Frog Fractions 2 developer releases Kickstarter sim

Thursday, 3 April 2014 04:22 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Frog Fractions 2’s Kickstarter has six days on the clock and about $7,000 remaining to reach its goal, so developer Twinbeard has released a free promotional game to remind you why you love it so much.


“We’ve had so much fun running the Frog Fractions 2 Kickstarter that we made an autobiographical game about running Kickstarters,” Twinbeard said.

Kickstarter Simulator 2015 is an autobiographical game about running a Kickstarter, in which you must issue smacks to Jim Crawford when he has bad ideas – including some genuine ones used in the real campaign, such as the fact that nobody knows what Frog Fractions 2 will be.

You’ll also have to prevent him from interrupting the development of the campaign, and stop fans spending their money on life necessities when they could be pledging it to twinbeard.

Try out Kickstarter Simulator 2015 here.

Thanks, Eurogamer.