Xbox One: new ID@Xbox games revealed, new Worms on the way

Monday, 10th February 2014 10:27 GMT By Dave Cook

Xbox One has received two new ID@Xbox game reveals, courtesy of Microsoft. One of the indie titles is a new Worms project.


OXM reports that the Worms title is coming from Team 17 and not much is known about it so far.

The second title is Nutjitsu, a game by World of Keflings developer Ninjabee, currently available on Windows Phone.

It’s a free game that sees ninja squirrels stealing acorns from foxes. It’s a top-down maze attack game a bit like Pac-Man, but with hand-drawn visuals, power-ups and more. Check it out above.

Both games are expected from March, when the first run of ID@Xbox titles are due to begin.

What do you make of the program so far?



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  2. LB

    That reminds me, whatever happened to that make your own game/Xbox One is a dev kit, has that already happened? Or are we still waiting.

    #2 11 months ago

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