Mass Effect Trilogy PS4 & Xbox One remaster being discussed at BioWare

Monday, 3rd March 2014 09:08 GMT By Dave Cook

Mass Effect developer BioWare is currently discussing the possibility of bringing a remastered trilogy pack to PS4 and Xbox One, according to one developer on Twitter.

It comes from Aaryn Flynn, GM for BioWare’s Edmonton & Montreal studios. Responding to a fan he said:

It follows pledges from BioWare that Mass Effect 4 will be recognisable as part of the franchise, despite the ditching of Shepard and other big changes.

Would you like to see a PS4 and Xbox One trilogy happen?

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  1. harr0w

    Greed knows no bounds.

    #1 10 months ago
  2. fihar

    This is what happens when there’s no backward compatibilities.

    #2 10 months ago
  3. kingy

    Look I love mass afect all of them I played the first on 360 then the others on ps3 they are grate games but lets have new experiences on xbox1 and ps4 ,it’s too soon for all of this remastered games I understud tomb rader because it was newish but not this ,remastered Xbox and ps2 games didn’t show up on the old consoles for some time in ther cycle so why now ,I still have my 360 &ps3 plugged in ,use the development time on a new game a small download game or a new big ip come on guys give us something new and do the remastered things in a couple of years

    #3 10 months ago
  4. TheWulf

    Funnily enough, this already exists on the PC thanks to a lovely little thing called TexMod. If you have the PC versions of the game, you may want to look into it. Normally I’m not one to care about fidelity, and I don’t, in this case it’s just that some of the fan textures actually look way, way more interesting than the official ones.

    The fan textures gave Garrus some more alien aesthetic touches that I really liked, and the game just benefits from it as a whole.

    #4 10 months ago
  5. salarta

    Man, just yesterday I was thinking “I could really use another completely pointless re-release of a game released within the past ten years,” and here I might get not just one but three! I can’t wait to pay more money than usual for an entirely negligible graphical facelift of games I already own.

    These really need to stop. The likes of “Tomb Raider” (in name only) and FFX do not need to be given graphical enhancements. They work just fine with the graphics they already have.

    Now, games like FF6, Suikoden, Parasite Eve and others DO have justification for such releases. They were made at a time when 3D either didn’t exist or was in a much poorer state, and that means getting a graphical overhaul for modern systems actually means something. The sort of idea going on here amounts to nothing more than cashing in.

    #5 10 months ago
  6. myzombiephil

    I’d buy it. I never bought any of the games before and I have a PS4 so its perfect for me. Those who have already purchased and played the games would obviously not be as interested. No one is making you guys buy this, leave it for those of us who want to experience this trilogy in the highest quality possible on consoles.

    #6 10 months ago
  7. fearmonkey

    Thats not a stupid idea, it could sell some extra copies. I already own the games on PC so im not sure id be interested unless the pirce was low. Those are great games and too have all three in a package on a new console could be tempting for some people.

    #7 10 months ago
  8. X14EVR

    dpont bring to pc biware because pc pirates will just pirate and steal the game i am going to make a petition for it like i did with gta those pc cunts dont deserve mass effect they can stick to star trek warlock prince nerd cunt games

    #8 10 months ago
  9. salarta

    If your focus is purely on the business side of matters, then things like this aren’t stupid. Take a game that’s not even two years old, package it with a couple older games, do hardly anything to it and then sell the whole pack for $60 at a time when the most acclaimed game of the pack often sells digitally for $5-10. It’s a quick, easy, cheap way to make a tidy renewed profit, especially from people that can be convinced that the negligible graphical enhancements make it worth buying a second time.

    But it’s stupid in the sense that it cheapens the industry in general. It devalues the whole concept of a “remaster” or an “upgrade” of any sort. The only truly good thing to be said about such packs is that at least they’re not full-blown remakes that completely miss the whole point of the franchise and its characters because someone wants money badly. But then, it just takes another 15-20 years before everyone starts saying the original games sucked and they get remade to fit whatever the trends of the time say is popular.

    #9 10 months ago

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