End of Nations development is “put on hold”

Monday, 3rd March 2014 18:20 GMT By Sherif Saed

End of Nations development have been “put on hold,” Trion Worlds has confirmed.

We have not heard anything about the game since Trion announced last year that it’ll be turning it into a MOBA, and it appears that the game’s website has gone offline, and there no longer are any mentions of it on the Trion Worlds website.

Videogamer’s reached the publisher for commentand was provided with the following statement, “As we informed EON’s community last fall, internal development on End of Nations was put on hold in late 2013 while we evaluated potential paths forward for the title. We’re currently focusing the company’s energy and creativity on Rift, Defiance, Trove, ArcheAge, and some new projects that we will be revealing soon.”

This appears to be another hurdle to the title’s troubled development which started as an MMORTS by Petroglyph Games, which then got delayed, only to be turned into an MOBA later and to be taken over by Trion Worlds.

Are you disappointed in this news?



  1. GrimRita

    Disappointed? Na. I was when they stopped Petroglyph from delivering us a C&C experience on a grand scale. This just proves that Trion really has lost its way and if it wasn’t for Rift doing so well, they would be in serious trouble.

    #1 10 months ago
  2. Sherif Saed

    Man, I want an RTS that isn’t SC so bad :(
    I want another C&C, dammit….

    #2 10 months ago

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