Candy Crush creator files for IPO

Tuesday, 18th February 2014 13:47 GMT By Phil Owen, best known for building the shockingly successful Candy Crush empire that is leaving a pile of bodies in its wake, has filed for IPO in the New York Stock Exchange as King Digital Entertainment.

candy crush saga

The filing is accompanied by financial statements revealing that the company posted revenue of $1.88 billion in 2013, with net profit of $567 million. Candy Crush Saga is now looking at 93 million active daily users, with another 35 million on the company’s other games. Candy Crush also accounts for 78 percent of all spending in King games, meaning it must protect this house, etc. has been a controversial entity as of late with its kerfuffle with the Banner Saga and accusations of cloning. The company had previously planned to file for IPO last year but pushed back that initiative when Candy Crush blew up.

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  1. TheWulf

    I can’t see anyone liking this soulless corporate shell, now, unless they’re a mindless wastrel. I can’t help but be honest about my feelings, as not only are their tactics predatory (to take advantage of children and the weak-willed), but their patent/trademark trolling is now going after games which existed long before Candy Crush Saga did.

    Basically, they’re going after stuff that was on the app store before Candy Crush Saga was even on their site, before they ever even mentioned it, and saying that those games have less of a right to use the word candy than they do. Which is just a pile of bull, frankly. They’re using this to try and strongarm and manipulate smaller developers.

    It’s being used in anti-competitive ways, the sort of ways that lead to even Microsoft being taken to court, because they’re predating other companies.

    Honestly, to my mind, the kind of people who stand by are the kind of people who believe that the NSA’s spying is perfectly fine because we have nothing to hide. It’s just people who never think, and haven’t thought these things through. What I would give for a world as inquisitive, self aware, and as able to ask questions as the tiny minority that currently only is capable of.

    Not an attack on you, Phil. I’m just speaking in general. If anyone out there still supports, you bring shame to the human race.

    #1 10 months ago

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