Assassin’s Creed: Unity announced, set in Paris during the French Revolution

Friday, 21st March 2014 15:41 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Assassin’s Creed: Unity has been revealed by Ubisoft through a video featuring footage of the game.

Images of the title leaked earlier this week.

“We have been working on the new Assassin’s Creed for more than three years and although we weren’t quite ready to show you our full vision for a next-gen only AC, it seems Abstergo are trying to force our hand,” said Unisoft.

“So here’s a true first look at in-game footage from Assassin’s Creed Unity. Stay tuned – we’ll have many more exciting details for you in the months ahead.”

The report from earlier this week stated the game was set in 18th-century Paris during the French Revolution.

It was also stated at the time another Assassin’s Creed game was in the works for PS3 and Xbox 360, codenamed Comet.

Assassin’s Creed: Unity is slated for a holiday 2014 release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



  1. Wezzulus

    Alpha footage.. Does that mean it will look worse in the final build like Watch Dogs? :’)

    #1 9 months ago
  2. gomersoul

    Looks good, I am glad ps3 and 360 are beginning to lose a few titles. Next gen needs to be next gen.

    #2 9 months ago
  3. BoZZ0

    Nope because this time its only ps4, One & Pc
    Watch dogs is a game for all platformes

    #3 9 months ago
  4. Edo

    I blame last generation for that and this is current next/PC only so I hope that it will actually look like this or what the heck…even better.

    #4 9 months ago
  5. Erthazus

    Last gen stuff with PC tweaks like reflections, APEX clothing/PhysX clothing type of physics. AA Finally.

    There is no Next Gen.

    #5 9 months ago
  6. Erthazus

    Although, if a lot of guys on that screen will be in game then it’s a step forward. But I don’t expect that. It’s Ubisoft but technically consoles can easily have 50 enemies on screen.

    #6 9 months ago
  7. BrokenSpline


    No Watch DOgs was a verticle slice based on hardware that wasn’t yet out for developers. If anyone thought Watch Dogs was going to look like that at final release were being absolutely silly especiall since the machine using it was a 3000 PC.

    #7 9 months ago
  8. Edo

    3000 PC?The PC from year 3000 or a 3000 $ PC….cause both of those sound retarded.

    #8 9 months ago
  9. mightyhokie

    If they pull this off…holy cow. Even if its half of what we see (which it should actually be at least almost as good) then it will be the best looking video game ever. I just hope its as good as AC4, although that’s a tough act to follow.

    #9 9 months ago
  10. DarkElfa

    AC in Victorian England with Steam punk or GTFO Ubisoft.

    #10 9 months ago
  11. BrokenSpline


    It was using latest parts of a PC with the newest Titan card. That was never going going to be on the PS4 or Xbox One. It was window dressing for a game that was barely in alpha.

    #11 9 months ago
  12. Hcw87


    You got ”best looking video game ever” out of that video? We don’t even know if it’s running realtime.

    The Division is still king when it comes to graphics, period.

    #12 9 months ago
  13. Dragon

    So, one game by Unisoft and one by Ubisoft.
    Obviously, Ubisoft is not milking it since they are making only one game :P

    #13 9 months ago
  14. jomac3db

    I hope this game looks this good in game. They should be using massive with the snowdrop engine for this game

    #14 9 months ago
  15. Edo

    They actually used a single Geforce GTX 680 for the E3 2012 gameplay walkthrough and along with everything else it wouldn’t cost anywhere near the mentioned 3000 $ to run a game looking like that on a PC..,people need to check some facts before posting…SERIOUSLY.

    #15 9 months ago
  16. CyberMarco

    Looks good, can’t wait for the downgraded graphics…

    #16 9 months ago
  17. mightyhokie

    IF they pull it off it will be hard to beat man. The Division? PFFFT!! We all know the best looking game out there is Ride to Hell! =p

    #17 9 months ago
  18. fihar

    Huh. I’m not that familiar with the French Revolution to be honest so I’m actually rather piqued by this.
    I loved Coppola’s Marie Antoinette but that was only for its anachronistically kickass soundtrack.

    Anyway, I distinctly remember seeing Giamatti’s John Adams visiting France at some point in the miniseries, I wonder will there be any actual ties to Connor in this game?
    3 ended rather inconclusively for him.

    #18 9 months ago
  19. bobnice

    I thought it was in game footage?. there was a quote in the article.

    “So here’s a true first look at in-game footage from Assassin’s Creed Unity. Stay tuned – we’ll have many more exciting details for you in the months ahead.”

    #19 9 months ago
  20. lubu

    blaming last gen for downgrades ? people forget metro LL or Crysis 3 ? or recent Battlefield 4 ? they are cross-gen games with no downgrades or blame for being on a last gen platforms.

    #20 9 months ago
  21. lubu


    btw there is no in game moment (not even a second) in this footage. it’s more like a tech demo with CGI effects. no even 9th gen can handle that

    #21 9 months ago
  22. Nfanboy


    #22 9 months ago
  23. Panthro


    All 3 of those games would look better if they were solely developed with PC in mind.

    It is very worrying that you think them working with the last gen consoles didn’t result in them holding back on the visuals of games.

    #23 9 months ago
  24. Panthro


    My card isn’t a titan and I believe it could run what was shown comfortably.

    I really have no idea where you console gamers get these figures from that gaming PC’s cost so much, it’s extremely funny to see such ignorance being demonstrated.


    You would think before posting on a public forum they would at least research what they are about to say rather than posting something they know nothing about while trying to play it off. I rarely ever see them playing it off well to, Ahh well.

    #24 9 months ago
  25. Mr Sparkle

    Cool. Cool cool cool. The only problem is french accents for 25+ hours. French is my first language so I can say this :D

    #25 9 months ago
  26. Panthro

    @Mr Sparkle

    To be fair though most of the other AC games didn’t stick to well with accents, I wouldn’t be surprised if the cast wasn’t largely made up of British actors.

    #26 9 months ago
  27. Edo

    So basically …what I posted.

    #27 9 months ago
  28. kisame

    not so hyped about french setting but we will see

    #28 9 months ago
  29. BrokenSpline


    Console gamer? Puhlease I have a gaming PC and all consoles. You PC elitist need get off your whole master race bs.

    I don’t limit my gaming to one machine like you apparently do. You want to bet that Watch DOgs on the PC will look nothing like what the e3 2012 demo showed? I will gladly eat my hat if it does. I bet it will just be like AC4 PC vs next gen.

    #29 9 months ago
  30. Panthro

    Master race BS?

    ‘Puhlease’ I have a lot of consoles, I was just playing MGS: GZ…

    You may have a “gaming PC” but is it a 3000 PC that is capable of good graphics?

    Even if the demo was running on a Titan, it wouldn’t cost 3000 whatever currency you have to build a rig containing a card like that, therefore I think your knowledge regarding PC components is null and the most gaming you probably get out of your “pc” is the occasional game of Solitaire on low settings.

    And if being an elitist is pointing out where you are wrong then mark me as an elitist, I simply don’t give a fuck…

    #30 9 months ago
  31. BrokenSpline


    Hahah nice try. I exagerate the point is they weren’t using joe blow PC but a souped up one not to mention nothing was set in stone for next gen consoles. It was also supposed to be next gen only.

    It was a vertical slice of an alpha product. The game was never going to look like that. Ubisoft has been doing this for a while now. Do I need to bring up Far Cry 3?

    #31 9 months ago
  32. Panthro


    And limiting my gaming experience to one machine?

    In the past two days I have played:

    Contagion -PC
    Papers, please -PC
    Super Mario 3 -3DS
    MGS GZ: -360
    AC4 -PS4
    Planetside 2 -PC
    South Park: SoT – PC

    And probably a few other PC games and a few on my tablet… Hardly a PC elitist at all.

    #32 9 months ago
  33. BrokenSpline


    You called me a “console gamer” so I switched around and did the same thing. You want to get your point across with being less of a douche maybe?

    I don’t know who pissed your cereal but you need to lay off the hatorade.

    #33 9 months ago
  34. Panthro


    Only a console gamer would think a gaming PC costs “3000″.

    And if me calling you a ‘console gamer’ upsets then you should leave the internet… forever.

    #34 9 months ago
  35. BrokenSpline


    oh dear god I exaggerated the number. Boo Hoo you want a tissue because I pissed you off with my ignorance?

    Cry me a river.

    #35 9 months ago
  36. BrokenSpline


    “And if me calling you a ‘console gamer’ upsets then you should leave the internet… forever.”

    If you actually think you are getting any emotional response from me. You are sadly mistaken. You went for attacking what you assumed was my preference to somehow drive your point.

    “You’re a poo-poo face and that is why we shouldn’t listen to you” < – thats you.

    #36 9 months ago
  37. Panthro


    You are very bad at reading emotions, Im not pissed off? I was actually poking fun at you…

    You; on the other hand, struck back by calling me an elitist and saying I’m ‘on that master race bs’ and then (trying) to insult me by saying I limit my games to one platform….

    Its quite clear who is the one who got annoyed, and it wasn’t me… Just in case you needed that pointed out to you; yeah, you probably did.

    #37 9 months ago
  38. BrokenSpline


    My original post had nothing to do with you at all. You then went on the attack. Its right there in the thread. I didn’t call you an elitist until you called me an ignorant console gamer. But hey if you want to continue stroking that ego of yours go ahead. I am moving on to more interesting things.

    #38 9 months ago
  39. dtyk


    Pro-tip, don’t fuel the conversation with a response. No one wins in internet arguments. If you are polite on the internet, you’d actually be the weird one.

    #39 9 months ago
  40. Panthro


    You call what I initially posted an ‘attack’?


    Sweet dreams BrokenSpline, Hopefully when you wake up you will see how dim your responses have been tonight.

    #40 9 months ago
  41. Digital Bamboo

    I approve of this setting, though I was almost certain the next AC would be set in Japan.

    Just finished AC:II on PS3 yesterday–only the second AC game I’ve ever played, and the first I’ve completed, so I’ve got none of the weariness of this series that so many gamers seem to have.

    However, having said that, I’m going to pick and choose which AC games I play very carefully to avoid wearing out the series. I nabbed Brotherhood on Steam for $5, because II was so phenomenal, and am curious to see how it compares to the console well.

    ACIV came free with my video card, plus, pirates, so that was always a must anyhow. The other AC games, I’m going to give a pass.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see how these 2(!?) AC turn out this year, and whether they play better on consoles or PC. Either way, it will be a very long time before I give AC Unity a whirl.

    #41 9 months ago
  42. Digital Bamboo

    Oh, and clever naming / marketing by Ubisoft(?)

    Now every time someone sees ‘Unity’ they’ll think ‘new Assassin’s Creed game’…or so they hope.

    #42 9 months ago
  43. TheWulf

    So… Assassin’s Creed II HD+, then? Nice to see that Ubisoft is pushing for innovation in this new generation.

    #43 9 months ago
  44. TheWulf


    Don’t take any notice.

    Rabid tribalism is the recourse of those with no personal identity, they base their identity around their chosen godhead — their brand — and that’s that. Logic isn’t something that you can impart to a person like that, and the effort gets you labelled as “Master Race,” “elitist,” “narcissist,” or whatever other word(s) they can come up with that they clearly don’t know the meanings of.

    I’ve since stopped caring and started laughing, it’s better to laugh, really. I don’t really think a person is a person unless they have a self-defined identity. If their identity is tribal and exists solely as a gestalt of their tribal allegiances, then they’re not really holding any opinions of their own, sleepwalking through life and mindlessly supping on the opinions offered down to them by their tribal godheads.

    I mean, honestly, that’s what it’s all come down to. Of course something is going to work better on something with superior hardware. It’s like comparing a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 to an iPad Mini, but even there you’d have tribals who’d try to tell you that the grass is blue and gravity makes you fall up if it would make their tribal godheads happy.

    I buy the hardware that suits me best. I mean, I see consoles as a bit of a tax on the stupid. They’re locked down, you can’t do anything with them aside from playing officially sanctioned games, which are only those allowed through by gatekeepers (you don’t have game jams on consoles for a reason, obviously), you can only run a handful of sanctioned apps, and you have absolutely no control over how it works. Worse, you’re paying more for the name than you are for anything else.

    You can get a decent PC for the price of an XBox One, and then with a year of the kinds of differences in game prices a PC offers (no gatekeepers means no royalties, after all), you’ll find you’ve only paid half the price of a console, for better hardware, too.

    But hey, tribals and godheads.



    I don’t want any of that. This is why I distance myself from consoles. Consoles are pens which contain millions of tribals. Pens with limited rights and capabilities, which the tribals accept happily. If anyone tried to take away from me what I can do with my PC, I’d fight it to the last. I have an open platform and I’m keeping it.

    And really, PC is just an umbrella term for ‘pile of hardware running software.’

    A Raspberry Pi is a PC, Arduino is a PC. You have desktop, notebook, netbook, and tablet PCs. A PC isn’t a brand name in the way PS4 or XBox One is, it’s just a thing. It’s not trademarked, it’s just a piece of terminology. I could happily say computer, or rig, or any other term.

    I build my rig, my pile of hardware, or whatevs to suit my needs. Or I buy a prebuilt set to suit my needs. I don’t do brand names. I don’t do tribalism. I refuse.

    You can say I’m of a Master Race (not what you think it means) for that, you can call me elitist (not what you think it means), you can call me narcissistic (not what you think it means), or you can call me anything else you want.

    At least I bloody have a brain so I can think for myself.


    So, yeah. I’ve stopped giving a damn about tribals. It’ll just get to me too much if I even bother. We’ll get called everything under the sun, but that’s because we’re not tribals.

    It’s kind of like how religious people treat non-religious people. Tribals act like religious people, basically. It’s just this mindless repetition of information rather than having your own opinion.

    Why is the XBox One so good? Why is it worth the money? What does it do for you beyond exclusive game trickery?

    Why is the PS4 so good? Why is it worth the money? What does it do for you beyond exclusive game trickery?


    #44 9 months ago
  45. The_Red

    Two things:

    1. WTF is wrong with some people? These shots are stunning. Sure, the gameplay may end up dated but the visuals are really promising.

    2. WTF is wrong with Ubi? There is no way a multiplatform game can handle this. Maybe the highest end PC settings will look like these but PS4/XB1 versions will see huge downgrades before being able to run at 30fps.

    #45 9 months ago
  46. TheWulf

    Also, I’m beginning to think that this is an introversion versus extroversion thing, I don’t know how else to look at it.

    I mean, extroverts just love to group under banners like this. They like to yak pointlessly about things because they don’t really have anything insightful to talk about, they never have the time to put together a conversation in their mind. Whereas the introvert is energised by being left to themselves for periods where they can think, feel, and be imaginative, the extrovert is the opposite of that. The extrovert is energised by the crowd, the white noise.

    So the brand appeals to extroverts since they can yammer about how great the brand is without ever actually spending time to think about whether the brand is actually beneficial to them — it’s something that the crowd can talk about, and the Western world is geared towards that. The introvert isn’t interested in the brand, and therefore they’re more inclined to seek out a platform that they have more creative control over, that they can personalise and even create things on, if they so desire.

    The introvert is more likely to actually do creative things with their hardware than the extrovert. The extrovert just wants to come home, play a game, and then go back to the crowd to talk about the game. The introvert wants to engage in a more personal experience which they can spend time turning over in their minds, mulling, and percolating. The indie scene, on the PC, is far more fitting for that sort of ecology, since it’s not locked down.

    The extrovert doesn’t want to do anything with their machine, they just want the brand. The PS4. The XBox One. The brand is everything. The brand is god. The introvert doesn’t care about the brand, since they don’t want to go out into the crowd and make white noise with the crowd about the brand. They’re not part of the tribe, they’re individual entities unto themselves, they don’t need a godhead, they’re their own, they don’t need a crowd because they can converse with themselves and find greater meaning and insight that way.

    And it’s always the way that the extrovert seeks to discriminate against the introvert for not being the same as them. So the console owner, the brand tribalist, uses labels like ‘Master Race,’ ‘Elitist,’ and ‘Narcissist’ to try and separate the introverts from themselves, to try and make them lesser creatures. This sours the introverts to them, it makes them more officious and aloof, distant and disdainful. So it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    If you tell someone that they’re a Master Race-born elitist just because they don’t buy into the brand, how do you think that’s going to make them feel? The problem with extroverts though is that they’re not that good at empathy, beyond crowd empathy, simpler things. The extroverted sense of empathy is simpler, more primal, in that they can empathise with someone feeling pain if it’s physical, and they can see it. And they can all crowd around and yammer back and forth about how terrible it is.

    So, basically, console owners create their own constructs for the more introverted and then force it upon those introverts, they force them to be the Master Race, because you can’t talk to an extroverted brand tribalist without being labelled as such. Because having an opinion which isn’t a crowd-sourced opinion is heresy. All opinions are crowd-sourced with the extrovert, if the opinion doesn’t come from the crowd, it’s not valid.

    Therefore the person with the opinion isn’t valid.

    I can definitely see now how the PC attracts introverts where the consoles attract extroverts. There’s no brand with the PC for extroverts to gather under, and all the freedom of the platform (the configuration, the personalisation) is scary to the extrovert who just wants to share a verisimilitude with every other extrovert — they want to be the same, normal, part of the crowd. Like a “normal” person. Sterile, barren.

    This explains why I’ve had experiences before where I’ve asked a console user why they don’t take full advantage of the small amount of personalisation offered by their console, and the notion confuses them. Why spend time personalising when they could be chasing cheevos to take back to the crowd as pointless talking points?

    And suddenly everything makes more sense.

    The rabid tribalism, the contemporary mainstream, the achievement-driven and work-like gameplay that’s become so common, branded console owners versus random hardware-heap owners… It’s all sort of clicked.

    I really think I get it, now.

    This has been a fun and rather illuminating ramble.

    #46 9 months ago
  47. lubu

    i don’t think that is true, we don’t have technical level graphics like Crysis 3 on even exclusive titles on PC,PS4,X1 yet and it was a cross gen title. so cross-gen doesn’t mean downgrade for next-gen.

    seriously WTF ? people still believe these videos after all we saw in most if not all of the games ? people still think that graphics are possible ? for an open world title ? even dumb down linear shooters can’t achieve that in their cut scenes, this is exactly like the First Assassin’s Creed Trailer, it was a CGI trailer but back then people believed that was in game and runing on a PS3. but all in all the trailer specially graphics looks phenomenal, too bad it never going to happen even on 3way sli titan black.

    sry for english

    #47 9 months ago
  48. the Bridgeburner


    While you make a few valid points, you generalize way too much. And do try to be a little less self-righteous, it can be a tad annoying.

    #48 9 months ago
  49. Gekidami

    Another day, another article hijacked by the the butthurt PC fantards being as fanboyish as possible about their beloved PC whilst calling everyone else fanboys.
    “Tribalism” lol, the stupidness and blatant projection we have to read on here, i swear.

    Anyway, as much as i like the setting, i really dont see what it could bring. I mean, AC3 & 4 gave us the naval combat that turned out to be awesome, but i dont see why that would be in this game (they could shoe-horn it in, but it wouldnt really fit). So what are we going to have thats new? That wasnt already done in all of the AC2 games which were also all based in cities? We wont even be getting the wilderness navigation offered in AC3.

    Seems to me this setting should have been done before AC3 & 4. I really dont see how Ubi can top them in terms of interesting, new stuff to do.

    #49 9 months ago
  50. Dragon

    Will this work? -

    Btw, Djoenz, if you are looking at this thread, you seriously wanted this dude to be a mod? I am starting to question his sanity in real life if he really feels and treats others in this same over bearing way in real life.

    Although futile, people will defend the things they like, especially if is something they are invested in. Not really surprising is it?
    Although I don’t like football fan type “passhun” some show.

    #50 9 months ago
  51. Panthro

    What on earth do I have to be ‘butthurt’ about, jesus christ some of you people are so unbelievably stupid. It seems like you dont even read the comments you are replying to.

    What does this have to do with you anyway? Are you defending him because he plays a console like you? How sad, your ARE like a tribe… LOL.
    Pssst. Guess what, I play console sometimes to, can I be in your crew? I need backup whenever I post comments about stuff I dont really know anything about.

    So yeah, I think I’m just going to leave you ‘console fantards’ (wow, I cannot believe I just wrote that, how low have I stooped) alone for a while and just point and laugh without touching my keyboard…

    Disclaimer: Not all console gamers are as Gekidami calls them ‘fantards’… Only him, and a few others.

    ^Disclaimer in place to make sure none of you other crazy console gamers jump in and send me and my family any death threats, you crazy bastards.

    #51 9 months ago
  52. polygem


    #52 9 months ago
  53. Legendaryboss

    Da fuck did i just read? Da fuck just happened? As for Assassin’s Creed Unity it was to be expected i sense this is PC footage if not? Watch Dogs situation incoming? Now theres another last/current gen assassin’s creed game rumoured Assassin’s Creed Comet. That will be announced at somepoint, its an interesting strategy but this series is becoming stale and far too milked now.

    @polygem That didn’t take long. I don’t see the phrases “love letter, hypocrisy, deflection, ignorance etc..” used repetitively here. They may be used now. Also a key thing Pre-@49 this argument didn’t have the six members or was led by them.

    This now is just another pathetic attempt to attention seek from those who called you a catalyst, so much for “I will change.” So Bravo!

    #53 9 months ago
  54. polygem


    #54 9 months ago
  55. polygem

    so now it is about these same few people? weird, because that´s what i thought as well and that´s why i made the thread so we could try to get along better…there you said that it isn´t the case, that when the catalyst is gone everything is calm and quiet on the whole site. you must choose your argument one day. you are like a candle in the wind otherwise.

    #55 9 months ago
  56. Dragon

    Btw, I was referring to Wulf in my comment. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

    #56 9 months ago
  57. Gekidami

    I’m not defending anyone, as to what it has to do with me, i’d just really fed up at this point with PC fanboys constantly crawling out of their holes with their “HURR DURR ITZ GONNA LUK BEYYUR ON DA PEECEE!” BS. This topped off with projection & deflection as to who exactly is being a fanboy. Quite frankly i say the PC fanboys are butthurt because they obviously are, the fact they constantly feel the need to assert their “superiority” shows they feel threatened, which is just sad. Looks at The Wulf with his “tribalism” crap saying that owning a console means you cant think for yourself and of course gaming on PC does. “Introversion versus extroversion”? Jesus H Christ. Literally the ravings of a mad man. What is it with PC gamers on the internet either being insane and/or assholes?

    The funny thing though is that i didnt even mention you, Panthro. In fact i was barely even paying attention to anything thing you said here. But seeing as you bring it up, yeah, you’re a PC fanboy ass who constantly tries to stir shit up with your dumb “lolconsoles” comments.

    But anyway, well-done PC idiots, over 50 comments and barely 5 of them are actually talking about the game. Mission accomplished yet again.

    #57 9 months ago
  58. Legendaryboss

    @polygem Thats complete bullshit and a misinterpretation and twisting of my words.

    You: “I. AM. THE. CATALYST.” This is attention-seeking and a complete lie on “i will change” Me: “a key thing Pre-@49 this argument didn’t have the six members or was led by them.” This isn’t an argument that had the six members or was started by them, the point was this isn’t even remotely the same thing. To make this clear Dragon, Me, JM, You, Geki and Monkey (who left sadly) didn’t initiate this argument however you have just initiated another one between me and you.

    “so now it is about these same few people? weird, because that´s what i thought as well and that´s why i made the thread so we could try to get along better…there you said that it isn´t the case, that when the catalyst is gone everything is calm and quiet” Calm and Quiet? No. At best i have made comparisons where things don’t get too much out of hand when your not here and when you are.

    What i said in the thread was quite simple: Cosy Corner: Me: “During those three days of absence, these forms of conversations never took place, he returns so expect it to return.” Notice i said forms, i never said there wouldn’t be any arguments at all, thats complete non-sense. I said there wouldn’t be any particular arguments occurring (this one springs to mind), that also extends to certain catchphrases being used.

    “you must choose your argument one day. you are like a candle in the wind otherwise.” My arguments regarding this has been consistent to those who understand it properly (you need more help in that regards). “March 16, 2014 at 11:59 am: some people really do hit a nerve sometimes and i jump on it every single time. i poke ´em too. that´s something i need to change and i will.” That did not even last for a week: Complete lies, complete bullshit and complete ignorance and please lets not forget the attention seeking post at @52 (even you can’t be that stupid to deny it). The only thing you are doing and will most likely continue is to shift the blame off yourself.

    One more example of a catalyst? Half of the post at 53 wouldn’t exist without your attention seeking one. I don’t know when you will reach the stage of acceptance.

    #58 9 months ago
  59. Panthro


    So games do NOT look better on PC? I think will find they do.
    Not that I give a shit, it was brought up in discussion before I came along. Some of the best games on PC are the ones LEAST visually striking.

    So BrokenSplines first comment about a ’3000 PC’ wasn’t completely mindless ignorance?

    I’m not threatened by anyone, why would I be? You console gamer’s all say the same responses over and over.

    “Your threatened by us”
    “You have a superiority complex”
    “Consoles are better because… because… they just are… it’s my opinion, I don’t need a reason”
    “Butthurt” … Really mate, really? Why do you always use this word, it’s incredibly childish.

    + I’m hardly a PC fanboy, I play games on a lot of platforms, just because I think the PC platform is the better platform doesn’t make me a fanboy, a fanboy is someone who blindly follows one platform and acts like an incessant cunt towards anyone with a different opinion about it.

    I have never once said in this article anything bad about a console, only the ‘CONSOLE FANBOYS’, I like some consoles. Check comment #32.

    Doesn’t take much to read some comments before you compile a response, it makes you look way less idiotic when you write something that is actually correct.

    #59 9 months ago
  60. Angela Jone

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    #60 8 months ago

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