Rise of Mana unveiled by Square Enix, it’s a mobile RPG for iOS & Android

Wednesday, 26th February 2014 09:38 GMT By Dave Cook

Secret of Mana fans might want to check out the trailer Square Enix just posted. It’s for a new 3D smartphone RPG called Rise of Mana, and it’s looking quite similar to the Final Fantasy remakes on 3DS.

Square put the Rise of Mana site live recently, and translating, NeoGAF member RyougaSaotome confirmed that the game will hit iOS soon, with an Android version to follow at some point in 2014.

Rise of Mana will be free with in-app purchases, and features a soundtrack composed by Tsuyoshi Sekito, Kenji ito, Hiroki Kikuta, and Yoko Shimomura.

What do you think of the clip above?



  1. PSOCecil

    Oh, another SquareEnix remake/sequel? To the Mana series! Oh man I can’t wa–moble? Seriously? And to think, I was excited for a second. What a shame.

    And if I wasn’t already completely uninterested, “free to play with in-app purchases.” Nope. Dropped. I just want my fun Japanese RPGs, why do they have to be ruined like this? I was also begging for a Breath of Fire 6 for years. Now it’s a free to play “Social RPG”.

    #1 10 months ago

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