Amazon Fire TV will launch with 96 games, full list here

Thursday, 3rd April 2014 10:48 GMT By Dave Cook

Amazon Fire TV will launch with 96 games, and the full list of free and paid titles has emerged online.

It follows claims from Amazon’s Peter Larsen that Amazon Fire TV is not trying to be a games console.

You’ll also find the debut Kindle Fire TV trailer and our full report on what the $99 device does through the links.

Here’s the game list in full:

Free Games

  • Despicable Me: Minion Rush – Gameloft
  • The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season (first episode free) – Telltale Games
  • Hungry Shark Evolution – Future Games of London
  • Asphalt 8: Airborne – Gameloft
  • Deer Hunter 2014 – Glu Mobile
  • Hill Climb Racing – Fingersoft
  • Riptide GP2 – Vector Unit
  • Bingo Blitz – Buffalo Studios
  • Reaper – Hexage
  • Stickman Downhill – Djinnworks
  • Big Win Slots – Mobile Deluxe
  • Into the Dead – PikPok
  • PBA Bowling Challenge – Concrete Software
  • Badland – Frogmind
  • Stickman Base Jumper – Djinnworks
  • Dead Trigger 2 – Madfinger Games
  • Zen Pinball HD – Zen Studios
  • Sonic CD – Sega
  • Dead on Arrival 2 – N3V Games
  • Voodoo Whisperer – Gogii Games
  • Dead System – Animoca
  • Clarc Lite – Hahn Film AG
  • Vendetta Online – Guild Software
  • Arc Squadron: Redux – Psyonix Studios

$.99 Games

  • Naught 2 – Blue Shadow Games
  • Grandpa and the Zombies – Tivola Publishing
  • Endless Skater – Supervillain Studios
  • Ski Safari – Defiant Development
  • Polar Bowler: 1st Frame – WildTangent
  • Gravity Guy – Miniclip
  • Buddy & Me – Sunbreak Games
  • Rabbids Big Bang – Ubisoft
  • Quell – Fallen Tree Games
  • Pocket Rally – Illusion Magic Studio
  • Gravestompers: Kid Zombies Save Eradication! – Mad Menace Entertainment
  • Motorbike – baKno Games
  • Quiet, Please! – Nostatic Software
  • Beyond Ynth HD – FDG
  • Grow – Epic Pixel
  • Puddle – Neko Entertainment
  • Recursion – Kick Back Games
  • A Ride into the Mountains – Chia-Yu Chen
  • Cannon Ballers – Steamburger Studios
  • League of Evil – Noodlecake Studios
  • Super Daddio 2 – Glenn Bacon
  • Super Mega Worm – Deceased Pixel
  • Quiet Christmas – Nostatic Software

$1.00 – $1.98 Games

  • Alpha Wave – Hardline Studios ($1.00)
  • Sci-Fighters – Headup Games ($1.29)
  • Experiment – Headup Games ($1.31)
  • Ascent of Kings – Nostatic Software ($1.49)
  • Kung Fu Fight! – Nostatic Software ($1.49)
  • Striker Soccer Euro 2012 Pro – U-PLAY Online ($1.87)

$1.99 Games

  • Quell Reflect – Fallen Tree Games
  • Radiant – Hexage
  • Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhurst – Big Fish Games
  • Fantastic 4 in a Row – EnsenaSoft
  • Vacation Vexation – Nostatic Software
  • Fist of Awesome – I Fight Bears
  • Atlantis Sky Patrol – Big Fish Games
  • Evac – Hexage
  • Mini Golf Mundo – Esenasoft
  • Mystery Castle HD Episode 1 – Runestone Games
  • Mystery Castle HD Episode 2 – Runestone Games
  • Mystery Castle HD Episode 3 – Runestone Games
  • Mystery Castle HD Episode 4 – Runestone Games
  • Mystery Castle HD Episode 5 – Runestone Games

$2.00 – $2.98 Games

  • Coaster Crazy Deluxe – Frontier Developments ($2.49)
  • Monster RPG 2 – Nooskewl ($2.91)

$2.99 Games

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – Sega
  • Sonic the Hedgehog – Sega
  • Doom & Destiny – HeartBit Interactive
  • Rayman Fiesta Run – Ubisoft
  • Quell Memento – Fallen Tree Games
  • Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame – Ubsoft
  • Double Dragon Trilogy – DotEmu
  • King Oddball – 10tons
  • Canabalt HD – Kittenface Software
  • Dark Incursion – Big Blue Bubble
  • Trouserheart – 10tons

$3.99 Games

  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1

$4.99 Games

  • The Game of Life – Electronic Arts
  • Terraria – 505 Games
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II – Sega
  • Crazy Taxi – Sega
  • Air Fighters Pro – RORTOS
  • Clarc – Hahn Film
  • The Cave – Double Fine
  • Tetris – Tetris Online
  • Virtua Tennis Challenge – Sega

$6.99 Games

  • Sev Zero – Amazon Games Studio
  • Aftermath XHD – Jakyll
  • Minecraft – Pocket Edition – Mojang
  • Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour – Gameloft

$7.99 Games

  • NBA 2K14 – 2K Games

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  1. Gekidami

    So tell me, why this is getting so much attention, yet cable boxes and the like that have had the option of playing games on them for years now have gotten zero articles? This is pretty much just that expect you guy it once.
    In fact i didnt even know Apple TV & Roku existed till today only from hearing them referenced in regards to this, and they’re apparently the exact same thing.

    Seems like the device is already old news. Its for people who for some bizarre reason cant get their hands on a box provided by a TV service (be it cable, ADSL or satellite, they all do it these days) or dont own a Smart TV or one of the other options already out that are pretty much the same thing. …So who is this aimed at, exactly? Anyone here actually interested in this?

    Going back to my original point, as to why this is getting so much attention from gaming sites, i really dont get it. Only valid reason i can see is sort of a felt obligation after over hype fuck-ups.

    #1 9 months ago
  2. ChristopherJack

    @1, Actually we only have a single cable provider in Aus with none of those sort of features afaik & we only recently got our first serious attempt at an IPTV box which is also limited (& expensive), Of course we also have thing like Apple TV & such but I’ve never seen the point in them or smart TV, Seriously though, without Netflix & Hulu in Aus, what’s the point in smart TVs & smart boxes? With both it maybe an enticing sales point for a super cheap smart box or stick.

    #2 9 months ago
  3. Michael Ireland

    @Gekidami It’s aimed at the causal consumer, not the core consumer.

    It has games because it can.

    Dedicated gamers seem unwilling to accept that core gaming experiences are old fashioned in consumers eye at this point. It’s a dying market.

    The vast majority of consumers (especially the growing youth population) is far more invested in the portable experience now than dedicated hardware. They want simple, throwaway gaming experience that pass the time, not 60 packages, many of which aren’t even worth the money.

    Lots of people have ditched the PC for the tablet. This brings the experience back to the living room and the TV at an affordable price.

    #3 9 months ago
  4. Dragon

    “Dedicated gamers seem unwilling to accept that core gaming experiences are old fashioned in consumers eye at this point. It’s a dying market.”
    Agreed. Its not like PS4 is the fastest selling console ever.

    #4 9 months ago
  5. Michael Ireland

    @Dragon Irrelevant. Lots of people bought the consoles quickly because they were stuck with a drawn out hardware run and were desperate for new hardware. The sales of the hardware might be high enough, but they absolutely pale in comparison to the sales of Apple products and Android related technology. And hardware is only one side of the equation – it also needs to shift software. Developers are far more willing to chase 50,000.000 sales than 50,000.

    Apple’s phone division alone is currently worth more money than Microsoft is worth in it’s entirety. Sony is currently in money desperation mode. Both are struggling to eke out any sort of profit from the gaming market.

    Both console’s consumer base combined is barely 1/10 that of the current mobile / tablet market. People consume mobile and portable technology and content with a ferocity that that console market could only wish it did.

    But feel free to keep denying that to yourself if you want. All of this is easily backed up by the numbers.

    #5 9 months ago
  6. PEYJ

    A bit doomsday-like comments in here about the consoles : )

    I think that core gaming is also an artform – that goes for both some of the indie games and the more expensive ones. Core gaming dying out could happen in the 21st century but I really don’t think it will be in the first half of it.

    #6 9 months ago
  7. Michael Ireland

    @PEYJ I don’t think its going to die. I just think its becoming largely irrelevant and niche.

    #7 9 months ago
  8. Dragon

    “Developers are far more willing to chase 50,000.000 sales than 50,000.”
    So, tell me how many mobile gaming companies are bigger than console game making companies? And what is the average cost of mobile games vs console games?

    “Both console’s consumer base combined is barely 1/10 that of the current mobile / tablet market.”
    Funny. Proof? I want some links to believe that.
    I will tell you something, the split is 50-50 in Japan, a country way ahead of West in terms of smartphone usage.

    “All of this is easily backed up by the numbers.”
    Where? I don’t see any. Tell me some relevant ones.

    “I just think its becoming largely irrelevant and niche.”
    Irrelevant? Right. As long as there is demand for console games, that wont happen. If anything, this Fire TV, if successful, will only re-establish the home console market. Its basically 2-3 old hardware in a console format.

    #8 9 months ago
  9. OlderGamer

    Mike +1

    #9 9 months ago
  10. Michael Ireland

    @Dragon I’ll gladly provide links to back up my stance when you provide links to back up yours. I don’t sit around keeping a giant bookmark of folders for this information, but it’s easily searchable.

    #10 9 months ago
  11. Dragon

    @Michael Ireland,
    Here are mine-

    Now give me for these-
    “Both console’s consumer base combined is barely 1/10 that of the current mobile / tablet market.”
    “Developers are far more willing to chase 50,000.000 sales than 50,000.”

    #11 9 months ago
  12. Michael Ireland

    @Dragon Ummm… that link only substantiate my point even more.

    You also need to prove that Japan is such a huge part of the mobile as you claim. There may be a high PERCENTAGE, but the population of Japan itself is only a small percentage of the entire global market.

    It’s simple math. Add up the hardware sales numbers of the major consoles and then add up the hardware sales of Apple products and Android devices. Heck, you don’t even need to include Android and it’s still significantly larger.

    Give me 10 minutes and I’ll gladly provide links.

    #12 9 months ago
  13. mistermogul

    @Michael Ireland “I don’t sit around keeping a giant bookmark of folders for this information”

    I’m disappointed. And you call yourself a serious comment contributor, I dunno!


    #13 9 months ago
  14. Michael Ireland

    @mistermogul Hahahaha.

    @Dragon: I’m on my phone so linking will be sporadic. – Apple are currently selling more units of their hardware in a year than Sony and Microsoft have sold in half a decade. Considering they’re selling at price points often higher than the console hardware, “record setting consoles sales” suddenly doesn’t sound so impressive. – The number of registered Android devices is about to hit one billion More Android devices have been registered in the last year than Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony combined have sold in hardware in the last half a generation.

    #14 9 months ago
  15. Michael Ireland

    @Michael Ireland *half a decade

    #15 9 months ago
  16. Gheritt White

    @Michael Ireland I’m with you on this on this one. IMHO microconsoles are the future of interactive living room entertainment one way or another, either as box top units or built into TV sets.

    The current gen is the last gen of consoles and will max out at roughly 7 years, with a tail of a further two or three.

    #16 9 months ago
  17. Dragon

    @Michael Ireland,
    You just continue to prove my stance that your recent future talks are nothing but hot air baseless assumptions which don’t have even an iota of objectivity in them.

    I asked for links for these-
    “Both console’s consumer base combined is barely 1/10 that of the current mobile / tablet market.”
    “Developers are far more willing to chase 50,000.000 sales than 50,000.”
    Where in the link you gave is that 1/10th thing written? I said 50-50 in Japan and gave the exact link. No skirting around.
    Give the links to the supposed “facts” you typed, not some random mobile trivia which I already know.

    “Apple are currently selling more units of their hardware in a year than Sony and Microsoft have sold in half a decade.”
    Yeah, so? Sony sells more than 40 million smartphones per year, at a average unit price over what Samsung does (which sells more than 100 million per year). So? How does that give the “1/10th” number. Its been going on for years.

    Give me some solid proof for your 1/10th data, or admit that it was gross over-exaggeration to give your subjective opinion a meaty backing of false data.
    Lets see if you skirt the topic or give some backing for that “1/10th number”.
    Everyone can have opinions, which are entirely subjective in nature, and wrong in your case. Don’t try to pass them as gospel truths though. You will fail hard at that.

    #17 9 months ago
  18. Dragon

    @Gheritt White,
    That is more like it. You can have your opinions. In this case, microconsoles are just consoles with outdated aka cheaper hardware. Cheaper things sell. I doubt anyone disagrees with that. In fact, I wrote a big piece in forums when PSVTV was announced that $100 consoles backed by Sony, Amazon etc. has the potential to do very well.
    However, do you also agree with the notion that mobile/tablet gaming will kill consoles (which obviously includes Fire TV, its a console, micro, mini whatever)? Because that is fallacy.
    Obviously, in future, we will have devices which easily hook up at TVs plus have all the smartphone features, rendering every other device connected to TV rather moot.
    Then again, that is an all in one device, encompassing everything consoles, mobiles stand for.
    When one device can do it all, why bother buying multiple ones? Everyone is working towards it. Mobile/console/PC things is just business practice. When a single device can have everything, its hardly that console or PC or mobile die out. They all get combined into one.

    Which also makes me grin everytime I hear people saying “I only wanna game console”. I don’t use my games console for anything other than games, but really, if a device can do everything, why shouldn’t it?

    This is the Wulf effect :lol:

    #18 9 months ago
  19. Gheritt White

    @Dragon I don’t think *anything* is going to kill PS4 and Xbox One, I just don’t think that there will be further dedicated hardware to replace them. In 7 years time, microconsoles (either standalone or built-in) will have the horsepower to compete and a price point that can’t be matched. Everything is moving in the direction of software as a service anyway, so a streaming solution with a bit of dedicated local processing makes the most sense. Plus, most people don’t actually care about the latest whiz-bang GFX – IMHO, games don’t *need* to look any better than what you can get from a PS4 or XB1 and for those that think otherwise, there will *always* be PCs.

    #19 9 months ago
  20. Panthro

    @Gheritt White

    Because PC’s are *only* for games with good graphics.

    #20 9 months ago
  21. Gheritt White

    @Panthro No, but PCs are the only place where you can bet the *best* graphics, so if that’s what floats your boat, that’s the platform to which you’ll gravitate. Everyone else (myself included) will be happy to trade that for convenience and compatibility (consoles/microconsoles/set-top boxes).

    As for game genres, despite the protestations of The Glorious Master Race, there’s actually very little difference in the types of experience I can get on PC and those I can get on tablet/console/microconsole. In fact I’d say I was drowning in options, no matter which platform I choose.

    #21 9 months ago
  22. Michael Ireland

    @Dragon , “Where in the link you gave is that 1/10th thing written?”

    It’s called basic math. Add up the userbase of phone and tablets and compare it to the useable for dedicated games consoles.

    #22 9 months ago
  23. Dragon

    @Michael Ireland,
    I lose. Your fantastic logic is way above my level (small matter that I am quite good at modern physics). So, just adding all mobile and tablets, many of which are sub $150 phones that are incapable of playing a good portion of mobile games, and then dividing that number with number of console gives you the size of consumer base, no matter whether that consumer base is even capable of playing the game, or are indulged in easy piracy.
    There is something called common logic, look it up.

    @Gheritt White,
    I agree with your assessment. Price and convenience matters most imo. One of the things I feel PSVTV will have an advantage over Fire TV since it would have PS Now on it eventually.

    That said, the guy you agreed with told us folks that streaming games is fantasy and will never happen and people will never accept AND boxes beneath the TV are there to stay.
    I have hardly ever heard a bigger bundle of contradictions than that coming from a single guy.

    #23 9 months ago
  24. illuminatusv

    This is so amazing … NOT !!

    #24 9 months ago
  25. ManuOtaku

    The way i see it all this back and forth is because ireland has the believe that sony and microsoft will not survive with only their core audience in the future, which is a blasfemy in the eyes of some followers, and they are not fanboys. but when is about nintendo for the exact same reason, core avid nintendo gamers not enough to keep them in busines all doom and gloom, and the very few posters that defend their stance(nintendo), they are fanboys.

    Ps: i dont name the person this is aimed for, because he/she tends to write to some commenters pretending they arent there.

    #25 9 months ago
  26. salarta

    Is it just me, or do NONE of these games have much value for buying Fire TV solely based on the games component?

    The Sonic and Tetris games can be bought on many devices, Minecraft is on nearly everything (except Oculus, for good reason), and a good chunk of it looks like shovelware.

    I still think a lot of people will get this for the Amazon Prime aspect, but I think I’ll be passing for now until we see more out of it.

    #26 9 months ago

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