Star Citizen’s Dogfighting Module has a release window, space sim’s team is 212 strong

Wednesday, 5th March 2014 14:57 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has posted its first monthly report on the status of the space simulation title. In it there were two main things of note: the Dogfighting Module has been given a release time-frame, and the development team size is 212 strong.


According to Chris Roberts, the team plans to premiere dogfighting at a “special Citizens-only event” which will take place prior to PAX East.

“If all goes as planned, the Dogfighting Module itself will launch shortly after PAX and you will finally get your hands on your flight sticks,” he wrote. “The team is scurrying to take care of thousands upon thousands of necessary details: variable damage states, HUD detailing, weapons cameras, engine sounds and countless other things that go into creating an immersive space combat experience.

“At this point, we can now regularly dogfight here in the office.”

Roberts also touched upon the size of his team, which is rather large but a game this size needs it apparently.

“You may find it interesting to know that as of this moment there are 212 people working on Star Citizen between the internal and external studios and contractors,” said Roberts. “More people are working on this project than most AAA console titles, and it’s definitely the largest team to work on a Space Sim. These are jobs you have created. It’s an amazing accomplishment and it’s all down to your passion for space sims, PCs and doing something different.

“Not only that but these are 212 developers that want what you want – to make the best game possible – they don’t have to worry about a publisher pushing them to release early to plug a hole in a quarterly revenue plan or to incorporate a feature just because it’s the flavor of the month.”

Roberts said that 71% of the $6 million raised since December came from new backers, and at last count, funding has hit $39 million.

You can read up on this more yourself through the link.



  1. chackster

    An awesome achievement for the funding of Star Citizen to be north of $30 Million but 212 staff is a heck of a burn rate to accommodate, I know teams less than a quarter of that size who burnt through the same amount in less than 14 months. Let’s hope Chris Roberts can get to launch with change left over.

    #1 9 months ago
  2. TheWulf


    Or even get to launch without it just being a bunch of disconnected modules claiming to be a game. I don’t see Star Citizen getting finished at this rate, but I do see a bunch of well off people benefiting from the naivete of ‘fighter planes in space’ fans.

    He still seems like such a snake oil salesman to me. I’ll believe it when I see it, and if I’m wrong, I’m wrong. My instincts have served me well thus far, though, and I rarely am. And my intellect tells me that if Roberts was serious about this, he’d have so much more to show by now. I mean, where’s the lore, the Universe building, the plot, the documents regarding the game’s direction and so on?

    I’ll be happy if this isn’t a sham because it means that people won’t get ripped off. Good for them — they got lucky. But my gut tells me that this is all one big scheme, and that there are going to be a lot of ‘fighter planes in space’ fans who’ll be ranting very angrily on messageboards across the Internet just six months from now.

    #2 9 months ago
  3. TheWulf

    Oops, I did the thing and incremented by 1 when replying. It’s an odd thing, and I’ve seen others do it, too! One of the reasons I miss the edit function, but I can understand not having it.

    #3 9 months ago
  4. HomeworldFanShip

    @TheWulf Stop spreading mis-information Thewulf. There is plenty of lore and Universe building and plot on the front page, in the comm links (which you would know if you actually went there) and if your a member of the forums you can ask the dev’s directly . Al ever heard of such a thing called not giving away to much and letting the players find the lore out themsevles as they play. \

    You know discovering it without being told it. Also the community over there are helping building the universe lore and happening. With the “Lore Builder” as well to flesh out smaller details. So yea your concerns in that regards are based on nothing but your own bias.

    For which i have zero idea where it comes from and no matter how many article over the past year there his been. You keep with the same mind set and within that span you still have, Not cross referenced your claims.

    Never the less, it’s going to be equally fun to see that all your worrying and bashing and labeling this game as a scam. Will be for not, once it comes out. An your lining up to play along with every one else.

    Also stop with the snake oil saleman, rumble. You never met the guy and appearances and vibes don’t equal to reality. They only fuel your obvious bias toward this game and Chris Roberts.

    Shot it’s double sad that even, with how open they are. You still have something negative to say. But them not showing everything, is because they are still working on it. An we will see whats up in April with the DFM. Because at that point, what route will you take?

    cheers, (buy some better instincts)

    To repeat, they have lots to show and they have been showing and they will be showing more over the next few weeks and then at PAX. I mean does the word “in development” not mean anything.

    #4 9 months ago
  5. varsas

    When is the finished game actually due?

    #5 9 months ago

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