PlayStation Plus May update: Payday 2, Puppeteer, Muramasa Rebirth [Update]

Wednesday, 23rd April 2014 13:28 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Sony has announced the May PlayStation Plus goodies subscribers in Europe will be able to download come April 30. North American games have also been added.

Entering PS Plus April 30:

  • Stick it to the Man – PS4
  • Payday 2 – PS3
  • Puppeteer – PS3
  • Muramasa Rebirth – PS Vita
  • Everybody’s Golf – PS Vita

If you’ve yet to download April’s offerings, you have until Wednesday next week.

North American subscribers will get the following games:

  • Stick it to the Man! (PS4)
  • Puppeteer (PS3)
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 (PS3)
  • Skullgirls Encore (PS3)
  • Surge Deluxe (PS Vita)
  • Limbo (PS Vita)



  1. Legendaryboss

    Redeemed? Or still crap?

    #1 8 months ago
  2. Luciferous

    Muramasa and Puppeteer make it worth it for me :D

    #2 8 months ago
  3. CyberMarco

    I think I wont be buying any PS3 game anymore. xD

    #3 8 months ago
  4. ManuOtaku

    i do recommend puppeteer great game, and if you can buy it if you like it, in order to be part of your collection.

    #4 8 months ago
  5. Joe Musashi

    Welp, I’ve played and enjoyed most of those. But Puppeteer and Everybody’s Golf are superb games in their own right.


    #5 8 months ago
  6. nostramo

    So much for the cutting edge next gen ps4

    #6 8 months ago
  7. Legendaryboss

    Combo Breaker!

    #7 8 months ago
  8. Xflasher

    It’s getting better but we’re still missing 1 ps3 title and our “yearly” psvita titles aren’t being changed, unlike NA

    #8 8 months ago
  9. Michael Ireland

    @Legendaryboss Bloody great. Puppeteer is brilliant.

    #9 8 months ago
  10. onlineatron

    super excited for stick it to the man. been meaning to get to that since november

    #10 8 months ago
  11. Michael Ireland

    @nostramo You are not going to get many triple A games for the PS4 any time, and you shouldn’t expect to. Those kind of games are obscenely expensive to make and the hardware has barely been out half a year.

    #11 8 months ago
  12. OmegaSlayer

    Muramasa is a masterpiece.

    #12 8 months ago
  13. Dragon

    PS Plus – Best* $50 one can spend in gaming in a year.

    *Conditions apply. Only if you own PS4, PS3 or Vita.

    #13 8 months ago
  14. Obernox

    Muramasa Rebirth. Download it guys.

    #14 8 months ago

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