Driveclub dev, Guerrilla Games Cambridge and Sony London Studio lay-offs confirmed

Tuesday, 25th March 2014 11:05 GMT By Dave Cook

Sony has confirmed job cuts at Driveclub developer Evolution Studios, Killzone: Mercenary team Guerrilla Games Cambridge and SCE Sony London Studio.

It was made official to Videogamer this morning, and while official redundancy figures are unclear, Sony has stated that a number of people will be let go from each of the three teams.

A Sony rep told the site, “Regular reviews take place throughout SCE Worldwide Studios, ensuring that the resources that we have in such a competitive business can create and produce high quality, innovative and commercially viable projects.

“As part of this process, we have reviewed and assessed all current projects and have decided to make some changes to some of our European Studios. As a result of this, there will be a focused restructure within London Studio, Guerrilla Cambridge Studio and Evolution Studio to ensure that the SCE WWS is in the best position to achieve their goals going forward.

“Our first party development studios are key to our creative strategy and we are very excited about the future projects being worked on.”

It follows confirmation of redundancies at Sony Santa Monica Studio last month, and the cancellation of an unannounced sci-fi IP.

It appears that Sony is cleaning house, but regarding the status of Evolution’s oft-delayed Driveclub, the Sony rep added, “development of Driveclub will not be affected.”

What do you make of the above?



  1. Francis O

    This is why the constant sales wars DON’T MATTER!

    Killzone Shadow Fall sold more than 2.1 million units, the PS4 has sold well more than 6 million units.

    And Sony is still laying people off and cancelling games.

    #1 9 months ago
  2. nikk900

    It’s weird because I’m always getting e-mails about jobs at Guerrilla like they are hiring.

    #2 9 months ago
  3. jmg24bad

    I think they know having people sitting around making games that never come out is bad business. Get rid of idle hands

    #3 9 months ago
  4. Michael Ireland

    This is standard practise. People are hired and fired entirely based on the projects at hands. This isn’t really indicative of anything.

    #4 9 months ago
  5. tenthousandgothsonacid

    For once lolconnor is correct. But his spelling of practice isn’t.

    #5 9 months ago
  6. OmegaSlayer

    The problem is that we hear of layoffs and not game announcements.
    At the moment Sony has only Driveclub (in development hell) and The Order which after the reveal lost a good bit of hype.
    The only way to reassure fans after all these layouts is dropping some meaty news.

    #6 9 months ago
  7. Mike W

    @Dave Cook

    What are we suppose to make of the above? People get laid off…… happens unfortunately. :(

    #7 9 months ago
  8. Michael Ireland

    @tenthousandgothsonacid Is this how you get by in your day? By mocking people?


    #8 9 months ago
  9. Homer2014

    @OmegaSlayer yeah, only DC e TheOrder…
    Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
    Gran Turismo
    MLB 14 The Show
    Shadow of the Beast
    The Last Guardian
    The Order 1886
    Media Molecule New Game
    Naugthy Dog 2nd Game
    Quantic Dream New Game
    Santa Monica Studio New Game
    Sony Bend Studio New Game
    Sony Japan Studio New Game

    #9 9 months ago
  10. tenthousandgothsonacid

    You mean like you just did by calling my existence ‘sad’ ?

    #10 9 months ago
  11. Michael Ireland

    @Homer2014 LittleBigPlanet 3 would pretty much have me buying a PS4 tomorrow if it happen.

    @ttgoa, I didn’t call your existence sad. I meant in the literal sense that it makes me feel sad, not in the “you’re such a sad person” way, when people resort to treating others that way.

    #11 9 months ago
  12. nintendojitsu

    This is classic Sony arrogance at its finest. The PS4 is on cruise control thanks to the unwavering amount of support it is getting from 3rd party publishers and independent developers. And as a result of that complacency, Sony is bleeding talent from its most profitable sector. This can lead to a make or break situation. Because if they stumble even once it would be catastrophic to the brand.

    #12 9 months ago
  13. Dragon

    First time I heard people were laid off because of “arrogance” and not based on concerns like money, profitablity, output etc.
    You learn something every day as they say.

    #13 9 months ago
  14. OmegaSlayer

    @Homer2014 man, I’m a Sony ONLY user BUT I speak of games that have been announced with proper footage, that are AAA and FIRST party.
    I’m sure Sony will deliver what you listed and MORE but those layoffs kill PS4′s hype with a big hammer.

    #14 9 months ago
  15. PEYJ

    This article from Dualshockers seems to clear up a few things:

    #15 9 months ago
  16. Legendaryboss

    @Homer2014 Half of those games you’ve just listed is studio names attached with new game, they aren’t announced yet and isn’t valid for use. GT and The Last Guardian aren’t confirmed and seriously TLG? LOL LOL :P That is never coming out :)

    Cool story bro.

    Topic: This is turning into a trend becoming too occurrent, all these talent can’t just be leaving one after the after: its too coincidental. But its standard,

    #16 9 months ago

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