PixelJunk Inc renamed Nom Nom Galaxy, headed to Steam Early Access

Thursday, 6th March 2014 23:38 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Q-Games’ latest is a 2D sandbox about running an interstellar food factory, and has been retitled Nom Nom Galaxy to help reflect this.


“While we’ve loved the former name, during development this past year we’ve wanted a name captures the spacey deliciousness of the game,” Q-Games told Eurogamer.

“‘Nom Nom,’ which is an onomatopoeia for enjoying delicious food in both English and Japanese, fits this perfectly.”

The game is coming to Steam Early Access on March 13, and will release in full later this year on PC, with Linux and Mac ports on the way. It’s hard not to speculate on a connection between the shucking of the Pixeljunk name and the fact that the game will not debut on PlayStation, as the entire Pixeljunk series did.

The lengthy trailer below explains how Nom Nom Galaxy blends elements of early PixelJunk titles, and invites fans to come “get wet and messy together” by alpha testing, with the development team warning that when it first hits Steam Early Access it will be “a complete buggy mess”.

The Pixeljunk series to date is Racers, Monsters, Eden, Shooter, Shooter 2, Sidescroller and 4AM. A new version of Shooter called Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate was recently announced for PS4 and Vita.



  1. TheWulf

    This looks really interesting, but I can’t help but sigh heavily whenever anyone refers to funny animals as ‘furries.’ That’s kind of like saying that ‘hey, this is like Star Trek, but we’re going to cut the slash fiction out.’

    I find it dumb that people can’t tell A — the thing, from B — what people do with the thing. It implies a general lack of intelligence that I find to be a rather unappealing quality. If you hate Star Trek because of some slash fiction someone wrote? You’re an idiot, honestly. If you stop liking Transformers because someone on wrote transformation porn, then you’re a bloody fool.

    To have your enjoyment of something impaired just because something else exists? That’s ridiculous. But it also implies that the person is the kind of person who’d be so easily reprogrammed by propaganda that the people using it wouldn’t even need to try.

    Europeans exist. It has been said that pinko commies can be Europeans. THEREFORE EUROPEANS ARE PINKO COMMIE SCUM!

    People can be really, really dumb. Just putting that out there.

    I like werewolves, dragons, and funny animals. I realise that people have sexualised these things because human beings can be incredibly sexual animals. That’s an unavoidable part of our nature. That some random Internet person has sexualised something I like though? That doesn’t mean that I need to stop liking it because they exist, or because they did what they did. It also doesn’t mean that I need to keep referring to the subject matter as the sexual interpretation.

    Star Fox is funny animals, or cartoon animals, and it’s absolutely not furry. Furry exists for the same reason that World of Whorecraft exists, because people can be sexual, and perverts. But do I condemn all World of Warcraft players as depraved because a porn site about the subject matter exists?

    No. No I don’t. I consider them as being addicted, yes. But perverted? No.

    Why don’t I? Because I’m not an idiot and I can separate A from B. :I

    #1 10 months ago
  2. TheWulf

    I will admit, I was interested in this, but their video completely soured me to it. I really hate seeing cartoon animals condemned because some perverts somewhere did a thing. That’s incredibly dumb, and it strongly implies stupidity, and I can’t support stupidity.

    #2 10 months ago
  3. TheWulf

    I will also point out my own views on this and how they apply to my own thinking.

    I don’t like it when a generic action adventure steals the name from an extremely novel game that wasn’t an action adventure. But that the generic game with the name exists doesn’t mean I stop liking the original.

    As an example — Syndicate exists as a generic reboot, does that mean that I love the original any less? No.

    Okay, so generic fantasy exists. There’s a lot of it out there. You can’t swing a sack without hitting a generic fantasy game, they’re that common. Does this mean that I start to hate non-generic games like Morrowind and Mask of the Betrayer because of that? No, I appreciate them even more! I might say that I hate generic fantasy games and that I feel they’re diluting the genre, but I’m always going to hold up Morrowind and Mask of the Betrayer as examples of not that.

    Usually, if there is subject matter, and then a negative take on the subject matter, I can ignore the negative take and still ignore the original subject matter. I mean, if I play a bad movie tie-in game, it doesn’t mean that I now hate the movie.

    This mindset just continues to infuriate me.

    I also think that this is how racism and the likes bloom in the minds of the less intelligent. I mean, let’s say that you have person A of an ethnicity do a bad thing, therefore all people of that ethnicity must be bad.

    If you have person A of an orientation does something bad to you, does that mean all people of that orientation are bad.

    If a girl called you a name when you were young, it doesn’t mean you get to be misogynist.

    If you have an ethnic majority of oppressors within humanity, it doesn’t mean that all humans are bad, just that one ethnicity has a tendency toward oppression.

    I just… the stupidity. It hurts. But I know there are people like this.

    I’ve tackled with this myself in the past and I’ve always been able to overcome it. I’ve been introspective and intelligent enough to be able to separate A from B. Why isn’t that ability commonplace?

    #3 10 months ago

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