Chibi-Robo! Photo-Finder has digital arse censored out of American build

Friday, 10th January 2014 11:58 GMT By Dave Cook

Chibi-Robo! Photo-Finder has been censored slightly in North America to remove a digital bum from its stock of AR-fuelled tricks. See a video comparison of both builds here.

YouTuber WiiFolderJosh – from TheBitBlock – posted the clip above, which shows Chibi-Robo speaking with a living can. It starts off with a face, but if you run around it you’ll see its digital bum hanging there in plain view.

The Japanese version features the cartoon arse, while the North American build has it edited out.

It’s a weird one, make no mistake. For all our Chibi-Robo! Photo-Finder reveal news, hit up the link.

Via Nintendo Life.



  1. silkvg247

    Good call, we’d have rapists and druggies abound if that had made it through. It might have even triggered more shootings.

    #1 12 months ago
  2. IntrovertedOne

    @1 brilliant

    Maybe some Americans feel this is fine, but as a Canadian I’m sick of all these NA games being censored specifically for the bible belt. It’s not even a person; it’s a robot.

    Benders “shiny metal ass” was a longtime running gag on Futurama and no one batted an eye at that.

    #2 11 months ago

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