Super Noah’s Ark 3D SNES re-issue will cost you $65 per copy

Monday, 13 January 2014 15:13 GMT By Dave Cook

Super Noah’s Ark 3D is notorious for being the only unlicensed SNES cartridge ever sold, and its creators Wisdom Tree has started reprinting new copies for $65 a piece.

Cheers Cinemassacre.

You may remember that the Angry Video Game Nerd first covered Super Noah’s Ark 3D in his first Bible Games episode. It’s basically a Doom clone that sees Noah putting goats to sleep with his slingshot. Weirder things have happened, certainly.

Examiner reports that SNES copies of Super Noah’s Ark 3D are being accepted by request only. They’ll run you $65 plus $7 postage. All you have to do is order one on the Wisdom Tree site.

A press release seen by Examiner teases, “Coming soon …. Remake of games for SNES, Bible Buffet Quiz Book and more.”

We can’t wait. Can you?

Via Nintendo Life.