NPD March: PS4 tops US retail chart for third month, Titanfall leads software

Friday, 18th April 2014 14:45 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

PlayStation 4 outsold Xbox One for the third month in a row in the US during March 2014, according to The NPD Group. Titanfall on Xbox One was the number one seller on the software chart with inFamous: Second Son landing in second place.


NPD March 2014

Total industry spend up 3% to $1.03 billion year-over-year, driven by hardware sales.

PS4 best-selling home console for three months straight. Over 5 million Xbox One consoles have been sold-in to retailers since launch.

Titanfall was the best-selling software title for March, with PS4-exclusive inFamous: Second Son coming in second place.

February 2014′s figures.

March 2013′s figures.

Overall, total industry sales increased 3% to $1.03 billion, despite March 2014′s 28% drop in software sales to $432 million year-over-year.

Hardware sales were up 78% due to PS4 and Xbox One sales, coming in at $395 million.

NPD attributed the March 2014 42% yoy software decline to the lack of new releases compared to March 2013. Last year, there were eight new releases in the top 10 compared to six last month.

“Last March we saw eight of the top ten games were new launches with games like Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Gears of War: Judgment, God of War: Ascension,” according to NPD analyst Liam Callahan.

“This March saw six of the top ten games as new launches with Titanfall, inFamous Second Son, South Park: The Stick Of Truth, and Dark Souls 2.”

Hardware’s year-over-year surge were attributed to Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles selling more than double that of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, respectively for the five month period.

Accessories were up 4% to $224 million.

NPD March: Hardware

March Hardware

PS4: Best selling platform.

Xbox One: 311K

3DS: 159K (-30.9%)

Xbox 360: 111K

Wii U: 70K (+4.5%)

Wii: 28K

Vita: 10K (-69.7%)


Sony’s PlayStation 4 was the best-selling console for three months in a row, and despite the firm remaining quite on the NPD front, the firm announced this week PS4 had sold over 7 million units worldwide.

Microsoft commented that over 5 million Xbox One consoles have been sold-in to retailers since launch, with global sales of the console outpacing Xbox 360 by more than 60% at the same point in time.

“Even more important to us is how much fun you are having on Xbox One,” said Yusuf Mehdi, corporate VP of marketing, strategy and business at Xbox in a prepared statement.

“It’s amazing that Xbox One fans are spending an average of five hours per day on Xbox One and collectively have totaled more than one billion hours of time spent in games and apps on the console. In particular, we broke new usage records with the number of unique Twitch broadcasters in the first week of availability. ”

While Nintendo didn’t issue a statement, industry analyst David Gibson issued a few sales figures for Wii, Wii U and 3DS.

According to Gibson, Wii sales came in at 28,000; Wii U just over 70,000; PSP approximately 5,000; PlayStation Vita a little over 10,000; and 3DS at 159,000.

NPD March: Software

Xbox One and Xbox 360 had 10 titles listed on the NPD top 10. Xbox One held four top titles eight top 10 console games, while Xbox 360 held six top titles and seven top 10 console game titles.

Neither Nintendo nor Sony issued press releases on the NPD figures, which we usually receive if one is issued.Konami – Metal Gear Sold V: Ground Zeroes sold in the US Japan has seen 340k sold. Digital #’s unknown.

  1. Titanfall (XBO, PC)
  2. inFAMOUS Second Son (PS4)
  3. South Park: The Stick Of Truth (360, PS3, PC)
  4. Call Of Duty: Ghosts (360, PS4, PS3, XBO, NWU, PC)
  5. Dark Souls II (PS3, 360)
  6. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (PS4, XBO, PS3, 360) (278,000 with 204,000 on PS4/Xbox One))
  7. NBA 2K14 (360, PS4, PS3, XBO, PC)
  8. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (PS3, PSV) (208,000)
  9. The LEGO Movie Videogame (360, PS3, 3DS, NWU, XBO, PS4, PSV)
  10. Minecraft (360)



  1. Legendaryboss

    Better late than never!

    No sane person expected PS4 to outsell Xbox One by 60k in the month that included price cuts, bundles and the massively overhyped and overadvertised Titanfall. The fact that PS4 = Xbox One is a problem in Microsoft’s home turf. They are both doing well stand alone.

    The fact that PS4 still hasn’t met demand (not looking at Japan) 6 months later…
    MGS5: Ground Zeroes did well, especially on new gen, which shows that developers don’t need old gen as much as they think. However South Park, Final Fantasy & Dark Souls 2 show otherwise.

    My word! Someone call ambulances for PS Vita (Stock change, SCEA etc) & Wii U (Nothing launched, no marketing). 3DS? Okay. Xbox 360? Okay. PS3? Where? Wii/PSP? Expected.

    #1 7 months ago
  2. Ilovesony

    so where are all the Sockbox one fanboys?!!! all those that told me TitanFall was gonna be the app that sends the sockbox into the stars over the PS4… Huh? Where yall at? *crickets….. it is over for you guys…. Microsoft has nothing left up it sleeves… Sony has put the nail in the coffin… there is nothing you guys can say now that you realize titanfall did not push your sorry ass system to the top…. as in the words of Frank White “You guys got fat while the others starved…. It’s My turn”….. The Sockbox one is a overpriced, overhyped, piece of crap… the only reason the system is selling as well as it is is only because people cant get a PS4 due to stock shortages… but by summer your little inferior system will be nothing… a friend of mine bought a sockbox one and took it back 2 days later why? not because of the games.. not because of the features.. but simply because he had to buy a Xbox gold subscription JUST TO BE ABLE TO WATCH NETFLIX ON HIS TV!! that is so stupid… PS4 has won this generation and its nothing your microsoft can do about it… Titanfall… lol….. more like Titanfell….

    #2 7 months ago
  3. bobnice

    Does anyone here know how many units the ps4 sold in march? For some reason I don’t see it in the article. I only see the Xbox One’s numbers of 311k and no numbers for PS4…just “best selling platform.” Unless I missed it.

    #3 7 months ago
  4. Stephany Nunneley

    @bobnice It’s because Sony did not issue a press release on the numbers – which I find odd since it came in first for the third month in a row. Surely, some analyst will post the numbers at some point.

    #4 7 months ago
  5. Legendaryboss

    Cool story bro.

    60k more than Xbox One according to thruway.

    #5 7 months ago
  6. Ilovesony

    @3 From what I read via neogaf the PS4 sold like 60 or 70 thousand more units then the Sockbox one…

    #6 7 months ago
  7. Ilovesony

    so far from what I get… Microsoft claims 5 million units sold to retailers worldwide… Sony claims 7 Million units Sold worldwide (not shipped or sold to retailers)

    #7 7 months ago
  8. Ilovesony

    @5 yeah… where were the PS3′s…. they were not even mentioned… did they not sell any?

    #8 7 months ago
  9. The_Red

    Promising numbers for PS4.
    Xbox execs must definitely feel sour after doing everything they could and still end up behind PS4.

    They literally did everything. They got a true exclusive, in the popular shooter genre from creators of COD. Then they strategically delayed the 360 version to help move One units. Then they bundled the game for free with the console. Finally, they did a series of “Accidental” or “super limited” discounts that equated to limited and Steam Deal like price cuts.

    All of that and PS4 still beat them 370k to 310k.

    #9 7 months ago
  10. FeaturePreacher

    My guess is that MS will drop the kinect at this years e3.

    #10 7 months ago
  11. melonbuster1

    @Ilovesony I’m here the ms loving dude. P’s I have both. My ps4 has dust on it. But I respect that they are selling. I had a friend who got one and took it back for a xbox1 for titanfall. But to each it’s own. I do agree with you that Ms got fat while sony starved. Good for them. Let’s get. A battle. That’s what we need a real Damn fight. Because we will all win. To hell with ms/sony let them kill each other. I just want those games. .

    #11 7 months ago
  12. Michael Ireland

    This shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Exclusives haven’t been meaningful for years now.

    #12 7 months ago
  13. Panthro

    Until they fight over competitive pricing for there games you all lose in my opinion.

    #13 7 months ago
  14. Erthazus

    Fanboys will fight but what is dissapointing is that Ground Zeroes as a demo or a prologue you name it (a cheap one and at the same time had mixed reviews) sold badly IMO. What’s the future for the Phantom Pain with this shit?
    IMO, if it’s not Call Of Duty or GTA it won’t sell.

    @Ilovesony Microsoft says it SHIPPED 5 million. Not sold. Sony on the other hand SOLD 7 million consoles.

    #14 7 months ago
  15. Kreion


    I actually did expect the PS4 to do better than the Xbox One…and I would buy an Xbox if I had to chose (I like Halo, that’s all). MS made too many errors in their marketing for the X1, that was plain as day. Plus the PS4 finally got a good exclusive at just the right time to rival Titanfall.

    My one objection to your post is can we please stop all this “Ps4 is still outsold so popular LoL” stuff? If it’s not in stock it’s because Sony wanted to keep supplies limited, to increase the desire for the item. It was clear that the PS4 would sell through the roof the moment it was released, it’s been ‘sold out’ far too long for this to be an actual shortage of parts etc…

    Also in the Japan front the PS4 hasn’t been doing that well, which isn’t good news…then again I expect when some big games come out over there we will see sales rise.

    I have to say I’m still disappointed that we’ve only had one real big hitter for both consoles thus far (Titanfall and Infamous) buuut there’s still time.

    #15 7 months ago
  16. Dragon

    “No sane person expected PS4 to outsell Xbox One by 60k in the month that included price cuts, bundles and the massively overhyped and overadvertised Titanfall. ”
    Not really. Wasn’t out of the realm of possibility. Sony were smart (for a change) when Titanfall launched. Days before the launch, Sony released a massive stock for Amazon US (and presumably other retailers). Before, ps4 stock on Amazon would finish in hours, but that time stock lasted for about a week.

    #16 7 months ago
  17. Hcw87


    Seek a psychiatrist dude, seriously. That brand-loyalty can’t be good for your mental health. I fear it’s allready too late though.

    What people should be surprised about is that XB1 is selling far better than anyone would have thought after last years E3. I would never in a million years expect it to be selling as well as it’s currently doing (even though it’s behind PS4, but that’s no surprise to anyone). Also keep in mind it’s yet to release in 26 markets in September (where PS4 has allready launched).

    Bottom line is: XB1 is doing far better than anyone (especially sour fanboys like @2) expected, and that is sure to upset their fragile little minds. It’s fun as hell to witness though.

    Myself i’ve been playing on my PC ever since Infamous, since there are a shortage of console exclusives (hopefully E3 will breathe some new life into the consoles). Both consoles are selling really well though.

    #17 7 months ago
  18. bobnice


    very true. I’m not understanding fan boy mentality. If we are truly gamers and want our hobby to thrive and grow then we do not want to see any one of these consoles fail, it would be terrible for consumers to see one console reign supreme and have the other drop out of the market, then there will be no competition, and when game companies compete the gamer wins, without it we gamers lose most of all.

    I have both consoles as I have throughout all generations, and I will tip my hat to both because BOTH are doing great.

    PS4 – 7 million units in 49 territories

    XB1 – 5 million units in 13 territories

    both are doing fantastic.

    #18 7 months ago
  19. SlayerGT

    Wonder how EA is feeling about the deal they made..

    #19 7 months ago
  20. Cort


    7 million sold to customers and 5 million sold to retailers. There is a difference – how big we don’t know, but anecdotal evidence suggests it is big.

    #20 7 months ago
  21. ddtd

    @Cort Actually, Sony’s 7 million sold is the same the thing. There’s no way Sony gets numbers from every single retailer in the world as to how many of their systems are bought by customers.

    However, with that said, we do know for a fact the Sony is struggling to meet demand from the retailers which definitely suggests that, more likely than not, that a vast majority of those 7 million sold to retailers are being sold to consumers almost immediately. MS on the other hand is able to keep up demand but has shipped 2 million less to stores, which suggests that even though they’re selling enough to continue sending stock out, it’s not moving nearly as fast as the PS4, though it’s still doing considerably well, especially compared to how fast the 360 sold when it launched.

    #21 7 months ago
  22. Legendaryboss

    @Kreion @Dragon
    Looks like I had different expectations for Xbox One and honestly expected the PS4 demand to settle or become too much to handle.

    But in actuality I shouldn’t have underestimated the fact that Titanfall isn’t exclusive.

    Wonderful your doing it again.

    #22 7 months ago
  23. Major Mayhem 70

    You really don’t get it do you? It’s not going to happen…

    #23 7 months ago
  24. Joe Musashi

    Neither have sold anything in the only territory that matters to me.


    #24 7 months ago
  25. Cort


    Your “actually” requires some supporting evidence to be an “actually”. It is not inconceivable that every console that first connects to Sony’s servers gets counted.

    Sony used to use the sold to retail con, but a while ago decided to use sold to customers instead.

    #25 7 months ago
  26. Panthro

    :( I can’t believe my Potato isn’t selling as well as that guy’s Potato, I think I might go and wrap my car around a lampost due to depression of not being in with all the cool kids who have more Potatoes.

    Nahh, I am just going to sit on the internet crying while pulling numbers out of my bumhole to make myself feel better, yeah… that’s what I’ll do, I will pull numbers covered in poo out of my bumhole and act as if they are facts, nobody will suspect I am lying and that I have acceptance issues because I am smart and have thought this through entirely.

    ^50% of you.

    #26 7 months ago
  27. Panthro

    Oh look, that guy over there is upset about his Potato not selling as well as he had hoped, I guess he has acceptance issues. Lets try and make him see facts by also pulling numbers out of my gaping PotatoStation hole and begin an argument, since that always goes down well between our kind.

    The other 50% involved.

    #27 7 months ago
  28. Michael Ireland

    Did someone say potato?

    #28 7 months ago
  29. ddtd

    @Cort Crap. I didn’t even think of that. Technically, that could mean the 7 million figure might even be less than the total amount sold, seeing how it’s likely that some people might not have taken their PS4s online.

    #29 7 months ago
  30. OmegaSlayer

    Huge Sony fanboy here, still Sony hasn’t sold me on PS4.
    At the moment I would love a PS4 for…WARFRAME and partially for Infamous SS (I play and enjoy open world games but they’re not enough to sell me a console)
    My fav genre is stuff like Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, or third person action games and I’m looking forward The Witcher 3, Batman AK.
    But without any heavy action game at least announced, they won’t sell me a PS4.

    I think if twitter existed before MGS3 I wouldn’t have bought any of them.
    Kojima is so annoying and I don’t like followers.
    Once he was a leader, coming up with new ideas and innovations, now he follows the trails of the Houser bros, which…I don’t like :(
    Also…the glorified premium demo was really a bad move.

    #30 7 months ago
  31. Rockstar Vienna


    “now he follows the trails of the Houser bros”
    How so? Imo you can’t really compare him (and his work) with the Housers.

    #31 7 months ago
  32. TheKeyPit


    #32 7 months ago
  33. bradk825

    @Michael Ireland Po-taw-to, but to each his own.

    #33 7 months ago
  34. Mike W

    It’s really disgusting how the game community is consumed by these ridiculous NPD figures.

    It’s funny and sad how the fanboys knew without a shadow of doubt that the XBO was going to outsell the PS4 in the month of March because the release of Titanfall, but unfortunately the XBO’s hardware came up short.

    While both the system and the game did well last month; apparently, that wasn’t enough for these fucking dipshits.

    They wanted to see “manufacturer A” beat out “manufacturer B” in the hardware department. And lets say for shit and giggles they did….then what?

    Aaron Greenberg and Major Nelson really brainwashed the Xbox community with these NPD sale numbers and the result of that is just downright pathetic.

    If you look at the comment sections on IGN, N4G and especially Gamespot, you will read the most ridiculous comments ever, such as; “Oh well, Sony is going bankrupt anyway” or “we will get our revenge on May 14th when Sony post their Q1 FY2014″.

    Reading comments like these, are not only downright retarded, but just sad. All thanks to the NPD sales.

    #34 7 months ago
  35. Panthro

    @Mike W

    They know that these figures give rage boners to the mouth-breathers who care about them.

    Let them get on with it, it’s funny watching them argue over ‘which system is less poo’ since from my perspective they are both pretty shit.


    #35 7 months ago
  36. Mike W


    I wouldn’t say all that, I think both systems are great at the moment and thru their life cycles; there’s no denying that there going to wow us.

    I’m just saying the game community is sad.

    #36 7 months ago
  37. Panthro


    #37 7 months ago
  38. Mike W


    Sigh…..something that’s customizable is always is going to outshine something that’s fix.

    #38 7 months ago
  39. OlderGamer

    Well I own em both.

    …that is it.

    Nothing special, either one of them.

    #39 7 months ago
  40. OlderGamer

    And Titanfall is a joke. Zero depth. Poor graphics.

    #40 7 months ago
  41. jomac3db

    @OlderGamer Me too and Titan fall got boring after a week

    #41 7 months ago
  42. The_Red

    @OlderGamer I agree about the graphics (Terrible for an AAA game on PC / Xbox One) but I really like the gameplay. That helps overlook the visual weakness.

    If anything, it’s the disappointing lack of substance and insanely high price that ruins Titanfall for me. 60 bucks for this is a joke. There are $15 MP games with more content and not much worse gameplay. Also, lack of singleplayer means that there is no attachment to single hero or characters the way Master Chief, Gordon Freeman or even Captain Price had.

    #42 7 months ago
  43. Mike W


    Good point,

    I have them both as well and there’s nothing exciting on the systems at the moment. I mean I can’t comment on TF because I don’t own it and Infamous SS is really good but it’s too short.

    But you know as well as I do that the both are going to make some title that’s going to “wow” us in due time.

    #43 7 months ago

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