Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught lets you play as Halloween’s Michael Myers

Monday, 13th January 2014 19:08 GMT By Matt Martin

Activision has pumped out a big preview for Onslaught, the CoD DLC featuring new Extinction content, fresh maps and the Maverick rifle. And a horror icon. Watch the video here.

Episode 1: Nightfall is the first of four Extinction episodes extending the narrative behind the sci-fi spin-off, featuring an all new alien species and a new weapon.

The DLC also includes the Maverick rifle, a weapon that can be customised as either an assault rifle or sniper rifle.

By far the most interesting addition though is one of the four maps – Fog – which lets players take on the persona of Halloween’s horror icon Michael Myers and play through a medium-sized location featuring an abandoned cabin in the woods, a campsite and torture chamber. It even includes the classic Halloween soundtrack.

The other three maps are Containment, BayView and Ignition. Prepare for release on January 28th.



  1. Lewis247

    I told myself I am not going to get Ghosts. But that first map… Holy shit that seems like a lot of fun. Quite glad they don’t need to take everything so seriously by doing things like this.

    #1 12 months ago
  2. Panthro

    They better have sprint disabled, otherwise it isn’t Michael Myers.

    #2 12 months ago
  3. bradk825

    This looks pretty bad ass.

    #3 12 months ago
  4. Penney R. Tucker

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    #4 12 months ago
  5. DanWhitehead

    At the risk of being THAT GUY, the Fog map sounds more like it should be home to Jason Voorhees. He’s the backwoods campsite slasher. Michael Myers is all about the suburbs.

    #5 12 months ago
  6. bradk825

    @5, I had the same thought, but I guess it all depends who you can get licensing for, lol. For all we know they designed it with Jason in mind.

    #6 12 months ago
  7. RocknRolla

    Its actually not ONE new DLC weapon but TWOOOO new weapons…. Aaaaah for fucks sake why would he want it to sound like something significant???????????? like he was about to say it´s TEN new weapons hahahahah :D COD.. just like android always trying to sound like something they are not god damn it xD

    #7 12 months ago
  8. RocknRolla

    Sove your season pass up your asses ffs, never bought them and never will… that is how they support their fans? by charging them crazy amounts of money for some shitty maps and one new weapon? are people really that stupid and buy this stuff???

    #8 12 months ago

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