Competition: win a PlayStation Vita slim and three games

Friday, 14th February 2014 10:48 GMT By Matt Martin

We’re giving away Sony’s new handheld console with three games – Killzone Mercenary, Tearaway and Gravity Rush.


All you have to do is leave a comment below and we’ll pick one lucky winner at random after the competition closes on Monday February 17th at 4pm GMT.

The competition is only open to readers in the European Union and the judge’s decision is final.

Sony released the PS Vita slim last week. It comes with 1GB of built-in internal memory, is 20 percent thinner and 15 percent lighter. It’s really very nice.

And with a copy of Guerilla’s excellent first-person shooter Killzone Mercenary, Media Molecule’s critical darling Tearaway and Studio Japan’s damn fine Gravity Rush, you won’t need to leave the house for weeks.

So don’t just sit there like a chump, enter the competition and cross your fingers. Good luck!



  1. KaniKaniza

    SHINY! I would love to play Gravity Rush and Tearaway! @w@

    #1 10 months ago
  2. matirishhh

    Nice one! I wonder who is going to grab it? Good luck everybody! :)

    #2 10 months ago
  3. gribb85

    Oooo, I’ve been looking for one of these! I’ve been wanting to play Tearaway as well. Love a bit of Media Molecule goodness!

    #3 10 months ago
  4. Eregol

    Oohh, a comment.
    I’m really not sure what to say…ummm.
    Oh fiddlesticks. I’ll be back later with something.

    #4 10 months ago
  5. KnivesMF

    Good luck to me…

    #5 10 months ago
  6. AndyEaston85

    ohhh just what i’d need to go with my new PS4!!

    #6 10 months ago
  7. drkmn302

    Awesome prize been after a vita for ages to take full advantage of the psn+, it help me beat the boredom im going through being housebound at the present

    #7 10 months ago
  8. T0N10

    Brilliant comp, count me in!

    #8 10 months ago
  9. seireitei

    Got my fingers crossed for a shiny vita!

    #9 10 months ago
  10. tommyt

    Nice pick of games.

    #10 10 months ago
  11. dex3108

    Wow tnx guys and good luck everybody :D

    #11 10 months ago
  12. jk22

    Great prize, fingers crossed.

    #12 10 months ago
  13. domsbeard

    Good luck everyone!!

    #13 10 months ago
  14. fallingdownjoe

    Good luck everyone!

    #14 10 months ago
  15. MFBB

    Nice, thanks guys.

    #15 10 months ago
  16. N7Caboose

    I like big butts and i cannot lie :/ it is a medical condition…….it affects me greatly

    #16 10 months ago
  17. PuppyInMyPocket

    Pick me

    #17 10 months ago
  18. FabioPal

    Finger crossed ;)

    #18 10 months ago
  19. matmurray

    Fingers, toes, you name it; it’s all crossed.

    #19 10 months ago
  20. the1pliskin

    Oh the new registrations just for this contest!!!!
    Me want one… Thanks!!

    #20 10 months ago
  21. locus2k1

    One random comment coming right up :D

    Good luck to everybody! :)

    #21 10 months ago
  22. jonnymeddy

    *leaves comment below*

    #22 10 months ago
  23. Fin

    Vita? Go on then.

    #23 10 months ago
  24. DiodeX

    OOO, free stuff, a nice little package for valentines day ;)

    #24 10 months ago
  25. Gronke09

    Uhh this would be so good with my ps4!!

    #25 10 months ago
  26. herobean

    yes please! pick me!

    #26 10 months ago
  27. Dragon

    I like how these kinds of threads attract soooo many one time users.
    Anyway, I’m in. You can never have too many Vitas :lol:

    #27 10 months ago
  28. miguelrato

    Good Luck! Wonderful pack!

    #28 10 months ago
  29. adamguest1985

    Best of luck all, fingers crossed!

    #29 10 months ago
  30. KineticCalvaria

    I love how all these random users come out of nowhere when free stuff is up for grabs. Lol.

    But gimme, gimme, gimme. Even if the screen is a bit shat.

    #30 10 months ago
  31. Hell-Raiser-85

    I will try but i never win :( good luck everyone

    #31 10 months ago
  32. Andryprime

    I’m the one you seek

    That’s all, nice competition though :D

    #32 10 months ago
  33. Blerk

    I’d quite like one of these, believe it or not. :)

    #33 10 months ago
  34. Spinotron

    Gravity Rush and Tearaway would be really sweet!! Oh yeah

    #34 10 months ago
  35. levekal

    I would love a vita. fingers crossed. work would be so much better :-p

    #35 10 months ago
  36. tom082

    Wow, I would love to win this but I won’t be disappointed if I don’t. Good luck to everyone and congratulations to the future winner :)

    #36 10 months ago
  37. KMJ_84

    If you randomly select me, I will promise to look after this little Vita and play it until it dies. :)

    #37 10 months ago
  38. entervalhalla

    This would make a great Valentine’s gift for me.

    #38 10 months ago
  39. Tearsir

    “I busted a mirror and got seven years bad luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me five.” – Steven Wright

    #39 10 months ago
  40. Luciano666


    #40 10 months ago
  41. Legendaryboss

    What the hell? 37+ in almost half-hour, the majority of whom are onetime users. Well call me speechless, the power of free is amazing.

    #41 10 months ago
  42. IK1T

    Good luck everyone ^_^ !

    #42 10 months ago
  43. KineticCalvaria

    @Legendaryboss, my point exactly. Hardly fair is it…

    #43 10 months ago
  44. Legendaryboss

    @KineticCalvaria :P

    #44 10 months ago
  45. Cpt Yanni

    Vita’s are red
    Vita’s are blue
    Vita Slim, I want You!

    #45 10 months ago
  46. polygem

    i would donate mine to my ebay account. i promise.

    #46 10 months ago
  47. TrapGodZeus

    OOOOOOOOOO i’ve wanted a Vita for the longest!

    #47 10 months ago
  48. papizdano

    pick me ! ill be your best friend

    #48 10 months ago
  49. The Tempest

    I don’t think I’ve ever told the staff here how beautiful they are…

    I don’t know what you guys look like, but boy do I imagine you’re pretty!

    Charm? Like the charm? Thought not, haha.

    #49 10 months ago
  50. Qutoku


    #50 10 months ago
  51. matwoody

    Good luck!

    #51 10 months ago
  52. shabe

    If i get a vita i may have an excuse to buy a ps4…

    #52 10 months ago
  53. KAP

    This is a great idea vg247
    It’s funny isn’t it, there’s so much arguing, trolling and just general occasional nasty behavior between fanboys of one system or another but the moment you have a compo to enter were all the best of pals, wishing each other good luck.

    Real funny. But also I guess, nice to see.

    #53 10 months ago
  54. lesh22

    I need this in my life!!! Good luck to everyone :)

    #54 10 months ago
  55. cliophate

    Such slim.
    Very rush.
    So killzone.
    Much tear.

    #55 10 months ago
  56. Panthro

    I know I won’t win because VG247 hates me.
    No harm in trying though.

    #56 10 months ago
  57. Arthas90

    Well… I try

    #57 10 months ago
  58. kyonshi

    Oooo! Nice. Good luck everybody! :)

    #58 10 months ago
  59. nea

    Random Comment XYZ, not making up some “Oh, I would love to win”, “It would be the first time”, “Good luck”, “Fingers crossed” etc.

    #59 10 months ago
  60. Madlink

    I dream of a world where I can play Outlast while I’m on the shitter, so VG247, won’t you make my dreams come true?

    #60 10 months ago
  61. lonas

    Pick me! Pick meeee! :)

    #61 10 months ago
  62. kingy

    Please please please pick me 🙈🙉🙊

    #62 10 months ago
  63. grizzlycake

    Oh my god, I’ve been dying to play Tearaway. I was going to buy a Vita next month but my phone broke so now I have a new shiny phone that costs just as much.

    I don’t know whether to be sad or happy.

    #63 10 months ago
  64. DuckNation

    A VITA

    #64 10 months ago
  65. utopastac

    Good luck everyone :D

    #65 10 months ago
  66. mattdp

    Fingers well and truly crossed.

    #66 10 months ago
  67. kingofscotland

    Excellent and good games I would like to play, count me in

    #67 10 months ago
  68. Keesmcqueen

    I’d love to play Killzone, Tearaway and Gravity Rush!

    #68 10 months ago
  69. antonis11

    Good luck everyone!

    #69 10 months ago
  70. Sonyfanboy1987

    I’d love to try out Tearaway and the remote play features with the ps4

    #70 10 months ago
  71. Luciferous

    Heeeee this would be like fate seeing as my Vita is suffering a little death at the moment (my stupid fault, not the hardware’s D:)

    #71 10 months ago
  72. Eliv

    I want a slim vita too :)

    #72 10 months ago
  73. Hiroshi

    I would love to get my hands on Tearaway and Gravity Rush!

    #73 10 months ago
  74. Underdose

    Pick me! :p

    #74 10 months ago
  75. overneathe

    This will go well with a nice PS4!

    #75 10 months ago
  76. Calistarius

    Nice competition! Gravity Rush and Tearaway seem like really unique and good games :)

    #76 10 months ago
  77. Neq

    Ho ho very nice :)

    I wonder how many new accounts got created today ^^

    Good luck everyone!

    #77 10 months ago
  78. czak92


    #78 10 months ago
  79. Cool P

    Wooo, nice, I hope I can win it. Best of luck to all.

    #79 10 months ago
  80. tim1ofakind

    im not trying to make you feel sorry for me because i dont need that. but gaming has helped me through some bad times in last couple of years to do with mental health. it would be amazing to win a vita with killzone im a big killzone fan :). keep up the good work with gaming news and i hope everyone who comments and reads a fun and happy year of gaming what ever platform you are on.

    #80 10 months ago
  81. onlineatron

    bababooey bababooey

    #81 10 months ago
  82. Mau_MCMXCIII

    Woah I won..! :D

    #82 10 months ago
  83. CyberMarco

    No chance I’ll win but whatever!

    *fingers crossed*

    #83 10 months ago
  84. yorkshireboy

    I need one! Too many TV hogs in my house, damn Netflix is taking over the world

    #84 10 months ago
  85. CyberMarco

    I’m in!

    Also, how do we know that people wont create dub accounts to have more chances to win?

    #85 10 months ago
  86. Yipee

    Love it! Good luck to everyone, tho.

    #86 10 months ago
  87. tezzer1985

    83 comments in the space of a few hours, goes to show, their is demand for the Vita, and the new slim model. Go Vita

    #87 10 months ago
  88. humanfish

    Me, me, me please Sir.

    #88 10 months ago
  89. Gioggi

    So damn nice, Best of luck to all peeps!!

    #89 10 months ago
  90. Moskiller

    A competition about Vita? I’m in!!! :D

    #90 10 months ago
  91. DinnerLord

    Been Reading this site since 2009. Got an account for this. Fingers crossesd

    #91 10 months ago
  92. DrDamn

    An insightful comment here …

    #92 10 months ago
  93. stockops3

    Good luck everyone!!!

    #93 10 months ago
  94. Rikki

    I can leave a comment. At least… I think I can.

    #94 10 months ago
  95. Khelcius

    Not sure what to say, but its a comment.

    #95 10 months ago
  96. Revolting

    Excellent! Would go very nicely with my PS4. Good luck, everyone.

    #96 10 months ago
  97. hopelessoutlaw

    Been itching to get hands on a vita for ages but just haven’t had the money – would be nice to play some proper games on the go!

    #97 10 months ago
  98. Llewelyn_MT

    I’d love to try Tearaway.

    Good luck everyone. :-)

    #98 10 months ago
  99. NinjaMidget

    In the name of the sublime and unholy Slenderman, I demand the vita be mine!

    #99 10 months ago
  100. lukehmuse

    I’m in! :)

    #100 10 months ago
  101. javitez891

    Tearaway 4 the win!!!!

    #101 10 months ago
  102. davidturners

    Hello my name is David and I would like to win this Playstation Vita.

    I’ve wanted on for a while now, well since they started jumping into bed with the indie developers. Anyway.

    “Why don’t you just buy one” I hear you ask?
    Well, I very stupidly got the wife pregnant and we’re expecting our first child. Because of this she believes that every penny should be going towards this little human that doesn’t even exist yet. I had planned on selling my PS3 to fund a vita. Instead, I sold my PS3 and the money went towards a bottle warmer, or a cot or something.

    I’ll be honest with you, I’ve not met my child yet, but I already think he’s a bit of a dick.


    #102 10 months ago
  103. Ren

    I just love the look of new Vita and I want it now! Russia, Moscow

    #103 10 months ago
  104. floydylan101

    Being a massive Sony fan, this is the only piece of Sony technology that’s missing from my life!

    #104 10 months ago
  105. antrakos2011

    May the best antrakos2011 win :)

    #105 10 months ago
  106. PeaceWalker23

    Good luck everyone and of course congrats vg247 for the initiative !!!!!!!!!!!!

    #106 10 months ago
  107. jedieagle

    Let me in, let me in, let me in, let me in, let me in :D

    #107 10 months ago
  108. UKVampire

    Good Luck to everyone who enters

    #108 10 months ago
  109. Timurse

    Please send my Vita to Barcelona :D
    Also really good initiative guys! Give aways always work out!

    #109 10 months ago
  110. etnica12345

    Love it!!! Kep up the awesome work guys xD

    #110 10 months ago
  111. Urbanizedbones

    I love playstation, but the only hand held I have is the original DS

    #111 10 months ago
  112. Zeplock

    Let’s give it a shot

    #112 10 months ago
  113. qwertydash

    Hell yeah

    #113 10 months ago
  114. Kim0ow

    O yeah I wanna this :D

    #114 10 months ago
  115. Kim0ow

    @Kim0ow I wanna win this *

    #115 10 months ago
  116. kibblz

    Hello. This is a random comment to win a ps vita. Goodbye. (P.S. PLEASE PICK ME!!!)

    Ahem. That is all.

    #116 10 months ago
  117. Diabelsky

    One Vita to go, please. Thank you!

    #117 10 months ago
  118. OlderGamer

    I would like to enter, I am not in the EU, however I have an idea. If I win, I would like VG247 to donate the system/games to a kids ward at a local hospital. When I was a kid I spent a lot of time in a hospital. It stinks. A lot of fear and a lot of boredom. I have a keen interest in helping local places here provide games and movies. You have no idea what a couple of hours playing a video game can do for a kid having surgery or illness.

    Not for nothing but if you do it right, there is good PR in something like that. For example, donate a WiiU and a couple of games, get your pic and site on TV. It is a win win, you can brighten the day of a kid(or many of them throught the years) and you can increase viewership. You could prolly write it off on taxes too.

    Anyways that is what I would do.

    #118 10 months ago
  119. AHA-Lambda

    ooh, here’s hoping :D

    #119 10 months ago
  120. Dessel

    I love Chie.

    #120 10 months ago
  121. graydev


    #121 10 months ago
  122. denty77

    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    id love to win this vita
    and gravity rush too.

    might as well make it seasonal

    #122 10 months ago
  123. balansse

    Good luck to everybody! :) Count me in!

    #123 10 months ago
  124. newjorg

    Patrick Garratt is sexy.

    Okay, can I have the Vita now? :)

    #124 10 months ago
  125. ikeyring

    This would be amazing to win! My birthday is the 18th, so this would be epic!

    #125 10 months ago
  126. Hypoxia

    Lost my previous account, so here we account, new start, new Vita? :D

    #126 10 months ago
  127. TomisH

    Good luck people :)

    #127 10 months ago
  128. DarioKreutzer

    This competition made me register to this site. I wanted to do it in any case, so good for me. Good luck everybody!

    #128 10 months ago
  129. BrokenSpline

    Yes I would like a PS Vita.

    Good luck everyone!

    #129 10 months ago
  130. Swarley

    A Vita could be my First step into Handheld Gaming since the First Gameboy ;)

    #130 10 months ago
  131. dnsoutbreak

    a nice little gift for valentines day!!

    #131 10 months ago
  132. TenPint

    Voicing that I’d like this. This would be nice.

    Good luck all.

    #132 10 months ago
  133. dinofergo

    I would love one…..always wanted one just never got the chance.

    #133 10 months ago
  134. FrankieADZ

    Vita….vita…..wherefore art thou Vita…?
    to deny thy Playstation 4 and refuse my shame
    pick me… know my name.

    #134 10 months ago
  135. DeLeTeD

    Nothing to lose. Count me in :)

    #135 10 months ago
  136. zyzyx

    here is hoping

    #136 10 months ago
  137. Flanker

    Fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!

    #137 10 months ago
  138. l4l1b

    Cool, good luck everyone :)

    #138 10 months ago
  139. PacaGS

    Wow, now that’s something. Fingers Crossed! :)

    #139 10 months ago
  140. tacwold

    I never win these but well… Not gonna lose anything trying, good luck to everyone tho!

    #140 10 months ago
  141. cookiemonster1

    Would love to win this! Good luck to everyone!

    #141 10 months ago
  142. eerwatusayin


    #142 10 months ago
  143. cappuccino04

    It would be a cool gift for my boyfriend. Good luck everyone!

    #143 10 months ago
  144. Taustin Powers

    By the power of Greyskull…I HAVE THE POWER!! (…to win a PS Vita with three awesome games, by posting this comment.)

    #144 10 months ago
  145. persiannerd

    Holy cow!!! I have wanted a vita for such a long time!!!!! Hook a papa up.

    #145 10 months ago
  146. Erthazus

    Lol. Everyone wants some free stuff.

    So me too. Lol

    #146 10 months ago
  147. Djoenz

    Amen brother. I would like to enter but also highlight what OG said.

    #147 10 months ago
  148. Gallifreyanman

    It would be awesome to have this. Plus you’re awesome for running this.!!

    #148 10 months ago
  149. life28

    I would really lowe to try Killzone

    #149 10 months ago
  150. Reverandjames

    Thanks for the comp guys, would love to win this!

    #150 10 months ago
  151. myzombiephil

    Whoo! Go VG247, showin the Vita some much deserved love!

    #151 10 months ago
  152. dlindeque

    Great competition! Good luck all.

    #152 10 months ago
  153. Homer2014

    Hi, good luck

    #153 10 months ago
  154. Yoshi

    Obi-Wan, you’re my only hope <3

    #154 10 months ago
  155. CertainT

    PS Vita = gateway drug to PS4. Yes please.

    #155 10 months ago
  156. Ireland Michael

    Ooooh, not sure how I misses this! Fingers crossed!

    #156 10 months ago
  157. Table

    In your face Annika! (My soon-to-be wife). You said I can’t get/buy one but looky here, I’m gonna get one anyways!! (I Hope)

    ..Sorry babe, i don’t mean that, got a bit carried away, I mean it’s Vita we’re talking about. Anyway, good luck everyone!

    #157 10 months ago
  158. adrianbo


    #158 10 months ago
  159. PEYJ

    Killzone, Tearaway – I have been looking forward to those games. Gravity Rush I already have but it’s a wonderful story and universe.

    #159 10 months ago
  160. GanthKing

    Not all freebies are always welcome but this one is exceptional :D I’ll just enter for fun.

    #160 10 months ago
  161. Mosca11

    Great website = great competition, let’s try! Greetings from Italy!

    #161 10 months ago
  162. donati

    leaving a comment :)

    #162 10 months ago

    The new vita looks Amazing

    #163 10 months ago
  164. iDontEven

    Here’s my super insightful comment/contest entry!

    #164 10 months ago
  165. AbigailHolt29

    I’ve got my FIRST check total of $550, pretty cool.. You can try it for yourself. CashStoredcom

    #165 10 months ago
  166. nucksfan

    Me please!!! I really want to play Tearaway!

    #166 10 months ago
  167. nucksfan

    @nucksfan woops sorry didn’t see Europe only :( not sure how to delete my comment!

    #167 10 months ago
  168. Parallax

    Yes please – Killzone Mercenary will do very nicely.

    #168 10 months ago
  169. Luke Rex de Vries

    I would certainly like to develop for Vita. Of course I’ll need to have a Vita to do that….

    #169 10 months ago
  170. Unclejibjab

    Lovely weather we’re having!

    #170 10 months ago
  171. Taustin Powers


    If this comment wins… :-)

    #171 10 months ago
  172. CyberMarco


    #172 10 months ago
  173. CyberMarco

    It seems my comments are shown again.

    Ok then, count me in! :)

    #173 10 months ago
  174. Schtee

    Pick me! :o xx

    #174 10 months ago
  175. Captainhoola

    Can i have this please? I got engaged over the weekend I reckon having a PS Vita will help keep me sane when visiting wedding fairs. :S

    #175 10 months ago
  176. outspaced

    Here is my comment: a vita would be most welcome! Also good luck one and all.

    #176 10 months ago
  177. Pwinny7

    Oooh gimme! Just finished up shadowfall and wanna remote play!

    #177 10 months ago
  178. Mus42

    Yes please!

    #178 10 months ago
  179. snake1994

    I would really like to see this PS Vita in my hands ;) Looking forward to the results.
    Tahnk you VG24/7 for this opportunity and good luck everyone.

    #179 10 months ago

    Wow ! I would love a Playstaion Vita to accompany my PS4 :-) Good luck folks :-)

    #180 10 months ago
  181. joao001

    Never won a thing in these kind of competitions…but here goes nothing. :D

    #181 10 months ago
  182. Xflasher

    I really wanna win this and play tearaway!

    #182 10 months ago
  183. thejackalno1

    Good luck ^_^

    #183 10 months ago
  184. Disco Downey

    Here’s hoping

    #184 10 months ago
  185. grifith

    Here i am ;)

    #185 10 months ago
  186. KaptainKetchup


    #186 10 months ago
  187. VGnizer


    #187 10 months ago
  188. sumzero2008

    Good luck everyone.

    #188 10 months ago
  189. Andrew C.

    I’ve won an S3 out of 15000 people. Let’s DO this! :D

    #189 10 months ago
  190. kravex

    Congrats to the winner (as long as it’s me!) ;-)

    #190 10 months ago
  191. Jimages

    Good luck everybody !

    #191 10 months ago
  192. smithy2483

    No harm in trying

    #192 10 months ago
  193. Darkfield

    Yeah like I’ve ever won anything in a sweepstakes!!!

    #193 10 months ago
  194. sindox

    I want a vitaaa :) i want that remote play goodness

    #194 10 months ago
  195. ProfessorOppai

    Would be great as a companion device for my PS4, here’s hoping!

    #195 10 months ago
  196. kupocake

    Worth a try :) I’ve wanted a Vita for ages anyway :)

    #196 10 months ago
  197. Thebeakers

    good luck all.

    #197 10 months ago
  198. Achiever TM

    Lucky 7777 ;)

    #198 10 months ago
  199. XDamage

    Norway is in the European Economic Area, which unfortunately requires us to pass a lot bullshit EU-laws, without us having a say in the matter…

    #199 10 months ago
  200. mooreds

    hopefully luck is an my side

    #200 10 months ago
  201. Killerbee

    Oh, go on then…

    #201 10 months ago
  202. Magoo

    I’ve always wanted an Atari Lynx but I’d gladly settle for this.

    #202 10 months ago
  203. BlackArrow

    Nice Competition. New Vita is looking pretty sleek.

    #203 10 months ago
  204. Presstart

    Pick me! ^^

    #204 10 months ago
  205. Jaspertje

    How cool would it be to win something like this! Never won something in my life, lets wait and see :-)

    #205 10 months ago
  206. wlodi

    I would mind! Thanks a lot for a great competition!

    #206 10 months ago
  207. HaraldHardraada

    Win pls win :o

    #207 10 months ago
  208. turel72

    Always wanted to check out the Vita and Tearaway! :D! Good Luck everyone :O

    #208 10 months ago
  209. BraveLilCrumpet

    I’m actually a waffle

    #209 10 months ago
  210. danielcake

    A chump!?! I’m not a chump! *makes comment* Who’s the chump, now? :P

    #210 10 months ago
  211. pepsipunk

    Pick me! :D

    #211 10 months ago
  212. ssorc_bro

    Oh yes please, the new Vita looks the sex!

    #212 10 months ago
  213. bernieningning

    I’d love to win this!!! Good luck everyone!!! :) X

    #213 10 months ago
  214. Lembird

    Baaaah!! never had a handheld console so if i win this, this’ll be my first. :)

    #214 10 months ago
  215. Lembird

    Baaaah!! never had a handheld console so if i win this, this’ll be my first. :) I do hope i win this.

    #215 10 months ago
  216. game_on

    Yes, me me me!

    #216 10 months ago
  217. actuallyisnotafox

    oooh! thats really nice! oh need to calm down ._.

    #217 10 months ago
  218. Percyrus

    Hope I win but good luck everyone.

    Also wanted to say that although many of the comments are from just registered users (myself included), many of us visit this site for a long time, years, just never felt the need to register to comment.

    #218 10 months ago
  219. AndyCarolan

    Qapla fellow warriors… perhaps today is a good day to game!

    #219 10 months ago
  220. Shafak

    Wow thanks!

    #220 10 months ago
  221. Marukka

    A Vita would really be great…
    Best of luck to everybody!

    #221 10 months ago
  222. bardielwyld

    Here we go !
    Good luck everyone.

    #222 10 months ago
  223. Mr_Bumpo

    Well, count me in.

    Here’s a joke:

    A lawyer is late for work and just can’t find a parking space. Desperate he begins to pray: “dear Lord, I know I haven’t been an honest man, and I’ll change my ways for the better if you help me”. Suddenly a parking space magically appears. So the lawyer looks to the sky and says: “nevermind, I’ve already found a spot.”

    #223 10 months ago
  224. JohanLiebert88

    PS Vita for comment is good deal :)

    #224 10 months ago
  225. ufoman

    Vita is cool, I’d be happy to have it :)))

    #225 10 months ago
  226. BenWebs


    #226 10 months ago
  227. CadisRai


    #227 10 months ago
  228. deenigeechteik

    Crossing my fingers

    #228 10 months ago
  229. Axelander

    Well, there’s little chance I could win, but hey, what’s there to lose! :)

    #229 10 months ago
  230. SimaoFerreira

    I’m gonna Tear my Way through the comment section, to have the change to feel the Rush, similar to the rush of defying Gravity, that is to play Killzone: Mercenaries on a Vita!

    #230 10 months ago
  231. enkrypt

    I’m your #1 fan VG247!

    #231 10 months ago
  232. EonBlue


    #232 10 months ago
  233. RingoAlex

    Here’s to a great contest! Congratulations in advance to the lucky winner

    #233 10 months ago
  234. birras

    I hope i win ^^

    #234 10 months ago
  235. Bunkerface

    A Vita + games would be quite awesome for the everyday commute coming up. Anyway, good luck everyone.

    #235 10 months ago
  236. jbenson

    I hear Tearaway’s excellent. I’d love a chance to play it.

    #236 10 months ago
  237. digi-cat

    I wish everybody could win one, all I hear about the vita makes me want one but its so expensive over here :(

    #237 10 months ago
  238. Agodak

    Starcraft 2 best game A.D.

    #238 10 months ago
  239. Mrmario

    Nice comp VG i’m in!!

    #239 10 months ago
  240. Bashtee

    oh my, seems like vg247 is running quite well if you are able to pull out a competition! well deserved I’d like to add.

    #240 10 months ago
  241. sahand

    Wish you the best!

    #241 10 months ago
  242. Murkius

    Great prize!

    #242 10 months ago
  243. shogunknight

    250 people really want this handheld…..I am sort of lost in hope already :(

    #243 10 months ago
  244. Peetry

    Hope I win

    #244 10 months ago
  245. dks2009

    Since years I think about buying a Vita for my long trips in the trains and buses, but I just don’t know if I should or not. And the Remote Play Feature sounds really nice to me. :D

    #245 10 months ago
  246. Vagarant

    I’m in for it !

    #246 10 months ago
  247. poisonfart

    I deserve it :)

    #247 10 months ago
  248. Flawe

    I should win this Vita because I DON’T KNOW!

    #248 10 months ago
  249. Raiker

    Oh, I’m finally getting a Vita hehe. Thanks VG247, keep rocking!

    #249 10 months ago
  250. luism

    Just bought a ps4, win a psvita would be nice :)

    #250 10 months ago
  251. Red_Eagle99

    Nice! Would love to get the Vita and those awsome games.
    Big Fan of Killzone, Tearaway and Gravity Rush

    #251 10 months ago
  252. MrsoPB

    I would like to play a unique game as Terraway.
    Love PS Vita and it's amazing titles.

    #252 10 months ago
  253. cashsun

    So good to be a Sony and VG24/7 fan…..

    #253 10 months ago
  254. arcxangelxirama

    I’d love one of those

    #254 10 months ago
  255. IanK

    Everyone, look under your chairs… there is a Vita for everyone in the audience!

    #255 10 months ago
  256. diego-rbb-93

    Good Luck Everyone!

    #256 10 months ago
  257. ragedave

    awesome give away and would love to use it with my brand new PS4 <3 :)

    #257 10 months ago
  258. sbronzo89

    Happy birthday to me, and the vita too xD

    #258 10 months ago
  259. tomd_1986

    I’m trying to think of something funny to write, and failing. So let’s make a deal. You give me the Vita, and I’ll promise to think about coming up with something worthy of winning such an awesome prize. Deal? Great!

    #259 10 months ago
  260. o0die

    I want this very very very much, pretty pleaaaase <3? :3

    #260 10 months ago
  261. Stoopid_Snot

    So Crossing my fingers and typing in a comment below hoping this one is the random one :)

    #261 10 months ago
  262. Nordmann

    Please don’t TEAR this GRAVITY CRUSHing hope AWAY from me and KILL my hope of going in the ZONE while playing the Vita;D

    #262 10 months ago
  263. BlackRaZoR

    Hoping to be the winner………..

    #263 10 months ago
  264. Kizzurp

    Yo dawg I heard you like comments!

    #264 10 months ago
  265. Triggerhappy

    Ohhhhhhh, count me in :P x

    #265 10 months ago
  266. MacLaggan

    Pick me, pick me!

    #266 10 months ago
  267. Codders

    I have one already but would like another

    #267 10 months ago
  268. Legendaryboss

    Good lord! All these comments by new one timers decreases my chances of winning. Site redesign can never detract from the power of free.

    #268 10 months ago
  269. DTreats

    Can I has an OG Vita please. :3

    #269 10 months ago
  270. Oynox Slider

    How many new registrations did you have the past hours?

    #270 10 months ago
  271. Beld

    I hope to win. Good luck to everyone :)

    #271 10 months ago
  272. Sadwick

    Little Big Planet was the first game i played on my PS3 and Little Big Planet 2 was a day one purchase for me, but never had enough money to buy a PS Vita with Tearaway.
    I’m going to win this thing. I just know it! :D

    #272 10 months ago
  273. MaturedCheddar

    I have wanted to play Gravity Rush for a long, long time now. Please pick me :-)

    #273 10 months ago
  274. rainingmen

    Good luck to me I would enjoy a diet vita to match my full fat vita

    #274 10 months ago
  275. BranoOsif

    VG247 has been my source of gaming news for almost two years. I read it via RSS app on my android phone. After owning a PS3 for 6 years, I bought a PS4 on the first day of availability in my country (Slovakia). I would love to win a PSV. It would be really handy on business trips.

    #275 10 months ago
  276. pha1r

    Allons y! As the kids say.

    #276 10 months ago
  277. formula1matthew

    I want to win!! A PS Vita would be great alongside my PS4!

    #277 10 months ago
  278. 2-D

    I’d gladly take this from your hands, VG247.

    #278 10 months ago
  279. DocCylon

    Stand back people, I’ve commented on the internet before

    #279 10 months ago
  280. Macakixo

    I’m blue dabae dabedabedai dabedi dabei

    #280 10 months ago
  281. ChunkyLover112

    This post is getting way to many comments now.
    How will you contact the winner anyway?

    #281 10 months ago
  282. cbarroso

    Good luck everyone!

    #282 10 months ago
  283. luongo27

    Good luck guys

    #283 10 months ago
  284. LgndaryLiam

    Well someone has to win!

    #284 10 months ago
  285. Paul_Str337

    I’m throwing my hat in the Vita ring!

    #285 10 months ago
  286. Fallonreader

    This has been my source of gaming news for a LONG time. I would love to use the Vita to use this website while out xD.

    #286 10 months ago
  287. paolopollo

    blabla i’m gonna win

    #287 10 months ago
  288. abe_diazjr

    And the winner is truly a winner for getting this awesome handheld system from sony

    #288 10 months ago
  289. korn93

    i hope i win

    #289 10 months ago
  290. Cort

    Socks and pants.

    #290 10 months ago
  291. Froseidon

    Being looking into these recently, time for crossed fingers…

    #291 10 months ago
  292. vicKa

    Dat Vita is mine.

    #292 10 months ago
  293. kkzooi123

    Pick me!

    #293 10 months ago
  294. ToxicCrusader

    Consider myself entered into this competition to understand the GRAVITY of the situation and TEARAWAY into the KILLZONE.


    #294 10 months ago
  295. James54c

    Good luck everyone!

    #295 10 months ago
  296. sebastien rivas

    Move stick. Click pad
    Gravity Rush and you’re Bad


    1, 2, 3
    All bullets fly free
    4, 5, 6
    I enjoy and get a fix
    7, 8, 9
    At my thumb is how they cry
    10, 11, 12
    Killzone is only for brave


    Tearaway, Tearaway
    Easy flow, easy go
    Tearaway, Tearaway
    Fly me up to go


    Although I said many time Vita is not a name for a video game device, we can only admit Sony achievement and thoughtful integration of their various product lines while also branding themselves in heart of gamers through opening and being a spearhead for video game democratization.

    Seb :)

    #296 10 months ago
  297. AttilioCarotenuto

    I’m in! Cheers

    #297 10 months ago
  298. DenXD

    Good luck guys! :D

    #298 10 months ago
  299. jettared

    I dont want to be a chump so im posting and keeping my fingers crossed, but not too crossed. Just reasonably so.

    #299 10 months ago
  300. drcalypso

    Uuuuh that would be a great package to sweaten my commute to work!

    Good luck to everyone!

    #300 10 months ago
  301. Savvy

    Once in a lifetime chance for a once in a lifetime opportunity!

    I mean, I won a mug that time in school, but that was rigged. Wasn’t even a good mug.

    Still kind of bitter really.

    #301 10 months ago
  302. slk486

    I feel lucky this time :)

    #302 10 months ago
  303. dkpunk

    Titanfall beta rocks my socks!

    #303 10 months ago
  304. phrozenspite

    please pick me, my little sister broke my vita screen):

    #304 10 months ago
  305. xBleedBluex23

    I want it!! Just give me it! Please!! ;)

    #305 10 months ago
  306. yeoung

    Nice. I most certainly wouldn’t mind winning a Vita with 3 of its best games.

    #306 10 months ago
  307. beast313

    Count me in!

    #307 10 months ago
  308. manv

    Pumped for tearaway, would love a chance to play it!!

    #308 10 months ago
  309. Comrade_Max

    Would love one, Good luck to all :)

    #309 10 months ago
  310. ncaalover12

    My kids would absolutely love this! Good luck everyone!

    #310 10 months ago
  311. Revenge First

    Might as well eh :)

    #311 10 months ago
  312. Killiden

    Hmm only a comment? Well its obviously easy to just leave a comment.
    Thanks for contest.

    #312 10 months ago
  313. abe_diazjr

    Good luck

    #313 10 months ago
  314. Numitor

    Good luck everyone!

    #314 10 months ago
  315. uncydan


    #315 10 months ago
  316. hatchd

    A ps vita is a fragile creature, it suffers the wear of time, it fears rodents, the elements and clumsy hands. so I shall protect the vita not only against mankind but also against nature and devote my life to this war with the forces of oblivion!

    #316 10 months ago
  317. kyua

    yeee free stuff

    #317 10 months ago
  318. forkh

    Would love me a PSVita!

    #318 10 months ago
  319. No_PUDding

    Long time no post! :D Love a Vita.

    #319 10 months ago
  320. modula

    I love the shiny can I have the shiny please I’d give the shiny a very good home?!

    #320 10 months ago
  321. Sublimeone

    Hmmm … 300+ comments, I can bet there are dupe accounts entries.
    Oh well. Fingers crossed.

    #321 10 months ago
  322. dahndara

    A man can dream…

    #322 10 months ago
  323. KingCharMing

    Can i haz my Vita now?

    #323 10 months ago
  324. Eoide

    Would love a vita, great games too!

    #324 10 months ago
  325. JackyM


    #325 10 months ago
  326. grifis

    yo, big fan of the killzone franchise, hook it up!

    #326 10 months ago
  327. ObsessedGeorge

    I wanted to buy a Vita but I was waiting for the Slim! Maybe I’m lucky this time! Good luck to all!

    #327 10 months ago
  328. kevlar013

    Nice competition! I’m in!

    #328 10 months ago
  329. dante77

    pick me, i would love a vita

    #329 10 months ago
  330. Demigod

    It does look cool. Nice competition

    #330 10 months ago
  331. SET

    Oooh, a Vita. Yes please :P

    #331 10 months ago
  332. raykiry

    A Shiny new console, wonder if will make a better game experience than first one

    #332 10 months ago
  333. tjboo

    Pretty pl0x. Would love that Vita mmmm Remote Play.

    #333 10 months ago

    oh Vita Vita Vita please be mine…

    #334 10 months ago
  335. EG07

    Ps Vita and Tearaway……Might have to take some time off from work ;-)

    #335 10 months ago
  336. tabbaz

    If I win this I will cease knitting my flip flop socks :)

    #336 10 months ago
  337. ongbakurhead

    Oh pick me!
    Good luck everyone!

    #337 10 months ago
  338. Sam Malik

    cool! I hope I win! I need my portable RPG fix as well as my portable fighters and action games.

    #338 10 months ago
  339. twofiveboy

    Guess this has ended? Just trying my luck~~ Thx VG247~

    #339 10 months ago
  340. russdude13

    I’m just gonna leave this here as instructed to do so: “a comment”

    #340 10 months ago
  341. johncalmc

    Tearaway is a wonderful game.

    #341 10 months ago
  342. Gavrjel

    Voglio vincere :D

    #342 10 months ago
  343. GrafRoyale

    Good luck to everyone,would be nice to win Vita,but…

    #343 10 months ago
  344. richgillen

    This looks great. Pick me!

    #344 10 months ago
  345. rjp1

    Would love to win a Vita, thanks for the opportunity!

    #345 10 months ago
  346. Table

    Why can’t I see my own comments? :o

    #346 10 months ago
  347. eerwatusayin

    I want this in my life.

    #347 10 months ago
  348. Syrisu

    Iv’e been wanting a vita for sooo long. I love to win it

    #348 10 months ago
  349. paulybops

    Being a gentleman of limited frugality at this particular point in time, I will instead offer this. If I win the competition, I will be happy to regale you with the painfully true story of how I once got my head stuck in a car door. By phone or email, whichever suits. I may even write it up for posting on your site. I’ve only divulged to a few people before due to oversized cranium embarrassment, however this prize would certainly encourage me to share and make a few people smile (even if that is only Pat, Dave, Matt, Stephany et al). If I don’t win I hope it goes to a good home. Good luck and thanks.

    #349 10 months ago
  350. AlexGrind

    Good luck everyone and me

    #350 10 months ago
  351. tylertorso

    Hi Guys from Vg247! thanks for this awesome opportunity to win this prize!! Cheers for that!!

    #351 10 months ago

    OMG I never won something! I hope that changes now ;)

    #352 10 months ago
  353. daniel237

    This would be a nice way to start 2014. Need something new to keep me happy.

    #353 10 months ago
  354. FerranMG

    I’d be glad to get it, I’ve been Santiago a PsVita forma while. :)

    #354 10 months ago
  355. mistermogul

    Man, why do I never win competitions?

    Good luck peeps :)

    #355 10 months ago
  356. Zackslacky

    Fingers and toes crossed:) Legends vg247:)

    #356 10 months ago
  357. Collider

    Awesome choice of games. Fingers crossed…

    #357 10 months ago
  358. P M

    Perfect timing, with FFX HD just around the corner. Would sell my soul for one of these babies.

    #358 10 months ago
  359. Goffee

    Hmmm, shiny and precious (yet so unloved)

    #359 10 months ago
  360. zersus

    I would love to own a vita, but it is to expansive. Still :-/

    #360 10 months ago
  361. deathbynumbers

    Thank you so much for offering this competition, I would love to win, fingers crossed!

    #361 10 months ago
  362. LovableRogue

    Fingers crossed for that gorgeous machine.. let the handheld choose the gamer!

    #362 10 months ago
  363. Matt Martin

    Hi everyone. The competition is now closed and the winner has been notified. We’ll update later if the winner is happy for us to disclose his/her name.

    #363 10 months ago
  364. Matt Martin

    Congratulations to james54c for winning the PS Vita and games. Hope you enjoy it!

    #364 10 months ago
  365. yagaruma

    Good luck ! :D

    #365 10 months ago
  366. liambartlett92

    This Comment could change my life!!!!

    #366 10 months ago
  367. alex123hill

    as a student, would love one of these to chill out to. cant afford one!!

    #367 9 months ago
  368. Panthro


    2 Month’s to late.

    You just browsing the internet for competitions? How did you find this?

    #368 9 months ago

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