TRIHAYWBFRFYH gives you 20 minutes to explore before the world ends

Tuesday, 14 January 2014 02:30 GMT By Mike Irving

That unpronounceable name stands for The Rapture Is Here And You Will Be Forcibly Removed From Your Home, and well, that title is pretty self-explanatory.

This debut project from indie developer Connor Sherlock tells you at the beginning that you only have 20 minutes before the world ends, and then lets you go on your merry way to explore as you see fit until then.

In an interview with Polygon, Sherlock explains the game’s Lovecraftian influences. “Lovecraft’s stories hinge on trying to describe encountering something fundamentally unknowable to human beings,” he said. “Awe, loneliness and wonder are as important as horror for this.”

With narrations directly taken from Lovecraft’s works, it’s designed to be an emotional, introspective journey: what would you do with your last 20 minutes?

TRIHAYWBFRFYH is available as a free download for PC and Mac.