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    Being that DeVine’s role took place on the first day of shooting, might that mean Michael is trying to catch a flight to see his family, or a flight away from them, as in so many past instances? We don’t know for sure until the new season premieres in the spring of 2013, but alt least we can look forward to DeVine’s fellow guest appearances from ‘Mad Men’s’ John Slattery, Isla Fisher and Terry Crews, as well as returning series players Jeff Garlin, Liza Minnelli, Judy Greer, Henry Winkler and Scott Baio. Well, what do you think? Where might Michael Bluth be off to in such a rush? There is a key to the success of Comedy Central’s breakout hit Workaholics. The key is in its pairing of unique plot lines backed by familiar characters and comedic mainstays. The man-child stoner characters who drive Workaholics aren’t revelatory in any sense of the word and a plot about getting in deep with gambling problems isn’t exactly fuh-fuh-fuh-fresh, but by just twisting the existing formulas, by say, making the sports they are gambling on high school sports, they take the cliché and make it creative. Jokes about being below average below the belt aren’t the most original, but taking bets on the over-under of a friend’s size is definitely an original concept. Instead of bolstering this week’s episode with a special guest star or a new character, the gang ends up getting mixed up again with the high school students who pooped in their pool. This is about the third time that our heroes have gotten involved with teenagers, with unfortunate results. It’s been fun to watch a rivalry grow between the adolescents and the minds of adolescents, but it seems that today’s adolescents are more aware and advanced than our protagonists have been their entire lives. It all starts when the gang attends the Rancho Cucamonga South High School football game with Gillian to support her cousin, star running back Billy. When the guys start musing about betting on the team, the same high school students they always encounter approach the gang. It turns out they are the official bookies for the school’s sports. At first, Ders is cautious. He hints at a troubled past with gambling, but it turns out, he only lost $80 of birthday money that was sent to him by his grandmother. With a little egging on, Ders busts out some gambling garb that goes right over this reviewer’s head and ends up winning an $85 bet on the game. Back at home, mulling the whole thing over, Ders discovers that he can predict the outcome of the games by tracking the student athlete’s social media accounts and taking note of anything that might throw the star players off their game. The guys head back to the school and put down multiple bets on an array of sports. This leads to a montage of the gang experiencing big victories, then bigger losses, until they’ve lost all their money. Desperate to win it back, the guys try another plan. They invite Billy over the night before a big game in an attempt to get him incredibly drunk and super hung over. They succeed in getting the boy drunk, but not as drunk as they’d like before they creep him out and force him to leave. At the game the next day, they learn that Billy suffered a non-fatal car accident driving home and won’t be able to play in the game. They are elated, but quickly discover that the team can hold their own without Billy. With the fate of the game in the balance, Adam suits up as Billy to try and sabotage the game from the inside. In a round about way, he succeeds, but the high school kids are unsatisfied with their cheating. To settle the bet, they offer a three inch over-under on the size of Blake’s penis for a bet. They bet over and our heroes win. Not the most satisfying victory, but a victory nonetheless I suppose.

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