Thomas Was Alone, Unit 13 are free this week for US PS Plus members

Monday, 17th March 2014 19:33 GMT By Sherif Saed

This week’s North American PlayStation Plus is offering two new games that will be added to the Instant Collection for Plus subscribers. The PS3 and PS Vita versions of Thomas Was Alone and Unit 13 – a Vita-exclusive. In addition, PS Plus subscribers also receive discounts on Steamworld Dig, Luftrausers and the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Get the full list on the PlayStation Blog.



  1. TheWulf

    Grab Thomas Was Alone — don’t even think twice about it.

    It’s completely bizarre to see simple two-dimensional shapes given such identity, in that you can identify with them, in that they no longer are just simple 2D shapes. Because, obviously, that one’s Claire the chubby superhero lady! Go Claire! …and if you want to have any idea at all of what I’m talking about, just play the damn thing!

    #1 9 months ago

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