Witcher 3 developers leave CD Projekt RED for indie team

Thursday, 6th February 2014 09:49 GMT By Dave Cook

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt developers Marek Ziemak and Maciej Szczesnik have flown the coop to join Warsaw-based indie outfit 11 Bit Studios.

Polygon reports that the team, which has seen previous success with mobile games Anomaly 2 and Sleepwalker’s Journey, is now working on a brand new game.

In a statement, Szczesnik confirmed that he will oversee the unannounced game’s overall design. “I’ll be responsible for the entire design of a game that took shape in my imagination,” he explained.

“It’s a really exciting feeling to create a new world from scratch, make its characters and rules and to know that I have this blank page to fill with my ideas and then bring them to life.”

Ziemak added, “I’ve been watching the indie-game scene for quite some time and I love its creativity and freshness.”

We’ll update you once we know more about the new project. Polygon has heard it will be announced in March.

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  1. Un-HolyMOTHERofGOD

    Oy Vey! Why would anyone leave CD Projekt Red? It seems like such an amazing developer to work for.

    #1 6 months ago