1. YoungZer0

    Looks fantastic! Definitely going to get it.

    Hearing this game for first time is kind of odd. The original sound & music was pretty iconic.

    I remember replaying the original after 10 years or so and my father walked into the room saying he remembers the game. I played it when I was younger and didn’t think he cared enough to remember, but he immediately recognized it on the sound alone. So I don’t think it’s just nostalgia. :)

    #1 9 months ago
  2. Citrus raptor

    It’s got the same type of look as the old games’ pre-rendered cutscenes. Love it.

    #2 9 months ago
  3. Panthro

    Hope this sells well so they can make some new ones.

    #3 9 months ago
  4. TheWulf

    Oh my. I wish I could gather all the soulless corporations around and show them this, because what we have here is how you handle an IP with respect, treating it with the dignity it deserves, and preserving all that was so novel about it whilst bringing new things into the fray.

    This is how you do it. This, right here. Not Thiaf. This. Look at this.

    It’s immediately noticeable — in the sounds, the environments, the cutscenes, and the animations. The Oddworld games have a truly unique feel to them that doesn’t belong to anything else, it is distinctly Oddworld. Every Oddworld game thus far has remained true to that, even Stranger’s Wrath. For that reason, it’s one of my favourite game series. You can just look at something Oddworld and say… Yeah. Yeah. That’s Oddworld.

    Because it is.

    And this is. This really is. I couldn’t be happier with this. This proves that it’s not so hard to really capture the… flavour of something, the distinct personality that made a game or series what it was, that special, novel little something that separates it from the homogeneity and makes it stand on its own. Something that doesn’t ever stop daring to be different. And something that doesn’t change to become more homogeneous.

    This makes me very, very happy.

    I’ll be buying this and letting every Oddworld fan I know of about it. Oddworld is back, once again. And it’s bringing its completely barmy and bonkers nuttiness with it. Now if only every IP revisit could be like this.

    I just don’t know how they got it that perfect. The feel is just… wow. Yes. Yes. That is Oddworld. Yes. Good job.

    #4 9 months ago

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