Irrational giving out BioShock hats for Team Fortress 2

Saturday, 8 February 2014 17:07 GMT By Phil Owen

The DLC season pass for BioShock Infinite now provides an extra perk: some new hats and a doll for Team Fortress 2. BioShock creators and caretakers Irrational Games have announced on their blog that in the near future season pass holders will receive a Ben Franklin mask, a George Washington mask and a Mister Bubbles doll in their Steam inventories. See below for a look at this stuff.

team fortress 2 biochock hats

These items will only be included with the season pass through March 25, which is both the day Burial at Sea part 2 will become available and the last day of the first year of BioShock Infinite’s release — in the US it came out on March 26, 2013. #symbolism