Steam’s Family Library Sharing is now available to all Steam users

Friday, 28th February 2014 20:35 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Steam’s Family Library Sharing is now available for all Steam users. Players who share computers can now also share their available libraries with one another, each earning their separate Achievements and individual saves to Steam Cloud. It’s all enabled by authorizing shared computers and the familiar accounts that log into them. Steam Family Options were made available in January. Hit up the link for more information.



  1. TheWulf

    Steam has to be praised for this. They took the only one good part of Microsoft’s natal XBox One concept and built it into Steam. When Microsoft backed down and changed their stance, they also took away that one good thing from the XBox One. Now Steam has it. This is what I like about the PC. The competition is forcing storefronts to provide their customers with better rights, that’s never a bad thing.

    One thing the PC has never had, that Apple devices and the consoles do have? A monopoly of omnipresent, ever vigilant gatekeepers who have absolute control over all they survey. On a closed platform, competition is a myth that died out long ago, they can do what they want, charge what they want, and exploit as they please. If a storefront is doing that on the PC, you simply… use a different storefront!

    Don’t like what one is doing? Go to another! There are lots!

    And it’s not just the PC that has this, it’s the Android platform. If you don’t like Google’s own storefront, you can use Amazon’s, nVidia’s, or any number of others. It’s a revolution in its own right, really. And it’s all about putting more power in the hands of consumers. This is why I tend to see closed systems as a tax on those who’re just bad at maths in general. Sure, the initial price of the hardware itself might be a tiny bit higher, but then the product prices are so, so much cheaper because you have storefronts falling over each other for your custom. They’ll do anything to secure you as a customer, and they can’t exploit you because that’ll just drive you away.

    So why does Valve now have this?

    ^ That’s why.

    They need to be continually relevant and fair if they’re to do business on an open platform. They know this, just as Google knows this, and anyone who does business on an open platform knows this. And that’s why it’s just a better state of affairs for the consumer. Sure, a PC may cost more than a console, but with the use of Nuuvem, GMG, GoG, and so on, you’ll make that difference up in six months and you’ll have a much, much greater variety of things available to you.

    That’s another aspect of it, really. I mean, on a console, you do have omnipresent gatekeepers. Whereas on the PC, you don’t. Sure, one storefront might have gatekeepers and say that your game isn’t ready to be sold. So you go to another. People have actually had success doing this, great successes with bundles, even. So it’s better for the developers, too, since no one can tell them that they can’t sell their product, hence even greater variety.

    It’s become something of a Renaissance at the moment for open platforms. It’s good here. Feel free to join us. :P

    #1 10 months ago
  2. X14EVR

    steam has to make users share games becuse of poor sales for piracy and shit haha terrible pc gaming commonuity always steal shit from gaming they dont even deserve games i hope gta v never comes out for them and when it does it a shitty port to show rockstart dont give shit aboutt hem

    #2 10 months ago

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