Blood Bowl 2 stadium screens appear, stand upgrades and pitch invasions discussed

Wednesday, 5 March 2014 10:29 GMT By Dave Cook

Blood Bowl 2 developer Cyanide studios has publishes a selection of stadiums screens that show exactly where you’ll be battering each other silly once the game launches in Q4.

In a blog update on the Blood Bowl site, publisher Focus stated that Blood Bowl 2 development is, “going full steam,” and detailed a few stadium features players can expect at release.

“The magnificent stadiums in Blood Bowl 2 are scalable,” Focus begins, “and can be developed to become increasingly imposing as the player spends the winnings earned in the solo and multiplayer campaigns to upgrade them and add new infrastructures.

“Players can build their stadiums up from modest training grounds to truly grandiose edifices that rival the most prestigious structures in the real world. They also play an active part in recreating the supercharged atmosphere of a Blood Bowl match, where volatile fans pack the stands ready to cheer on their favourite team or invade the pitch and trample on the players.”

Players can upgrade stadiums with extra stands and other infrastructures that will infer bonuses on teams, and increase the chances of a pitch invasion. It sounds nuts. Elsewhere, Cyanide has overhauled the game’s animations, and added dynamic cameras as well as the new “Cabalvision” and commentator system to make each match feel more explosive.

There’s also a story-driven campaign mode and league play for custom-made teams.

Check out the screens below and let us know what you think.