Steam users can now cancel pre-ordered titles, refund will be deposited into Steam Wallet

Saturday, 25th January 2014 15:32 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

Steam users can now manually cancel pre-ordered titles and have price of the game refunded into their Steam Wallets.

The new option was noticed by Steam user donham earlier this week.

According to a detailed post on Valve Time, unreleased pre-purchased titles listed on the user’s Steam Account page will have a “Refund This Item” button located beneath the item’s price.

All the user has to do is click the button, and it will be removed from their Steam Library, and the funds will be deposited in their Steam Wallet.

If users want a full refund instead of a wallet deposit, they will have to go through the original Steam Support method.

More details are through the links.



  1. GrimRita

    Shame you can’t cancel pre-purchase or get a refund on shit games like Rome 2

    #1 11 months ago
  2. Talkar

    Wow, what a way to shit on your customers Valve..
    When you finally implement a feature that people have been asking for for years, you don’t even implement it so the money leaves your pockets.
    Damn, only Valve are capable of getting away with something like this..

    #2 11 months ago
  3. Yoshi

    @2 Are you retarded? All you have to do is click that little “refund this item” button, go to Steam Support and request the wallet funds to be put back in your bank account. Bing bang fucking boom, now stfu.

    #3 11 months ago
  4. Sorvin

    @2 This is just the same as most other places. If you buy something and want a return you usually just get a gift/refund certificate that can just be used in that store. I don’t really have a problem with this.

    #4 11 months ago
  5. Aaron82

    just wait for a game to come out and read the backlash before buying.

    its simple, stop buying games before release especially after all the crappy launches the last year. no one to blame but yourself.

    #5 11 months ago
  6. UuBuU

    The problem with this is, you can’t withdraw funds from your Steam wallet. It’s basically Steam Points, not real money. So if you pre-order a game then cancel, Valve will still get your money in the end.

    This may not sound like a big deal if you’re someone who buys games on Steam regularly. If you’re making a one off purchase though, it’s pretty bad of them to lock your funds into your account like that.

    @3 Are you certain you can actually do that, or are you just making this up? If it was that easy to withdraw funds from your Steam wallet, people would be abusing the trading card system big time to make money.

    #6 11 months ago
  7. Panthro

    Who makes a one off pre-order though?

    #7 11 months ago
  8. DarkElfa

    So they’ll now happily strip the game companies of their cash, but still won’t give it to you.

    #8 11 months ago
  9. freedoms_stain

    @4, I would expect my money back in the manner I paid (cash, credit or debit) unless it was a significantly late return (most stores will only give credit after 4 weeks of purchase here), a gift receipt or goods with tags but no receipt.

    #9 11 months ago
  10. UuBuU

    @7 Well I know a lot of people who have under 5 games on Steam because they try and avoid DRM as much as possible. They wouldn’t be happy having money locked in their account if they cancelled a pre-order.

    Also, what about people who have to cancel a pre-order for financial reasons? I’m sure they won’t appreciate having money sitting around that can only be spent on more games.

    #10 11 months ago
  11. MrWaffles

    Never pre-order anything, simple as that.

    If you’re poor, don’t be regretfully buying games around, wait for them to become cheaper.

    If you can’t wait, then don’t bitch about not getting a full refund later on.

    #11 11 months ago
  12. Talkar

    Nope, tell me how i get the money from my wallet into my bank account. That is the issue here. It never leaves the ‘Steam-Ecosystem’ .

    Don’t know what country you live in, but where i am we have have sane customer laws. If you buy something, and doesn’t open it, and have the receipt. The store is forced to give you the money back, not a gift card.
    Obviously physical goods and digital are different, but a preorder item is hardly something you’ve used, and therefore should be eligible for a refund IMO.

    #12 11 months ago

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