Call of Duty: Ghosts ban wave reportedly hits PS3 & PS4 casual users, Activision responds to complaints

Monday, 17th March 2014 09:08 GMT By Dave Cook

Call of Duty: Ghosts developer Infinity Ward appears to have enacted a widespread round of bans that seem to target PS3 and PS4 users primarily. Activision has responded to complaints that the bans have been placed on casual players who only put a few hours into the game each week, and claim to have no history of hacking or cheats.

MP1st has trawled the Internet to collate some of the claims, along with this tell-tale image:


Over on the Call of Duty: Ghosts forum, user tcsdaniels wrote, “I was playing COD Ghosts with my son and after a few rounds of domination I took a break and when I returned to play few more rounds with him my account was banned. He continued to play under his account until he wanted to take a break. He turned off our PS3 and when we went back on about an hour or so later to see if my account was an error or something low and behold an error appeared on both our accounts, now stating our console is permanently banned.”

He added, “If we got banned for simply playing in a hacked or cheated lobby (not knowing it was hacked or whatever) then that is not right and concludes that a thorough investigation is NOT conducted prior to a player and/or their console getting banned.

“I hope infinity ward makes this right soon, we have been very loyal customers (FOLLOWING ALL THE RULeS) If we are not thoroughly investigated we will be sending weekly letters to Activision and infinity ward to please investigate our accounts and console.”

This Reddit user also posted a complaint that echoed the sentiment above. The user claims to be a casual player with no past discrepancies on his account.

Activision posted a response to the Reddit post that stated, “bans are put in place after an account has been investigated into. Any code of conduct violations WILL result in a ban. The user is responsible for all actions taken on the account.

“All bans are final and will not be reversed. Nor do we provide any additional information or specifics in regards to the ban.”

We’ve contacted Activision for comment.



  1. Takeshi

    Oh Activision…

    “All bans are final and will not be reversed. Nor do we provide any additional information or specifics in regards to the ban.”

    So users don’t even know the reason why they got banned?

    I guess a small number could be crackers who are just trying to fuck with Activision by claiming not to know anything.

    #1 9 months ago
  2. silkvg247

    I’m still waiting for my Ghosts ban. After about 4 hours of gameplay I somehow ended up with my solider leaving a server boosted permanently to whatever the max rank is. have seen funky stuff happen in about 1 in 4 servers. I just don’t have time for such hack ridden filth, so I haven’t bothered to play since.

    Same happened in BLOPS2. VERY FIRST GAME of the zombie mode.. hacked server. Boosted inadvertently.

    And yet Acti dare to ban the players who are victim to it rather than fix their software? It’s downright criminal.

    #2 9 months ago
  3. dannybeags

    widespread bans that seem to target PS3 and PS4 users even tho the screen shot is an Xbox lol

    #3 9 months ago
  4. morgan121

    Stop guys – if you got caught cheating man up! like most cheating players you will probably be a virgin until your mid 20′s
    If it was a mistake they will give you access back.. the amount of people using glitches to rank up is crazy – just enjoy the game -

    The real issue: Girl friendly lobbies , guys be kind to other girls -

    #4 9 months ago
  5. JoshuaOak

    Think I’ll check my account & see if I’m affected… Thats if my digital copy doesn’t crash.

    Surprised that hasn’t made more news tbh. Anyone with the ps3 disc, who buys the discounted ps4 digital version, will have constant crashes.

    A image error ir some such :/

    #5 9 months ago
  6. joejoecollora

    I am not a hacker or a cheater in any way I have worked hard on getting t where i was on my account. and now i am banned for something that I have no control over. I was even in a clan called honest players lol for them to ban me for any kind of cheating means they obviously didnt look into anything and just banned people for the sake of banning them so wehave to go out and buy or season passes or customizations all over again.. I for one am not deleating my accunt and wll be part of the law suit against ativision and its affiliates and will want my account reinstated with an apology from them on the manner of the way they went about this ban. all I keep getting is that is final well if it is I will be happy to lead the charge on the law suit for unlawful discrimation, monetary theft (for taking money for season pass and customizations) and aggravations du to waning to be able to get online whenever one wants and not being allowed..

    #6 5 months ago
  7. joejoecollora

    @Takeshi I have contacted news stations that will look into this horrendous act. I am not a cheater and will not stand idly by while my account is banned for others actions. So if Activision is really doing an investigation then they need to look harder at the facts because you will end up loosing a lot of customers and money for your lack of work. so keep an eye out for channel 3, 6, 17, and 29 so far. If you wont fix this maybe the PR you get from this will!!!

    #7 5 months ago

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