Dragon Age’s Alistair – or at least his voice – to make a return

Wednesday, 26th March 2014 22:59 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Dragon Age: Inquisition may see the return of Dragon Age: Origins party member Alistair in some capacity.


Alistair voice actor Steve Valentine is back in the BioWare booth, both he and the developer confirmed on Twitter.

There’s no guarantee Valentine is recording for Inquisition, as opposed to a side project or perhaps even Dragon Age: Keep, the bridging system for those who can’t import their save files.

Even should the recording be confirmed for Inquisition, it’s possible Alistair provides a narration or makes a cameo rather than a longer appearance.

Valentine’s character, Alistair, was a primary party member in Dragon Age: Origins, and has featured prominently in several comic book series. According to the canon set by the comics, the cheeky ginger is king of Ferelden in addition to his role as a Grey Warden. Depending on your save state, Alistair can make a brief appearance in Dragon Age 2.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is expected in Northern Autumn on PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.



  1. Luciferous

    in my DA2 first play through he was a drunk lout in the pub.

    I hope he’s back in some capacity, I miss him and Morrigan’s little conversations.

    #1 9 months ago
  2. fearmonkey

    Cool that he is back, but I figured he would be, the man is king after all.
    I never really used him that much, preferring Shale as my warrior.
    I played a Mage healer DOT dealer, had Lelianna as my rogue, and Morrigan as my other mage.

    #2 9 months ago
  3. Brenna Hillier

    Alistair was my favourite (and husbando <3 <3 cheeky gingers) but he's a pretty rubbish tank. The dog is much better!

    Personally, my party set up was Oghren as tank, Morrigan and Wynn as blood mages/healers, and warden free to rogue it up for fun/spike damage.

    Still I was super pleased when Alistair turned up in DA2, still married to the warden, still king and still super whipped, ha ha. That's my boy.

    #3 9 months ago

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