Watch Dogs PS4 does 1080p/30FPS, Xbox One at 960p – report

Friday, 7th March 2014 13:05 GMT By Dave Cook

Watch Dogs is the next game to get scrutinised under the big resolution magnifying glass, and it seems PS4 has the edge over its closest rival.

It follows Ubisoft’s confirmation that Watch Dogs will come with an 8-player free mode. There’s also this new trailer, which confirms the game’s new May 27 launch date.

The rumblings began over at The Arab Gamer, which claims Ubisoft laid out the following resolution and frame-rate setting during a press event:

  • PS4: 1080p/30fps
  • Xbox One: 960p/30fps
  • PC: up to 4K/framerate varies

The report was then backed up by this tweet from NeoGAF insider Shinobi602 who had this to say in February:


These are just claims however, so do approach them with an air of caution.

Do you care? Let us know below.

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  1. Luciferous


    That is all i have to say on the matter.

    hehehe*Snort* HAHAHAHA…

    #1 10 months ago
  2. Xbone

    so next, many gen, wow

    #2 10 months ago
  3. Ekona

    Oh god please let this shit stop soon :(

    So, so tiresome.

    #3 10 months ago
  4. Djoenz

    OMG PC up to 4k! WOW!
    I wonder how much a 4k monitor costs lol.

    #4 10 months ago
  5. MFBB

    @Ekona thats not gonne stop because those news are always great for Sony and bad for Microsoft (and they dont even have to do anything for it)

    That puts a smile on Sonys face whenever a game is released.

    Bet if the developers wouldnt always tell us when they release a game, Sony would :)

    #5 10 months ago
  6. DeVitowned

    And what all did they sacrifice to achieve this? *looks at the video and shakes his head*

    #6 10 months ago
  7. The_Red

    The resolution doesn’t matter when Ubi has downgraded the visuals to the level of 360/PS3 on both next-gen platforms (Hopefully at least the PC can look like the reveal video and not the current trailers).

    #7 10 months ago
  8. mistermogul

    I bought a PS4 rather than a Bone but if it was the other way round I couldn’t say I’d care much.

    Obviously it’s nice having the best things in life but this really makes little difference when you’re engrossed in a game.

    Also it won’t matter at all if Watch Dogs turns out to be shit!

    #8 10 months ago
  9. jomac3db

    Does this even matter when it’s multigen? This game looks horrible on next gen. I hate the fact they keep compromising graphics because they want it on all platforms. I can’t wait for the division. Now that game is truly next gen.

    #9 10 months ago
  10. OlderGamer

    Tbh, 1080p isn’t that much to brag about. Esp when it is coupled with 30fps. Bother versions are just console versions.

    PS4 owner here, but whatever.

    #10 10 months ago
  11. johnapocalypse

    Tired of hearing this shit now

    #11 10 months ago
  12. Someboooodie

    OMG this res shit is getting boring now. Just enjoy the game on your favourite console.

    #12 10 months ago
  13. OlderGamer

    Jomac, you might want to give some consideration that maybe next gen console graphics aren’t going to be as mind blowing as you had been hoping. There isn’t a significant difference between last gen and next gen. A few bells and whistles, improved texturing and lighting. But nothing revolutionary. These systems aren’t giant leaps into the future.

    #13 10 months ago
  14. undermyrules

    they are know current gen ubisoft treating them as current gen hahahahaha….this game is created to be played on PC for full experience.

    #14 10 months ago
  15. matirishhh

    After seeing that yesteday my hyped went down by 90% for WatchDogs…
    Are they even freaking allowed to cheat people like that?

    #15 10 months ago
  16. Tech-N9ne

    1080p has now become the definition of a good game?

    As someone who owns both XB1 and PS4, and have AC4 on both consoles, with the same resolutions as Watch Dogs, the difference on both console on my 46in TV are so little you cant even tell what version is which. This resolution argument is reasonable but way over blown that its now silly. I guess for news sites like VG247 it gets them clicks so why not. I’d be more worried about an FPS difference than a resolution difference.

    We should be asking why UBIsoft is not uping the FPS in their games to 60.

    #16 10 months ago
  17. Djoenz

    Is that for real? PS3 and or Xbox360 version?
    You bought AC4 for both consoles? Hmmm.
    Third person games doesnt need 60fps perse. 30fps is enough.

    #17 10 months ago
  18. Michael Ireland

    Here we go again.

    #18 10 months ago
  19. Tech-N9ne

    @Djoenz No, have a digital copy for XB1, borrowed the disc version for PS4, just for kicks.

    #19 10 months ago
  20. Michael Ireland

    @matirishhh Holy crap. Even by current gen standards, that looks atrocious…

    #20 10 months ago
  21. Djoenz

    Aah I see. I guess this game has been held back because of cross gen and in such a terrible way too.

    #21 10 months ago
  22. Djoenz

    @Michael Ireland
    OMG man rumours are that gif footage was from a ps4 session :O
    Is someone seriously trolling here?

    I am going to check the latest trailer asap. I missed them.

    #22 10 months ago
  23. Xbone

    @Tech-N9ne “1080p has now become the definition of a good game? ”
    No. 1080p should be a standard… the minimum.

    #23 10 months ago
  24. Djoenz

    Ok ppl i suggest we all read this article asap:


    That gif must be from PS3 or Xbox360 footage.

    #24 10 months ago
  25. Djoenz

    Scratch that old article damnit. I will get to the bottom of this.

    #25 10 months ago
  26. jomac3db

    @OlderGamer True, but if you’ve seen Ryse, the order and the division then those are what is considered next gen.

    #26 10 months ago
  27. Djoenz

    So that footage is supposed to be from PS4. That Gif. Gamespot had an article of the preview. Confirmation.

    I can’t believe this man. It’s a serious downgrade. Unbelievable.

    PC is the way to go.

    #27 10 months ago
  28. illuminatusv

    960p ????? The text in the twitter message states 900p !!!! So what is wrong ????

    #28 10 months ago
  29. Erthazus

    I saw PS4 footage and it looks like crap and has nothing to do with the hardware.

    It looks worse in some moments then GTAV.

    #29 10 months ago
  30. laxan96

    So tired of the resolution talk by now don’t care. Just wish they would’t sacrifice 60fps to 30fps cause of 1080p would rather had seen both on 720p and 60fps or something along those lines

    #30 10 months ago
  31. Erthazus

    @laxan96 So you like to play with 60 frames per second with crappy looking games? Ok.

    Wow. What a generation. I remember when 1080p for console users was a luxury but now it’s oppossite. LOL


    #31 10 months ago
  32. Djoenz

    People are definitely not exaggeRATING here it looks terrible.

    PC way to go for real. Ya dig?

    Textures has gone to shit. Wind physics thrown out the window.

    #32 10 months ago
  33. X14EVR

    lol @ pc getting unsteady “varied” framerate because ubi dont care for those dirty pc fags
    pc is getting short end of stick this time and wont be as silky and steady as 30fps which is what they deserve anyway to be honest in the end though fps doesnt even matter and xbox will come out on top as usual
    30fps on console vs 60fps on pc is almost the same because consoles are optimised to make the 30fps look like 60fps which in come cases makes it even smoother than the 60fps setting lololololo pc is shit

    #33 10 months ago
  34. Djoenz

    STFU and Kill Yoself.

    #34 10 months ago
  35. Michael Ireland

    @Djoenz The new consoles aren’t going to set the tech world alight, but I think it’s pretty obvious to a casual viewer that the bad looking one is clearly PS3 / 360 and not new hardware. They’re not *that* weak,

    #35 10 months ago
  36. Michael Ireland

    If it is PS4… damn.

    #36 10 months ago
  37. Djoenz

    @Michael Ireland
    It’s actually been confirmed to be ps4 footage. Last year they actually previewed ps4 gameplay and you can’t compare that footage with E3 reveal obviously (since that was on a high end PC) but the ps4 gameplay was still top notch.

    This latest gameplay trailer is according to Gamespot running on PS4. This latest gameplay trailer is seriously downgraded compared to the ps4 gameplay video they have shown back in september.

    This terrible.

    #37 10 months ago
  38. grizzlycake

    A shame the game looks like shit in every resolution.

    #38 10 months ago
  39. Legendaryboss

    Another week, another resolution rumour and a eventual confirmation.

    But the problem now is the downgrade.

    #39 10 months ago
  40. DeVitowned


    #40 10 months ago
  41. Llewelyn_MT

    That was to be expected. The new consoles are about as powerful as the minimal PC specs.

    #41 10 months ago
  42. Druined

    In my opinion that will be good game. I and my PC wait for it.

    #42 10 months ago
  43. Hcw87

    The Division will be next. There is no way in hell it’ll look the way it did during the PS4 reveal.

    It’s really bullshit.

    #43 10 months ago
  44. mistermogul

    This new footage looks like the Wii U version filmed on a 2006 smartphone, off-screen with added shitness!

    Da fuq Ubisoft?

    #44 10 months ago
  45. BrokenSpline

    SOrry I find it hard to believe this is the final version as Assassins Creed 4 also a cross gen game looks far better than that image.

    #45 10 months ago
  46. pukem0n

    and round 35 of the p’s vs fps bullshit

    #46 10 months ago
  47. dontbescaredhomie92

    Higher resolution=better game… nice logic

    #47 10 months ago
  48. Moonwalker1982

    Wow Ubi….just…wow.

    Flat out lying.

    #48 10 months ago
  49. Xbone

    @Moonwalker1982 Hahah

    #49 10 months ago
  50. mistermogul

    @Moonwalker1982 – that’s hilarious!

    #50 10 months ago
  51. kingy

    I can understand sony fanboys sticking it to xbots over all this coz the wounds are still deep it could help their recovery make the pain a bit easer form last gen

    #51 10 months ago
  52. Djoenz

    lmao not all complainers are sony fanboys.

    #52 10 months ago
  53. TheKeyPit

    Just sayin’
    People thinking it looks sh** for a cross-gen title: Please stop…

    #53 10 months ago
  54. Djoenz

    Compare that footage to this footage (which they released yesterday)

    Most definitely improved I must say.

    #54 10 months ago
  55. TheKeyPit

    @Djoenz As I said: It looks good for a cross-gen title. AC4 hasn’t been a graphical masterpiece either.

    #55 10 months ago
  56. Djoenz

    Well thats your oppinion. I on the other hand think this major downgrade is outrageously bad.

    #56 10 months ago
  57. kingy

    @Djoenz Ahh this is true but they will just have to just live with buyers remorse

    #57 10 months ago
  58. bobnice

    Really, this again…I’m getting so tired of this resolution crap as if that’s what should be front and center when talking about games. If we care so much about resolution then just play it on a pc and be done with it. This must be so frustrating to developers when all that gets copied and pasted all over sites like this, is the games Goddamn resolution. News flash, it don’t matter in the end, Killzone multiplayer ended up being a very low resolution compared to its 1080p singleplayer and no one was the wiser. Even after 3 months people didn’t notice the difference, they had to be told. So what does it truly matter?

    #58 10 months ago
  59. Djoenz

    not very low smartass. It was 1080i apparantly I still get your point though.

    #59 10 months ago
  60. Hyperx64

    @Djoenz 1080i = 540p :/

    #60 10 months ago
  61. Hyperx64

    People who still don’t realise that texture resolution governs the maximum screen resolution needed.

    Also, thinking 60hz (fps) is only achievable on advanced 3D GPUs’ shows how little you know about how video hardware actually works. Sega Master System and NES ran most games @ 60fps.

    Get some knowledge before sprouting nonsense!

    #61 10 months ago
  62. Djoenz

    Good lord I have done the 1080i research as soon as I found out my tv signal (europe) outputs tv in 1080i.

    1080i is NOT 540p lmao.

    #62 10 months ago
  63. The_Red

    The comparison shots for early The Division reveal and final product are going to be glorious. It will be like Witcher 3 vs Pong.

    Seriously, if Watch_Dogs, a game that was only mildly good looking / next-gen-ish gets this sort of downgrade for the final product, just imagine how much worse the insanely / fake-ish good looking Division (With the car door and all) will look when it comes out.

    #63 10 months ago
  64. the Bridgeburner


    Nothing like promoting tech demos as gameplay! LOL. Oh, Ubi….

    #64 10 months ago
  65. Panthro


    Don’t get the PC version and the console version confused.

    On PC it will look just as good if not better than that first E3 demonstration.

    You all seem to forget that developers have to lie to you to make you think the games look better than they actually do on the consoles, I see this same shit every year and everyone likes to pretend it doesn’t happen.

    #65 10 months ago
  66. Hyperx64

    @Djoenz Yep, you are right. What I should of said is “1080i/60 scales to 1080p/30.”

    1080i does only display 540 lines at a time – 540 even, 540 odd, every 1/30th alternating to get 60hz. So 60 full frames a second in 720 is preferable over 60 half frames in 1080 – especially for fast moving objects (and that’s where the trouble starts in de-interlacing interlaced signals )

    I am sure, though, that there is a lot more things that can be done with progressive and interlaced signals at the hardware level.

    #66 9 months ago
  67. JezzupWuzzup

    Inb4 Wii U 1080p/60fps LOL xD

    #67 8 months ago
  68. JezzupWuzzup

    @Erthazus Maybe because your bias. The things people see when they want to believe something is always far from the truth.

    #68 8 months ago

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