inFamous Second Son: raw PS4 gameplay footage emerges, watch it here

Tuesday, 28th January 2014 11:25 GMT By Dave Cook

inFamous: Second Son has been on tour in China, and some off-screen gameplay footage has emerged from a press trip. It shows Delsin switching between powers, unleashing neon projectiles and more. Watch it here.

The footage came from the same press trip that confirmed inFamous: Second Son would have no multiplayer.

The game’s out on PS4 from March 21.

Via ETtoday & OPM.



  1. Pytox

    wow :o

    #1 11 months ago
  2. Patrick Garratt

    It’s looked very impressive every time I’ve seen it.

    #2 11 months ago
  3. Ireland Michael

    As someone who has always found Infamous to be a boring, dull series…

    …that looks bloody awesome.

    #3 11 months ago
  4. Dimaco

    @Ireland Michael: same here. Never found it all that interesting,,, but this video (plus the lack of other big games for PS4, tbh) made me wanna know more…

    #4 11 months ago
  5. Dimaco

    @3: yup, definitely looks to be worth a try… (never played an Infamous game before)

    #5 11 months ago
  6. Sadismek

    I’ve played the first inFamous, and it was forgettable. Couldn’t get myself to finish it. But this… damn, I almost want a PS4 for this! *looks at piggy bank*

    #6 11 months ago
  7. ManuOtaku

    I enjoyed the firsr one and love the second one, it was an improvement, now seeing this, i will say it will only improve upon it, therefore i cannot wait

    #7 11 months ago
  8. hives


    When I’ll get PS4 in December, I’ll have two exclusive titles to play :P This and Driveclub.

    #8 11 months ago
  9. mistermogul

    @Ireland Michael – totally agree. I never got very far with Infamous 1, it just didn’t gel with me.

    This looks much better though and am hoping it scores well. If so I’ll grab it…

    #9 11 months ago
  10. Moonwalker1982

    I absolutely loved the first one and for some reason 2 not so much…yet…i need to continue with it. This for some reason really doesn’t seem to excite me. It looks amazing, no doubt about that, but it seems a bit repetitive. This is no doubt a game i must try out myself first.

    #10 11 months ago
  11. abdooltk

    guys if anyone wants to see full gameplay video and off screen:

    it is an amazing game…

    #11 11 months ago
  12. X14EVR

    looks boring same typical shit from sony but you all will eat it up blind fanboys who cry because dont have halo winge winge winge

    #12 11 months ago
  13. infernalism

    @X14EVR yep, hey, at least you are honest and upfront about what you think, and what you are, which is right there in your username.

    #13 11 months ago
  14. POOhead

    <IMG SRC=

    bullshit site

    #14 11 months ago
  15. X14EVR


    dont hate because you bought a ps4 to watch netflix and play crappy freetoplay games enjoy all your tf2 hats you sony fangirl

    #15 11 months ago
  16. infernalism

    @X14EVR I didn’t buy anything, I’m still on last gen/PC until I find a reason to jump to current gen. I already lost too much time on trolls, so that’ll be all from me.

    #16 11 months ago
  17. X14EVR


    #17 11 months ago
  18. X14EVR


    MRW i see yor shit meme

    #18 11 months ago
  19. X14EVR

    double post because site is broken

    #19 11 months ago
  20. X14EVR


    i pity you still playing on last gen (pc) pc is basically last last last last gen thats how old it is with no new ones coming out (pc 2? dont think so because the fanbase isn’t big enough) have fun pretending your a warlock prince on warcraft with the other 7 pc gamers us real gamers on x1 dont want you stay were yu belong please

    #20 11 months ago
  21. TD_Monstrous69

    Damn you March 21st!!! Why can’t you be today!?

    #21 11 months ago
  22. Lounds

    @20 troll harder

    PC is wooping this “next ” gen. Battlefield 4 videos show it all. It’s all about first party games on consoles for me. Third party will always look better on PC.

    #22 11 months ago
  23. Agt_Pendergast

    Huh.. Seems kinda limiting to have to go to some source to switch out your powers compared to 2 where you can just switch out on the fly and have different types of powers mapped out on the controller.

    #23 11 months ago
  24. BrokenSpline


    Disagree. As each element will have its own range of abilities and skills where the last game only gave you a limited selection of abilities per element that you were “stuck” with. This allows you to think about what you want to use and what is available to you in the area. I am all for this.

    March needs to hurry up!

    #24 11 months ago
  25. Telepathic.Geometry

    I’ve platted 1 and 2, and can’t wait to get stuck into this badboy. I was going to wait until 2015 to get a PS4, but this and RESOGUN alone will defo seal the deal for me. Instabuy!

    #25 11 months ago
  26. Agt_Pendergast

    @BrokenSpline Can you expand upon that a little? Cause I didn’t really see anything that neon did that didn’t look like the equivalent of smoke power, or that couldn’t be done with a simple swap of the D-Pad.

    #26 11 months ago
  27. BrokenSpline


    They didn’t do a simple swap with the D pad because the D pad will be used for your Karma abilities and they also did this as a design decision. As you wont have all your abilities thrown at you as if you are some super hero arsenal. They will be forcing you to play out of your comfort zones as you will only be able to use elements that you have currently and can absorb from what the area offers. Which makes it interesting as the one problem I had in the previous games I would get complacent and play the game the same way.

    ” Neon is clean and streamlined. You’re basically firing lasers out of your hands, so you’re a natural sniper. With Neon, combat is all about precision from a distance. Each shot hits hard, especially if you’re targeting the enemy’s weak points. Neon lets you dissect a squad of Dupes like a glowing purple surgeon.”

    “Of the neon abilities themselves, they differ from the smoke by not having a dedicated melee attack, with an emphasis on the ranged and what seems to be an increased level of mobility with longer dashes which allow you to perform slams more easily, leaving beautiful light trails behind you. Again, it points towards Sucker Punch playing around with giving you different skill sets to play with and more variety.”

    #27 11 months ago
  28. Agt_Pendergast

    @BrokenSpline Thanks for the links. I guess I’ll see how it plays out when they show more of the game.

    #28 11 months ago
  29. Michael47

    This video is from Taiwan not China.

    #29 11 months ago
  30. s3ltzer

    This looks like a true next-generation game. I am looking forward for this game. Between this and MLB14, I’m gonna have a lot of gaming in my hands. It looks really good.

    #30 11 months ago
  31. s3ltzer

    @X14EVR What’s an XBoner doing here? Don’t let the 1080p/60fps blind you….

    #31 11 months ago

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