Elder Scrolls Online developer video explores group content

Wednesday, 22nd January 2014 16:11 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

The Elder Scrolls Online has a new video available in which the developers show some of the group content in the game. Posted below, have a look at some of the game bosses and other encounters. Elder Scrolls Online is currently in beta. Thanks, Massively.



  1. Ballisticon

    I read the game does not use the trinity, is that still the case? The vid looks like a zerg similar to Neverwinter. One of the devs mentions he is tanking but never really had threat in the traditional sense since mobs were being pulled off of him.

    Played in the first beta and the game was meh. Passed on the second. Will still give it a go upon release if the reviews are somewhat positive.

    #1 11 months ago
  2. Darkfield

    @1 Bah, breaking away from the trinity is a real bummer for me, cause I like those traditional roles and I enjoy playing them. It makes for poor gameplay variety if every class is gonna be damage, damage and MOAR DAMAGE!!! Sure, giving all the classes a chance at solo gameplay is nice, but having everyone doing the same thing is even more boring. There should be a difference in composition of each group be it raiding or battleground pvps.

    If we can’t have specific roles for specific tasks then what good is it anyway? we could continue play singleplayer TES games, there were no need for an MMO one. I’m not saying being something like Neverwinter or GW2 is inherently a bad one, but it seems more devs are going toward a simplified casual experience all around the industry than a meaningful one. Even EverQuest Next wont have trinity, which is sad.

    I like MMOs, I played many of them on an on and off basis, stick with some more than I should have but eventually those that felt that have more challenging roles with a fluid and responsive combat were the ones I stick to. Which in the end means WoW, but I have played enough MMOs to know that I really don’t welcome a trinity-less gameplay. I’m sure a lot of people like this direction, but my perception of an MMO game was always playing together bringing different utilities to your group and help each other advance and go further.

    Although after watching a first few minutes there’s a healer there casting healing and support spell. This have put my mind to ease a bit.

    #2 11 months ago
  3. Tormenter


    I think it’s possible people may be coming at ESO from the wrong direction.

    TBH I think it would be more helpful to think of it as an actual TES game that can be played online co-op.. I think that if people expect standard MMO mechanics, they may be slightly disapointed, and I think that may be a shame. I’ve watched quite a few vids on this and nothing really said “standard mmo fare”.. and from my point of view that’s a good thing, a VERY good thing indeed.

    It would seem as if ESO has actually torn away from the cutout mmo mould.. it looks to be giving single player experience with the option of multiplayer

    #3 11 months ago
  4. Azyurel

    @1 & 2

    From what I’ve heard there are actual more traditional “holy trinity” type tank builds. I can not confirm exactly what, but from what I’ve heard through rumor and forum trolls is that there will be some sort of taunt ability in game. So fear not, there may be some sort of function like that.

    Also I believe there was some Dev video where they actually say that the holy trinity is alive and well in the game, just a little different than we’re used to. You almost HAVE to have that type of system if you want to have some significant end game raiding content.


    Yeah I am glad that most the stuff I have seen doesn’t scream “standard MMO fare.” makes me very optimistic about looking into this at launch, or even open beta if that happens.

    #4 11 months ago
  5. danielthompson

    Well I’ll tell you guys, they definitely know how to get interest in the game. By slowly sending out Beta keys they are really enticing people to play the game. Me included. Luckily I was fortunate enough to be able to obtain a beta key. I got it through :

    I had to do a survey but I promply received it in a text file!

    Besides that, I am pretty excited to see how this plays out and if ESO is gonna be a flop or not. Personally, the beta is a lot of fun, but I definitely agree on some points you guys made, there needs to be more variety.

    #5 11 months ago
  6. NocturnalB

    Same here. I actually like the action based non definitive role thing, but I like it in single player RPG’s. I’ve played MMO’S both with and without the trinity, and as far as the genre goes I have to go trinity all the way. I hated GW2′s instance combat, like someone else said it just feels like a free for all Zerg, same with DCUO to an extent.

    I haven’t touched the ESO alpha or beta so I can’t pass judgement yet on it, but in my experience I’ve never liked real time action MMO’s. I’m happy with hot keys and definitive roles. Usually I prefer a sub model (as shallow minded as it sounds) because typically a sub comes with more stable and definitive game.

    @5 Thanks for the link because I want in on the beta.

    #6 11 months ago

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