Caffeine is Unreal Engine 4 sci-fi horror title, funding on IndieGoGo now

Monday, 31st March 2014 09:28 GMT By Dave Cook

Caffeine is a new PC horror title that takes place on an interstellar caffeine mining space station, and is inspired by the likes of F.E.A.R and Condemned. The game Unreal Engine 4 title has received a new teaser trailer and a demo is also available for your consideration.

In Caffeine, the Earth of 2097 is over-populated and resources are dwindling. Caffeine is the planet’s most-consumed drug, which has led to the creation of stellar mining platforms used to extract it. The game features no weapons, and throws you into the quivering boots of a young lad, who awakens on one of the facilities to find it abandoned, derelict and rather terrifying.

Designer Dylan Brown has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise the money needed to bring Caffeine to market. He’s looking for $80,000AUD, and has made $305 with 45 days left.

It started out as an Unreal Engine 3 game, but has now made the jump to UE4. It’s pegged for a PC release, but Brown says a Mac build is possible.

Check it out and see what you think.

You can grab the Caffeine demo here.



  1. dsr

    Penumbra, Amnesia, Outlast and now this.

    Indie scene is even worse than AAA developers when it comes to reusing old ideas.

    Will they ever stop making walking simulators about “no weapons” and “young lad” walking around being scared of scripted sequences?

    #1 9 months ago
  2. Citrus raptor

    Studios these days should have a bit more restraint when it comes to announcing and teasing, etc. Save up for something capable of impact, rather than a long drawn out period of “I guess it looks alright”.

    Good name though. Hope it wholeheartedly embraces that theme. Would be a wast otherwise.

    @dsr The main reason the indie scene gets praise for innovation is cause there are so many..

    #2 9 months ago

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