dead eyes, like a doll’s eyes…

    #59 8 months ago
  60. Druined

    Looks like Crysis for me. But I hope it will be better than Ghost.

    #60 8 months ago
  61. budgiesmuggler

    I’m a massive fan of Kevin Spacey but C.O.D – yawn!!

    I’m sick of seeing the same boring shooter being re-hashed and re-released every six months using the same engine and same, boring, linear level design and predictable A.I.
    Same with Battlefield – rinse repeat rinse repeat.

    Absolute garbage. I mean hover bikes?? We had that covered in the 80′s with Back To The Future!

    Come on guys…..think of something new and exciting for once and drop these ridiculous games and develop something worth investing my time and hard earned cash into….PLEEEEEEEASE

    #61 8 months ago

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