Dark Souls 2 screens introduce new characters, items and locations

Friday, 17th January 2014 00:48 GMT By Brenna Hillier

Dark Souls 2 has spewed forth a batch of lovely new screenshots, with loads of interesting new details to puzzle over.

Namco Bandai sent along the following descriptions of what you’ll see in the screens below:

New characters:

  • Three old ladies and the Housekeeper: Milibeth.
  • Emerald Herald, the mysterious lady.
  • One of the few Drangleic survivors who wanders endlessly with his furniture on his back: Merchant Hag Melentia.
  • A cursed lost undead blacksmith: Blacksmith Lenigrast.
  • Maughlin the Armourer, a Merchant from the West.
  • A cursed Knight from Mirrah: Lucatiel of Mirrah.
  • An apostle called blue knight: Blue Sentinel Targray.

New items, features and places:

  • The Deep Pit, a complicated three dimensional map.
  • An Iron-Barred Gondola that will lead the player to new adventures.
  • Majula, a place at the extremity of Drangleic.
  • A Human Effigy, an item that could save more than one life.

Cor. Dark Souls 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in March. Unfortunately, ports to PS4 and Xbox One aren’t on the cards.



  1. CPC_RedDawn

    Is it just me or does this look like a massive step backwards in terms of graphics…?

    Dark Souls on PC (with the modded tweak for proper 1080p and better injected AA etc) looked waaaaaay better than this.

    Those textures look hideous!

    #1 12 months ago
  2. Tyrantsoul

    @1 If you are playing the souls series for graphics alone then you should probably look elsewhere.Personally as long as it has the same gameplay mechanics as Demon/Dark it could look like Zelda:Oot for all I care.

    #2 12 months ago
  3. Telepathic.Geometry

    Well, they usually look good artistically, but not so much technically. Which is – I guess – why on PC its flaws are exposed a little…

    #3 12 months ago
  4. Stardog

    @1 – Yeah, this new engine makes it look like a PS2 game.

    It looks better in the videos, but I think there’s something up with the way the characters are rendered.

    #4 12 months ago
  5. Ashmael

    @1, @4. Don`t worry you will have a visual enhancement DLC.
    After all Both Console and PC players love to pay for shit like that as obedient brainless sheeps these days.

    #5 12 months ago
  6. TheOpposer

    @5 there is no DLC for DS2

    #6 12 months ago
  7. TRoar

    The Deep Pit?

    Oh, crap, prepare to fall to your death again…

    #7 11 months ago

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