Spelunky update 1.4 drops: HUD changes, save back-ups & more changes listed

Tuesday, 11 February 2014 08:35 GMT By Dave Cook

Spelunky developer Derek Yu has released a chunky update for the Steam version of his dastardly platformer. It offers a wide range of tweaks and feature additions, such as a less-intrusive pro-HUD, save back-ups and much more.

This update is for the Steam edition of Spelunky only, as there’s a separate GOG patch in the works. The patch notes were listed on Yu’s forum and go as follows:

  • Added less intrusive “Pro” HUD option in graphics menu
  • Added icon on screen when playing Daily Challenge
  • Added backup save file system
  • Daily Challenge seed will no longer repeat
  • Attempted to fix crashing when changing resolutions
  • Attempted to fix Windows 8 compatibility issues
  • Attempted to fix crash on Intel integrated graphics cards
  • Game will no longer crash if mouse and/or keyboard are not detected
  • Fixed freezing/losing input control when changing resolution on graphics menu
  • Allows multiple upload attempts of scores that fail to upload to leaderboards
  • Fixed bug where legitimate scores were sometimes set to $1
  • Alt-tabbing during Ankh animation no longer creates infinitely growing ankh
  • Fixed infinitely growing shopkeeper/black knight body bug
  • Bots can pick up royal jelly in deathmatch mode
  • Monkeys no longer play stealing sound when stuck to worm tongue
  • The “So It Begins” achievement will retry to unlock if the tutorial is replayed
  • Throw damage is no longer stored if the player does not hit a wall when thrown
  • Ghost deaths are reported correctly
  • “Desafío ciario” changed to “Desafío diario” in Spanish translation
  • White “cruft” on edge of green player sprite removed
  • Ankh activates correctly when player falls into Abyss while frozen
  • “Entire Gang” description corrected to read “16 hidden characters”
  • Skeletons play “bone shatter” effect when killed instead of “pot shatter”
  • Anubis II portal sound no longer plays briefly before cutscenes
  • Anubis II will no longer attack during the Yama cutscene
  • Added graphics for destroyed Moai head
  • Allow spawning inside Moai head with ankh even if player has already entered
  • Added “invert run” control option (Must hold button to walk instead of run)
  • Times display with decimal point in front of milliseconds instead of colon
  • Shopkeepers no longer glitch after being eaten by a mantrap while patrolling
  • Damsels should no longer get occasionally stuck exiting levels
  • Ball and chain will no longer float when thrown with pitchers mitt
  • Can no longer become stun-locked while hanging from chain stunned
  • Ball and chain now works correctly when being resurrected with ankh
  • Music will transition correctly when teleporting in and out of shops
  • Ghost no longer kills the player during the Olmec cutscene
  • Cavemen no longer explode in one-tile-wide underwater areas
  • Corrected upper left tile of kissing parlor
  • Hired hands can no longer whip players in the tunnel transition
  • Shotgun bullets are destroyed when hitting lava
  • Removed black “cruft” on edges of some items
  • Olmec can no longer crush the platform under the exit in his lair
  • Fixed collision error when many objects overlapped
  • Shops should no longer be able to generate with a blocked-off entrance
  • Teleporter no longer floats in midair after teleporting into a wall with the ankh and a jetpack on

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Via Joystiq.