Dead Synchronicity: post-apocalyptic adventure game takes to Kickstarter

Thursday, 13 March 2014 10:29 GMT By Dave Cook

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today is a new post-apocalyptic adventure game that sees humanity afflicted by a mass wave of memory loss. It’s got an intriguing art style and a dark, harrowing premise. The game’s now funding on Kickstarter.

Developed by Spanish outfit Fictiorama Studios, Dead Synchronicity is in the works for PC, Mac and iOS, with a Kickstarter target of $45,000. At the time of writing it’s made $2,538 with 30 days to go.

The game’s set after a mysterious pandemic called The Great Wave has transformed humanity into cognitively-enhanced beings called the Dissolved. Though they may be gifted, most of them suffer from memory loss and are dying a slow death. It lso doesn’t help that they’re being oppressed by ruthless military forces.

It stars Michael, a man with no recollection of his past, who must help avert an event called Dead Synchronicity, which will see time dissolve itself.

As you can see; it’s got a wicked art style and there’s always something alluring about new types of apocalypses.

What do you think?

Via RPS.