UPDATE: Wii U price-cut knocks premium black console down to original Wii launch price

Tuesday, 21 January 2014 09:43 GMT By Dave Cook

Nintendo’s black 32GB premium Wii U console has been given a price-cut at UK retailer Argos, knocking the unit down to the same price as a launch-day original Wii.

UPDATE 2: Our local Nintendo rep has confirmed that these price cuts are not official from Nintendo, and have been dubbed “retailer activity.” We’re currently reaching out to retailers to see what they’re saying.

UPDATE 1: Amazon has now followed suit, cutting the cost of black premium Wii U consoles to £179.99 here in the UK.

Via CVG.

ORIGINAL STORY: It follows Nintendo’s stock tumbling 18% as a result of president Satoru Iwata’s loss warning to investors.

Now, Nintendo Life has spotted that Argos is selling 32GB premium Wii U consoles at £179.99, including a GamePad and copy of NintendoLand. Other bundles remain at £249.99, but it’s worth noting that the base console now costs the same as original Wii units did at launch.

Another UK retailer, Zavvi, cut the cost of Xbox One yesterday. Hit the link for all the details.