PS Vita Welcome Box bundle hits Japan, offers console, demos & games

Wednesday, 8th January 2014 08:48 GMT By Dave Cook

PS Vita will be sold in a new ‘Welcome Box’ bundle in Japan, designed to give players an instant window into games available in the region. Attached games include Dragon’s Dogma Quest, and a trial version of God Eater 2.

DualShockers reports that he PS Vita Welcome box is rolling out across Japan from March 6 and will cost ¥20,454 yen – which is around $195. It’s coming in limited quantities and as the site points out, offers a neat prospect, seeing as the console alone costs ¥18,995.

The bundle includes a PCH-2000 PS Vita handheld with 8GB memory card, AC adapter and all the usual gubbins inside the box. It comes with software pre-loaded onto the unit, which consists of:

  • God Eater 2 trial version
  • Soul Sacrifice Delta trial version
  • Terraria trial version
  • Joysound.TV Plus (free to play)
  • Dragon’s Dogma Quest (free to play)
  • Power Pro Stadium (free-to-play)
  • Music Unlimited

We’re yet to hear if an equivalent with different games (some of the above aren’t out here) is slated for western release.

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  1. mistermogul

    I hope this continues the consoles resurgence in Japan as it deserves it.

    Love my Vita!

    #1 11 months ago
  2. CycloneFox

    @1: Totally agree! I never played with one console as much as with the Vita. I take it on my way to work, play in train, listen to podcasts in bus, continue to play in bed, … all those moments where you normally just wouldn’t have the time to play.

    You can stream PS4 games, play remakes of awesome japanese games like Persona 4 Golden or the Atelier Plus titles, tripple AA or indi cross platform PS3/PS4 games, PS One games, PSP games or of course original Vita games like Gravity Rush, which was my game of the year in 2012. You can even run other apps like music, Skype or the internet browser in the background while playing your game. The OS is really responsive and fast.

    The only letdown about this console are the expensive memory cards, which are btw hardly to get right now. I couldn’t find any 32gig card these past days. I suppose with the PS4 and some good Vita games coming up on Plus alot of people bought Vitas and the memory cards.

    #2 11 months ago

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