Xbox One in Asia: “It’s welcome,” says Sony exec

Monday, 3rd February 2014 10:33 GMT By Dave Cook

Xbox One hasn’t been given a launch date in Japan or wider Asian territories, but Sony Japan & Asia executive Hiroyuki Oda has welcomes Microsoft’s console, stressing that the competition between Xbox One and PS4 would benefit the Asian market as a whole.

It follows my investigation into how Xbox One is perceived in Japan, a market that currently does not appear to be on Microsoft’s radar.

Speaking with Game Watch, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia deputy president Hiroyuki Oda and Sony Computer Entertainment Taiwan general manager Tatsuo Eguchi discussed the performance of PS4, PS3 and PS Vita at this year’s Taipai Game Show, where consumers could order PS4 units on the expo floor.

DualShockers has pulled out some choice nuggets from the conversation, including claims that PS Plus subscriptions have jumped rapidly across Asian markets, and while the PSP continues to sell it is now losing ground on the increasingly popular PS Vita.

Interestingly, of the 1000 PS4 consoles available each day of the Taipai Game Show, 20% of the units were sold with attached PS Vita handhelds.

Oda was asked for his view of a potential Xbox One release across Asia. He replied, “I’d like to tell this with no misunderstandings: When the Xbox One will be released conveying various charms in a different way, while competing properly, I think the most important thing will be that it’s going to expand the video game industry and the market itself.

“I’m often asked ‘What would you do if the Xbox One comes?’ and the answer is ‘it’s welcome.’”

Do you feel that Xbox One could compete against Sony in Asia? Let us know what you think below.



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  2. Henry

    ^ Asian.

    MS has lost so much ground here in the late 360 era:
    Less promotion activities than PS3.
    No price cut for almost 4-5 years, while PS3 has.
    Less and less Japanese games coming out on 360, and MS wasn’t doing anything about it. (Asian tends to care more about Japanese games than Westeners do. e.g. the Dynasty Warrior games, Gundam games, Anime & manga games)
    Less and less games got localized, while PS3 got more and more.
    Most of the video and music features didn’t work here.

    Many 360 fans feel like MS has already given up Asia regions.

    For X1, there are also many problems:
    Releasing later than PS4.
    TV features won’t work here (unless MS will localize the hardware and software about it).
    Kinect is even less welcomed in Asian families, which generally live in smaller homes, but Kinect is bundled with X1.
    Voice commands not localized (according to 360′s history).

    Unless MS will do a big overhaul of their Asia marketing strategy, I don’t see how X1 can win PS4 in our regions.

    #2 11 months ago

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