The Order: 1886 Japanese site opens, teases March 13 reveal

Thursday, 6th March 2014 11:08 GMT By Dave Cook

The Order: 1886 has received a Japanese site from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia. It’s teasing some sort of reveal on March 13.

We’ve seen The Order: 1886 in action and so far, we feel it still has a lot to prove. Here’s why.

The site features the shooter’s Japanese trailer above, and promises, “The full picture will be revealed on March 13th.ā€

There’s every chance this could just be a Japanese version of reveals we’ve seen here in the West so far, but we’ll update you once we know for certain.

Via DualShockers.

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  1. Delsin Row

    OFF TOPIC : im sorry but i had no choice. i have download killzone shadowfall multiplayer maps ( the one that is free ) but when the download is complete, it doesnt install the maps. it says waiting to install ( i”ve waited forever) . is anyone know what should i do?

    #1 5 months ago
  2. WENDiGO

    @1 The only time that happens is when you don’t have the game installed. I assume you do have it installed right?

    #2 5 months ago
  3. Delsin Row

    @WENDiGO i have it on disc. i installed it afew months ago.

    #3 5 months ago