Serious Sam 4 pegged for Q4 2014 release

Thursday, 6th March 2014 12:11 GMT By Dave Cook

Serious Sam 4 has been a little quiet ever since it was announced that Croteam would be funding the shooter with Humble Bundle proceeds. But the team has apparently dropped a release window during a new interview.

Speaking with fan site Seriously! Croteam CEO Roman Ribaric stated the Q4 launch window, and stressed there wouldn’t be any “cowboys or big fluffy creepers” in it.

He also confirmed that Croteam is working on a second project, which currently hasn’t been detailed, but Ribaric said it was a cross between Portal and The Witness.

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  1. PSOCecil

    I sincerely hope this is better than Serious Sam 3. That was probably one of the biggest letdowns I’d had in a while. So many basic problems with enemy and weapon design. Too many boring ‘modern’ weapons, too many hitscan enemies. And those damn Witch things!

    #1 10 months ago

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