The Elder Scrolls Online gets unofficial Oculus Rift support – video

Monday, 10th February 2014 13:09 GMT By Dave Cook

The Elder Scrolls Online has received unofficial VR support by way of Oculus Rift. It comes from developer Chris Gallizzi.

It follows our hands-on The Elder Scrolls Online beta impressions. We’re not all that impressed so far.

Gallizzi posted the footage on his YouTube channel yesterday, and it gives a glimpse of how Oculus Rift VR tech can be applied to The Elder Scrolls Online beta. He explained that he got it running at 65-75 FPS on minimum settings.

Polygon adds that Gallizzi got in touch with Bethesda about Oculus Rift support in the MMO but never heard back. Taking matters into his own hands, he signed up to the public beta, and used the Skyrim Oculus mod, as well as his own bespoke tech to make the above possible.

He’s now in violation of the beta’s terms and conditions, but Gallizzi hopes to see Oculus support added to the game as a result.

Would you like to see it happen?



  1. macklwinstead

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    #1 10 months ago
  2. deathm00n

    YES, PLEASE! I wish I could show you screenshots, I’ve already broken my NDA by saying I’ve played the game in that other news piece, but screenshots are way too far. The game world is simply amazing, some screenshots I took looks amazing.

    #2 10 months ago
  3. fearmonkey

    @deathmoon – I agree with you, I really enjoy the game and cant wait for release.

    #3 10 months ago

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