Ether One lets you explore and restore memories

Tuesday, 18th March 2014 00:45 GMT By Mike Irving

Along the lines of Dear Esther and Gone Home, Ether One is a narrative-driven puzzle/adventure game that puts you in the minds of other people – literally.

As the trailer shows, your job is to enter and explore the memories of patients, with the goal of restoring these damaged minds. Particularly interesting is that the game is apparently divided into two paths with different ways to play and explore the world, depending on what you prefer to get out of the experience.

In a more traditional adventure game setting, you can choose to complete puzzles in order to repair patients’ memories. Or there’s the option to just stroll down a narrative-exploration path, and let the story unfold at your own pace without any puzzles to pad it out.

Ether One is due March 25 on PC.

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  1. TheWulf

    This looks like it could be a genuinely engaging explore ‘em up, backed up by a brilliant story laden with mysteries and things to find. I’m okay with that. The end of the trailer worries me that it’s going to deteriorate into pure schlock horror (which ruins everything), but… so long as that doesn’t happen, I can see this being one of those games I’ll remember for a long time. Like To the Moon and Gone Home.

    I just really hope that they’re not going to ruin it with schlocky elements. Oh, please don’t. I can accept tension, errors, and brain glitching as part of what’s happening. Even To the Moon had that. But if they start doing zombies, Slendymen, ancient horrors or whatever, I’m out.

    #1 10 months ago

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