Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes – over 1 million copies shipped worldwide

Friday, 25th April 2014 21:10 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes has shipped over 1 million copies worldwide, Konami has announced. The figure isn’t copies sold, but how many units have been sent to retail, which is why digital figures weren’t mentioned.

The firm also announced a patch is in the works, but didn’t elaborate on what was included or when it would launch.

Deja vu and Jamais Vu missions, which were console exclusives at one time, will be released on May 1 for both PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

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  1. Legendaryboss

    Looks like price wasn’t an issue for those *undisclosed sold figures to customers*. The UK, Media Create & NPD sales chart proved that, even if it is a massive decline from MGS4′s first month.

    To reiterate from before claims of it being a *insert price here* demo was a little overblown, if they weren’t looking at the entire package.

    #1 8 months ago
  2. SlayerGT

    Not interested without Hayter.

    #2 8 months ago
  3. salarta

    I was going to say these are okay sales, but then I remembered the game released on PS3 and 360 too, not just PS4 and XBox One. Not very good sales numbers if that’s worldwide with all four systems, considering there are much worse games out there that sold more.

    #3 8 months ago
  4. lexph3re

    @salarta I don’t think it count’s digital so it may not be that bad. Besides the word of mouth against this one was strong.

    #4 8 months ago
  5. Erthazus

    @salarta I think the game that was low on content with bad word of mouth sold Okay.

    Let’s face it. MGS:GZ is a demo and a Fox engine presentation with one main mission and 5 small side ops for 30$. Can’t see how this can sell few millions.
    the demo served it’s purpose. Fans bought it and ready for the next game.

    The Phantom Pain sales Will be interesting though.

    #5 8 months ago
  6. DoubleM

    Actually the Side-Ops were bigger and better than the main mission. But yeah, as a fan I bought it, played it for 14 hours, and never felt like I was ripped off.

    It was fantastic. It certainly broke a lot of MGS rules, but it was a fantastic stealth experience. I can’t imagine how awesome Phantom Pain can be.

    #6 8 months ago

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