In defence of Knack, the review-proof game

Tuesday, 14th January 2014 13:12 GMT By Matt Martin

It’s the underwhelming launch title from the creator of the PlayStation 4 that’s still outselling Super Mario 3D World. So why, asks VG247′s Matt Martin, do kids love playing this turkey?

It’s easy to hate on Knack. The charmless characters, the repetitive gameplay, the lack of features. In a poorly supported kids market where only the excellent Traveller’s Tales Lego games have redefined what’s good and what’s possible, Knack looks like a throwback to a different, more primitive age.

But it’s a game that in the UK is still outselling critical darling Super Mario 3D World by a significant margin. Eyebrows were raised at that, partly due to snobbish suggestions that “people” don’t know a good game when they see one. But the thing is – and this is a blow to the egos of games journalists, marketeers, industry commentators, analysts and gamers – you can’t stop people buying whatever they want to buy, playing whatever they want to play, and enjoying it. Release a game and it’s at the mercy of the masses. But don’t be surprised when the masses take it to their bosom.

“Forget the whole ‘it’s the taking part that counts’ thing – that’s what the losers say. Children like winning and they win by using the same special move over and over again.”

Over Christmas my time was split between playing with the children and building toys for the children to play with. The Air Hogs helicopter was a pain in the arse to charge and the Playmobil camper van was missing a moulded wheel. While I tinkered with those I let my eight year-old son play on Knack. It’s harmless and he’ll soon get bored of it, I thought. Until I look up after he’s toyed around with it for a few days and he’s on level nine. He’s laughing at it and his little sister is shouting “concentrate, Dylan!”. Friends’ children come around to play it and they’re not bothered that we only have one DualShock 4 because they’re passing the controller around. It’s at this point I sit up and pay attention. What kind of a father am I?

You can’t tell a child what they should and shouldn’t play, whether pink girl toys or rubbish video games. You can try and influence them, sure, but they make up their own mind even at a young age. I believe they need to play some bad games so they know the good ones when they see them.

We play a lot of Lego Marvel Super Heroes in our house, I think it’s one of the best games ever made for children. I get jealous when my children play it without me. But as much as they enjoy smashing a brick Sandman, they seem just as happy to pick up that charmless robot dog thing in Knack and play though cliche after cliche. They’re only cliches to me because I played the same games on PSone, on Megadrive, on the Master System and the 2600. I’m an old fart.

Knack is repetitive. You don’t do a lot more than walk into an area, punch all the baddies and move on to another area to do the same thing. But children like repetition. Do you know how many times we’ve had to listen to Gangnam Style in the car? Our Batman Vs Scooby Doo DVD is almost see-through it’s been played that many times. The Knack disc is covered in scratches where it’s been kick around the floor and swapped in and out of the disc slot for better games. But when the children have gone to bed and I slump down for a nice hour of Battlefield 4 I’m soon cursing because I have to get up and swap the discs over again. That sodding Knack game is in the drive.

There are boss battles that would leave me seething with rage or bored with the inevitable three-hits-and-you’re-down mechanic. I can’t bare to watch them, yet my son is ripping enemies apart through rote learning. Patterns are identified and memorised and the boss is beaten. Forget the whole “it’s the taking part that counts” thing – that’s what the losers say. Children like winning and they win by using the same special move over and over again. They can’t get enough of it.

I used to do this back in the day, when I bought games based purely on the cover art. Now I have zero tolerance for it. I imagine many games reviewers face this problem too. I’m not saying games should be reviewed by a ten year-old, but a professional site’s 2 out of 5 score for Knack has no influence in the playground or to the parents paying for it. The day a designer working on a kids’ game stops listening to a 10 year-old he may as well give up. They are the perfect QA testers, playing the same part over and over again. I suspect this is exactly how Knack has been built from the very start. Those review scores were uncomfortable for Sony to see on launch day but they haven’t made a blind bit of difference to sales.The game is review-proof.

The thing is, children see the same problems with a game that reviewers do. They know boredom. They see weird bugs, they feel it’s unjust when death sends them back to a checkpoint miles away. That’s not a secret you learn in review school. There are difficulty spikes, but that’s what grumpy old parents like me are for. It’s two minutes of my time to get over a poorly designed hump in a game. It makes me feel good to save the day. There’s a co-op mode but we only have one DualShock 4 so we sit together and pass the controller back and forth, punching stupid goblins on screen and high-fiving at the end of another level. We’re laughing. Any game that brings people together is a good experience. Because there isn’t any shame in enjoying a bad game.



  1. braindead1981

    I honestly don’t know why everybody has a problem with Knack. Sure, it’s linear, it’s not innovative and it is somewhat repetitive. But hey, neither are a lot of other games (i.e. in the FPS or racing game genre). I for one had quite a bit of fun playing Knack. It’s a competent platformer, so if you like those kinds of games (and I know a lot of people don’t, but then maybe they shouldn’t review a game in that genre), you should have an entertaining time with Knack. Not one of the greatest games of the year by any means, but not the stinker so many say it is without even having played it for more than a couple minutes.

    #1 12 months ago
  2. Belazur

    KNACK is great! I love it!

    #2 12 months ago
  3. lexph3re

    Fan-F*cking-tastic write up, This is why I stopped arguing with people(mostly gamers my age and up) about what is magical in gaming. People act as if their nostalgia is all that matters and guess what… it isn’t. When games like this comes out they are meant to create brand new memories not cater to your inner child. So, why shit on a game that can do exactly that?

    Why keep raving on about what Pokémon and Mario did for you as a child? Let Banjo and Spyro rest and new characters hit the scene. At the end of the day these games are meant for the kids and they nail on head the exact thing we loved and groomed us as gamers.

    Sometimes gamers have to take a step back and look at the big picture. Instead of screaming bloody murder when Mario is under preforming.

    #3 12 months ago
  4. SplatteredHouse

    From what I have seen and heard of it, the game reminds me of Croc. That was one of my go-to early PlayStation demos.
    It also reminds me of Kameo, with a different pace. What it doesn’t strike me as is a game deserving of heaping piles of criticism.
    I am pleased to learn that it has found an appreciative audience. I also agree with lex, above. I feel that it’s not healthy for games to constrict in appeal by failing to adopt a prominent, broad offering.

    #4 12 months ago
  5. Dragon


    #5 12 months ago
  6. sonny

    Great read Matt and @1,2,3,4,5 +1. So much love in here :)
    Me and my girlfriend enjoyed Knack very much in co-op, so I’d recommend you to buy a second controller Matt ^^ We took turns on who played Knack and who played his little helper Robo-Knack :) Now we started Lego Marvel Super Heroes, which is also a great game.

    #6 12 months ago
  7. Tormenter

    Isn’t it selling big because it’s one of the few games actually available for those who bought the console… of course the game is goingt to sell if it’s one of very few available.

    It doesn’t mater the quality of it, people just want to justify their console… If Naughts and crosses was available, that too would sell big.

    #7 12 months ago
  8. Junior

    Playstation fans love platforms. All of sony’s platforms had a story to be told with either dark tones or humor.

    I watch my brother play Mario and it is the same story and same world from when I used to play on Nes and Snes. I know there were a few exception but at this point I am willing to give the princess myself to bowser.

    #8 12 months ago
  9. Legion

    p.s. my daughter loved “Barbie Horse Adventures”… thus making anything said about Knack due to kids enjoying it a moot point.

    #9 12 months ago
  10. Junior

    Also, we hear a lot of adults say they enjoy it. My brother is 7 and he prefered to watch. My stepfather and i both enjoyed playing it and looked forward to finishing the story.

    Also, let us be realistic here. There were 4.2 million units sold and Rayman was not in the picture. It would have been a different story. The only other option, Lego, is not everyone’s cup of tea.

    #10 12 months ago
  11. Lloytron

    I’ve not played Knack but I have seen Batman Vs Scooby Doo and that is great :D

    #11 12 months ago
  12. Lloytron

    @3 Spyro is doing anything but resting – he has a new game out in the name of Skylanders Swap Force and my kids are regularly fighting over him and his mates.

    #12 12 months ago
  13. mark_t50

    Definitely not just kids loving it, my Dad’s 61 now and he says it’s the best launch title he got on PS4. He’s completed it over 10 times now, I have no idea why someone would want to play it over and over but he mentioned something about unlocking different knacks :/

    I personally find it a bit baffling, but as long as he’s having fun who am I to judge.

    #13 12 months ago
  14. Joe Anderson

    So glad you said this.

    The problem with most reviewers when it comes to games like Knack is that they don’t look at things from a children’s point of view. It’s easy for me because I have kids and they love this game, but when a 20 year old reviewer with no kids plays through and sees it’s full of bugs and not big budget they’ll slag the game off without thinking for a second of it’s target audience.

    I really wish more reviewers would look at a game and just think for a second, “will children enjoy this.”

    #14 12 months ago
  15. tenthousandgothsonacid

    Full marks for mentioning the 2600 but if you were a proper old fart (like me) you’d call it by its original name – The Atari VCS

    #15 12 months ago
  16. TheLastDodo

    “Because there isn’t any shame in enjoying a bad game.”

    I’m 27 years old Matt and I don’t feel any shame admitting that I enjoy Knack. It simply isn’t a bad game.

    I’m not going to sit here and claim Knack is GOTY material, it’s not, it would probably struggle to make my top 15 games of 2013 but I’m stunned at some of the low review scores I’ve seen Knack receive, for me it’s nowhere near deserving of 3/10′s scores like I believe Joystiq and others gave it. The only outright bad thing Knack has going for it is the god awful soundtrack.

    On a moment to moment basis I find the combat fun, play it on one of the higher difficulties and the game provides a decent challenge that rewards patience and strategy (in the form of enemy isolation and threat prioritisation.) It could do with a few more moves to add variety to the combat but I find the game has a great flow to it.

    I’m up to chapter 8, playing it solo on hard difficulty and, reviewers be damned, I’ve enjoyed it more than a few far higher rated games I’ve played this year (GOW Ascension being the worst until I played Puppeteer, a game I’d been looking forward to all year and is undoubtedly my biggest disappointment of 2013). This is a Knack article though so we’ll not get into why I dislike Puppeteer so much.

    Anyway…I know it’s too late to change the general consensus of Knack being deemed the worst game of 2013 but I would say for people who are interested in it for themselves or for others but don’t want to throw $60/£40 at it then just wait until it’s cheaper and don’t expect anything GOTY worthy, also don’t expect a platformer because Knack is NOT a platformer, there are the odd platforming sections strewn throughout the game but Knack is, first and foremost, a brawler.

    #16 12 months ago
  17. bradk825

    I suppose if I enjoyed Ryse, also a whipping boy for critics, people have the right to say they enjoyed Knack.

    #17 12 months ago
  18. daytripper

    Right, I expect more of these types of articles in future with other games too.

    #18 12 months ago
  19. fearmonkey

    I havent played Knack yet, though I want to. I can’t imagine it’s as bad as they are saying. I reminds me a bit of Kameo and I loved that game.

    I feel the same way about Ryse, it got slagged quite a bit and Im sure its not as bad as it was made out to be.

    #19 12 months ago
  20. game_on

    I stopped reading after “But it’s a game that in the UK is still outselling critical darling Super Mario 3D World by a significant margin. Eyebrows were raised at that”

    My eyebrows are raised at the fact that people keep emphasizing that one lame game sold more copies than one great game in one single country. Who. The fuck. Cares.

    #20 12 months ago
  21. Francis O

    Too bad the UK doesn’t equate to the rest of the world. Knack is getting buried by Super Mario 3D World in the world’s largest video games market: The US.

    Knack and Super Mario 3D World’s sales in the UK both suck. And overall, Knack is just a rushed, boring game that’s being traded in at alarming rates.

    Super Mario 3D World is much better, but they really are nothing alike. So the comparison is a bit troll bait to be honest.

    #21 12 months ago
  22. Hcw87

    Knack was 1 of 2 PS4 launch games (not counting crossgen multiplats), so ofcourse people bought the game.

    If Knack came out last year, it would be completely ignored.

    #22 12 months ago
  23. lexph3re

    The last 3 comments shows that some people just won’t get it.

    #23 12 months ago
  24. Hcw87

    What is there to get? Do you honestly think Knack is up there with Mario as an all-time great platformer? Hell no. This and Ryse are subpar games, and they sold because they were launch games. That’s it.

    #24 12 months ago
  25. game_on

    Well at least you stopped arguing, that’s a relief. And for future reference, anyone who doesn’t agree with you, or better, who doesn’t +1 your comment, simply does not get it.

    #25 12 months ago
  26. Rat

    It’s pathetic that “Eyebrows raises” when knack sells good . but when they tell you Call of Duty ,the excuse of a game , sells millions of copies around the world , nobody bats an eye ! you people are pathetic .

    #26 12 months ago
  27. lexph3re

    No it’s honestly the point of the article that you don’t seem to get. That a game that is made by/for kids isn’t going to be held back by a few internet haters and reviewers. That people will still buy it for their kids and their kids will still enjoy it and build an attachment equal to your affiliation of “all-time great platformer”. How is that possible? Because while most of you watch and criticize based on others reviews. There’s some kids and even adults that will enjoy it for what it actually is.

    It doesn’t need a internet lurker spouting how much another series has sold since 1988. Nor someone else jumping on a bandwagon to co-sign that they wouldn’t try it.

    It is simply bought, played and enjoyed. No +1′s required, but apparently still have to spell it out.

    #27 12 months ago
  28. game_on

    Apparently you didn’t stop arguing. And how it’s possible that a child’s game outsells an all-time great platformer? Read the other comments of some people here. I don’t need to spell it out for you or do I?

    #28 12 months ago
  29. lexph3re

    I’m not arguing. I’m criticizing there’s a difference and the point still remains. The game is selling and people are enjoying it. Period

    #29 12 months ago
  30. monkeygourmet

    This is an awful article that effectively means nothing whatsoever… (IMO).

    If this was tailor made for kids, why not just make a good game everyone can enjoy? I’d rather my kids play puppeteer than this charmless POS.

    The fact is, it’s a captive audience unless you held on to your old consoles too. If that was the case, there are sooooo soooo many better choices.

    Lego games
    Trine 2

    Off the top of my head are all vastly superior choices.

    #30 12 months ago
  31. Joe Musashi

    Some commenters have clearly not read the article.


    #31 12 months ago
  32. SplatteredHouse

    @30 The fact that you responded simply with a list of other titles YOU rate over Knack brings into question whether you read the piece at all.

    #32 12 months ago
  33. Moribund Cadaver

    Too much emphasis has been placed on Knack as a launch title. It really would have gone over better as a budget release. There’s nothing wrong with it aside from a lack of technical polish (that framerate).

    A sequel could be pretty interesting. It has the foundation for a unique universe and more off-beat game mechanics than the initial game fully explores.

    #33 12 months ago
  34. dtyk

    Internet game design gurus everywhere bringing completely off point comments once again!

    Sarcasm aside, nice article Matt. Knack may have been a piece of shit in my and many’s eyes, I’ve seen a little kid thoroughly enjoy the experience.


    #34 12 months ago
  35. Spider Law

    Why even humor any of the negative commentators, Lex.
    Thats why I dont bother trying to explain any points to them. For short sighted folks.

    On the article, great read. My kids loved Knack. I loved Knack. My wife loved it. We all still love popping it in and going at it in Co-Op. Its definitely an underrated game. One of the biggest surprises for me in 2013.

    Edit: @ MG,
    I enjoyed my time, and so did my family, more with Knack than Rayman (ps3), Mario (3Ds and Wii u entries), Puppeteer, Pikmin (by friggin far), LBP, and Trine 2. I rate Knack higher than all of those any day.

    #35 12 months ago
  36. monkeygourmet

    That’s fair enough, obviously there is someone out there for whatever game comes along.

    The problem is, there has to be some critique regarding titles otherwise it’s just ‘everyone gets a trophy day’. It’s the same with anything, some people love the Transformers movies, but there widely regarded as tripe.

    Kids aren’t a good barometer of assessing quality as they would usually rate any new game / toy they have been given 10/10 before they quickly move onto the next thing.

    Hence why I made the point the article means nothing…

    The question ‘why do kids love playing this turkey?’ Is answered already, they are kids. As a parent you choose what media / toys to bring into their environment and you’re enthusiasm can be infectious.

    #36 12 months ago
  37. TheLastDodo


    After putting six hours into Puppeteer over Xmas before finally giving up, no Puppeteer is absolutely not a better choice than Knack. It is probably the worst choice on your list.

    You should absolutely pick up Puppeteer if you enjoy platformers that contain long winded unfunny cut-scenes that bookend every level (and in the middle of the level too sometimes)and of which last about 5 minutes apiece (which is about 2-3 minutes longer than the standard amount of boring, unchallenging platforming you get inbetween said cutscenes.)

    If you’ve actually played Knack and don’t like it then fair enough, I’m not going to try to change your mind, but there are many that do enjoy Knack, not just children either, flaws and all.

    #37 12 months ago
  38. monkeygourmet


    Maybe Puppeteer was a bad choice.

    The point I’m trying to make is the utopian view of:

    ‘well someone / some target group enjoyed xyz game / film / whatever, so it served its purpose’

    Completely counteract the very point of critiquing / reviewing anything.

    #38 12 months ago
  39. TheLastDodo


    Fair do’s.

    I have SM3DW waiting in the cupboard until I have a WiiU, I hope that game lives up to it’s reviews :)

    #39 12 months ago
  40. Dragon

    I really liked how Pokemon X/Y review of Eurogamer consisted of opinions from kids.

    Food for thought – Are 30+ year old people the only correct judge of quality?
    Quality is a subjective thing and based on personal opinions. Nothing more, nothing less. If you think X game is better than Y game and vice-versa, its just an opinion. People may have differing opinions than yours about any entertainment thing, and (NEWS FLASH) nobody is wrong!

    One of the reasons I feel pity at people lamenting why X game sold this high just because that game doesn’t feel good to them.

    #40 12 months ago
  41. Fin


    {{citation needed}}

    #41 12 months ago
  42. lexph3re

    +1 Dragon.

    It’s why there really isn’t a point in arguing with people about the quality of something. People like what they like, and just because you smash talk a game that’s not your favorite game doesn’t make it shit. It’s just shit to you, like how I think Bayonetta is a shit game. I don’t try to convince anyone else that it is shit though

    #42 12 months ago
  43. Legendaryboss

    INB4: common sense, unofficial VGchartz stats and Francis fairy land explanation excuses.

    #43 12 months ago
  44. monkeygourmet

    In think movie cash in games are a good example of why this view doesn’t hold water.

    Always targeted at kids, generally poor quality but kids still ‘enjoy’ them because of the subject matter.

    #44 12 months ago
  45. RageOfThorn

    This article hits home more than anything…….

    My stepson absolutely adores this game, he beat it in a day, and as soon as he finished it he started over immediately. He told me he thinks its the best game ever made. I just stood, dumb, scratching my head in disbelief. I read the reviews, watched a couple minutes of gameplay, and “REALLY” just wow… I couldn’t believe, my avid child gamer of a stepson had crowned Knack king above all the games he had played, and trust me he’s played everything under the sun.

    I have to say, I tried it out after, on hard difficulty, and IT KICKED MY 40 YEAR OLD GAMING ASS. I can’t say I appreciate the repeatable nature of the game, or subject matter, I think thats for the kids part, but make no mistake it can be a challenging game. I also agree the reviews sit somewhere between grounded, and the eye of the beholder.

    I try to make my decisions less on the review scores and more on personal choice these days. There’s nothing as bad as being told what you should and shouldn’t like in gaming, I always hated the feeling of guilt brought on by liking a game you are supposed to hate by social standards. Sometimes, (Most of the time) social standards suck.

    I think from my perspective, Knack is a solid kids game that indeed shouts back to a more primitive time in gaming, but it was built by a veteran, and a damn well grounded veteran at that. I look at it from his perspective as well that its a nod to where gaming was, whilst merging with the new age.

    While Knack, to me, isn’t this magnificent masterpiece the children see it as, I can’t help to see the charm in it , and feel the charisma in it. Alot of us gamers are getting older, its easy to forget the magic of childhood, especially in a violence saturated world like we have grown accustomed to. I can say, for a brief glimpse playing Knack I felt the magic of the yesterday’s long gone. Isn’t these feelings what gaming is about?

    Sometimes we must look back to move forward…..

    #45 12 months ago
  46. Legendaryboss

    As for the controversial opinion piece it does give the impression of damage control for Knack but….

    Children (In this case Matt’s) take a liking to this game just shows how (clearly) irrelevant reviews are for supposed enjoyment from various audiences for example kids and the uniformed individuals.

    This game would have benefited from a cheaper price due to its flaws which may have been overlooked then but we have wait until next gen prices get knocked down.

    As for the quality of the game = subjective, apply that to all games.

    Finally people it is a fact that Knack outsold Mario in the UK, that isn’t bait: it is simply something you do not like seeing. Game X outselling Game Y isn’t bait, it is a fact.

    #46 12 months ago
  47. monkeygourmet


    Then why mention it at all? It bears little relevance with the other points he is trying to make.

    Kids care not for review scores?

    They also care not one jot for sales figures either.

    #47 12 months ago
  48. Fin



    #48 12 months ago
  49. Legendaryboss

    He uses it to lead to the defence of Knack in the second paragraph and then provide his viewpoint on this. It is very relevant in that section, that section expresses the freedom individuals have to buy what they want instead of following the trends/fanboys/sales/reviews.

    Kids? The point i wanted to make was that factors like sales and reviews are irrelevant in them being able to enjoy a game, this applies to the uniformed individuals as well. Just pick up and play.

    #49 12 months ago
  50. bradk825

    Ultimately if a game is fun, the review scores and sales figures don’t affect my enjoyment of it.

    I’m not sure it’s ok to say that in here right now, but it’s true, lol.

    #50 12 months ago
  51. Ireland Michael



    Etc. etc.

    #51 12 months ago
  52. bradk825

    @51 I was afraid of that, lol.

    #52 12 months ago
  53. monkeygourmet


    I’m not sure it’s needed. It just brings out potential Mario / Knack comparisons.

    #53 12 months ago
  54. lexph3re

    Or it can just be apart of what is boggling the writers views as he ages? Giving you perspective not only on the market but an ingrained perspective that he has lived with as factual? It is an opinion piece and typically when writing to your audience you have to give them insight on exactly what your thought process is albeit typically brief.

    There is no such thing as not needed when reviewing his writing. It is completely in sync with where he wanted to take his piece/work. Like it or not he made sure you knew what his impressions/expectations are/were the context is completely just.

    #54 12 months ago
  55. absolutezero

    I bought Knack. I paid actual money for it. Mainly because I own everything else released for the PS4 I have even a passing interest in. That amounts to 5 boxed games.

    The worst thing about Knack is just seeing what it could have been. Seeing the potential of its systems, its ideas, which are just completely left to rot.

    Imagine, instead of getting a single part of some sort of piece of equipment you just got the thing itself, now you have limited slots to equip things, so you begin to have choices over how you play your Knack.

    Imagine if Knack started at a humanoid size and as he took hits he lost parts, making him smaller. Or you can loose parts to change size at will. See the Ice Knack? Or the Crystal Stealth Knack? More of that, change his move-set up, change up something.

    Extend the i-Frames of the dash, make the dash longer, make the dash recovery time less. Make the Dash into something thats actually worth doing.

    As I got to the end of my time with Knack (I think I’m about half way through maybe) before I gave up, I could not help thinking that I had seen everything that it had to offer.

    This industry is full to the brim with fantastic games that sell next to nothing, while utter fucking turds sell in idiotic numbers. This is somehow perfectly fine now because people are going to buy what they want?

    Grown Ups 2 grossing more than Pacific Rim at the box office is fine. Its fine. Michael Bay Transformer movies are Review Proof. Its fine. No really its fine.


    (Also if anything Knack is most similar to Kao the Kangaroo.)

    #55 12 months ago
  56. dtyk


    Oh my god I was pissed about the Grown Ups 2 and Pacific Rim thing. No justice.

    #56 12 months ago
  57. ManuOtaku

    I Will get this game as soon as i pick my ps4, even if at that time there is plenty of titles available on the ps4, i will pick it first alongside black flag, because i do like sony platformers, from the original crash bandicoot, to sly, ratchet, puppeter, god i did love puppeter.

    But having said that, is pretty funny to see some commenters that in the past labeled nintendo for making kiddy games,that are not for them, while defending Knack for the same reason, oh the irony is strong in this thread.

    #57 12 months ago
  58. stalepie

    I ended up liking this game a lot even though originally I thought it looked terrible. It has some very subtle game play in it that I didn’t appreciate until I tried it on hard and very hard modes. Some of the levels like the underground relic areas were very cool. I came to like the character Knack a lot and how he was composed of so many parts. It’s easy to see how a sequel could expand on so many things, but if they make one I hope it doesn’t lose its addictive simplicity.

    #58 11 months ago
  59. lolatfanboys

    It just looks like it was made for children, and that´s perfectly fine, there was just nothing in it for me. Story? Gameplay? Not really interesting. Same with mario, just nothing there anymore, been there done that.

    #59 11 months ago
  60. RPRezo

    …Also, Knack is not a bad game, but a good one, It’s an awesome nostalgic hardcore throwback into the PS1-era AND a good game for children at the same time.

    But it looks like for most reviewers PS1 with all it’s Crash Bandicooting is not a nostalgic era, only NES/SNES/Genesis is. And thus they criticize Knack while hailing some indie crap with GameBoy-styled graphics and gameplay at the same time.

    #60 11 months ago
  61. fearmonkey

    Because of all the bad reviews, I didnt buy knack but waited till I could get it on gamefly as a rental. After playing the game and beating it, I’ll never understand the bad reviews it got. the graphicws were lovely, it was a fun game and polished, and it didnt have game altering bugs or such bad design that I couldnt finish it. it deserved at the lowest a 7.5, and I would give it an 8.0

    It seems reviewers get this jaded pack mentality where they have played so many games that a decent average game that has high expectations gets roasted undeservedly. Eurogamer gave it a 4/10 and I will never trust their reviews ever again. The game should have been at least a 7 for them. it’s a game I have recommended to my friends, very much worth a playthrough, and I would love a sequel, but it probably won’t happen now.

    #61 6 months ago

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