Meet the man walking to the end of Minecraft

Monday, 27th January 2014 01:28 GMT By Mike Irving

Everyone plays Minecraft differently. Some like to explore, some like to settle down and farm, some like to undertake massive building projects, some like to destroy others’ massive building projects. Kurt J. Mac heard the huge world has an end point, and decided to walk there.

In an interview with The New Yorker, Mac discussed the origins, goals and reception of his journey, which began on March 28, 2011. It was around that same time that Notch wrote a blog post about what he called the Far Lands, a distance at which the game has procedurally rendered more terrain than it can handle, and begins to bug out and create weird shapes. He decided that issues wouldn’t affect many players, and left them in.

“My gut feeling is that nobody ever has (gone there) so far, and nobody will. Walking that far will take a very long time. Besides, the bugs add mystery and charisma to the Far Lands,” Notch wrote.

Mac took that as a challenge, equipped himself and started trekking. “In my ignorance, I thought the journey might take a year or so,” he said. “Had I known that the Far Lands were so many thousands of kilometres away, I might have been more hesitant.” In his three-year journey so far, Mac has walked the equivalent of 700km – and he’s still about 12,000km away from his destination.

But it’s not about the journey, Mac insists. There are a lot of landmarks to stumble onto, and the emergent stories through his interaction with the world keep things interesting.

Mac documents his journey on his YouTube channel, Far Lands or Bust!

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  1. Luciferous

    Not a single mention that he does this for the Child’s Play charity?

    He doesn’t do it for shits and giggles but for a worthwhile cause.

    Also helps that he is a genuinely entertaining person.

    #1 11 months ago
  2. Tormenter

    Luciferous.. that’s the kind of info that should have been given in the article.

    I was just about to come in and make the point that people these days seem to be getting the same plaudits for doing in virtuality what was once done physically.. ie the fronteersmen, the explorers, which was what built the world.. this I found pointless and unnewsworthy..UNTIL you filled in the actual relevent information.. cheers.

    Good one you, Mac..I hope you reach your goals.

    #2 11 months ago
  3. fihar

    700km in three years and he still has 12,000 more to go?
    It would take him some fifty-years for him to reach the end then, assuming his pace is consistent.

    Still, I bet the journey would be more than worthy of this undertaking alone.
    He should write down his experience during this thing and then we’d have the 21st century equivalent of On the Road.

    #3 11 months ago
  4. Digital Bamboo

    That is some slow-ass walking. It would be much, much faster to walk that far in reality. Good luck to him.

    #4 11 months ago
  5. Cobra951

    Doesn’t this game have horses now?

    #5 11 months ago
  6. Luciferous

    Cheers tormenter.

    Just to fill in the other blanks.

    He’s only covered 700km because he does it in half hour stretches that he records and puts up on Youtube, he does this about three times a week.

    The version of the game he’s playing is an old beta, many of the features available in the newest versions aren’t in there – such as horses.

    #6 11 months ago

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