Get Even: The Farm 51 officially announces its next-gen shooter, trailer inside

Wednesday, 8th January 2014 11:00 GMT By Dave Cook

Get Even is the new next-gen shooter from Painkiller: Hell & Damnation developer The Farm 51. We’ve got game details and a trailer inside.

It follows our report on Get Even screens and early details before the holidays. Hit the link for some debut screens.

The announcement is now official, and Get Even has been confirmed for a 2015 launch on PC and next-gen formats, promising to remove the divide between single and multiplayer experiences in new ways. As you play through the single-player game, enemies encountered in the world will exist a real-world players online. The catch it you’ll never know who’s an AI bot or who’s a real person.

Here’s the trailer:

In a press release sent to VG247 The Farm 51 explained that the plot revolves around two intertwined narratives, and that the route taken by players throughout the campaign will determine the character’s personality, throwing elements of horror and thrillers into the mix to make things more tense. Environments are also scanned in to make them more feel more realistic and expansive.

The gunplay comes with some new features, such as using the in-game smartphone to sync with guns, enabling players to shoot around corners safely. These ‘corner-shot’ weapons can also be customised throughout the campaign.

In a statement, The Farm 51 CEO Wojtek Pazdur said, “As an independent developer, it would be foolish to go head-to-head with the larger ompanies and create a ‘me too’ knock-off, and frankly we wouldn’t be interested in doing it. We believe that there is still a ton of content and design creativity that has yet to be explored in first-person genre, as well as an audience beyond the warfare player – those are the people we are going for with Get Even.”

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  1. Xbone

    So I guess this is the new thing? Bots in my MP game?

    #1 12 months ago
  2. SplatteredHouse

    It could be interesting. I like that they’ve gone for a real-world aesthetic.

    #2 12 months ago
  3. YoungZer0

    Really dislike live-action teasers that don’t even hint at the benefits of a game.

    #3 12 months ago
  4. Xbone


    Me too.
    However… this was with the game engine, not live action.

    #4 12 months ago
  5. Madlink

    @4 Actually it’s both a mixture of CG and live action. It’s a play on the central theme of their game; ‘What is real?’

    No idea if the CG is from in-engine though.

    #5 12 months ago
  6. TheBlackHole

    If you’re not playing alone it’s not a single player game.

    If you can’t turn the always-on nature of the game off, then I’m not interested.

    This single player-meets multiplayer trend is not for me.

    #6 12 months ago
  7. redwood

    what the hell did i just watch?

    #7 12 months ago
  8. xx313xx

    @Xbone – No, both Star Wars Battlefronts had tons of bots

    #8 12 months ago
  9. SplatteredHouse

    @6 an expansion on Perfect Dark’s counter-Agent has been a long time coming. (look up Arkane’s The Crossing for a DNS attempt at a similar concept) I disagree with you, though, (your first sentence) for the reason that it IS single player. We would all be individual players, vs The Game. The game being whatever the campaign turns out to be. Since the opponents, human controlled though they may be, are still bound by the rules of the game, aren’t they?

    It’s unlikely to be like Dark Souls. You’ll know before you start, that your enemies may be AI, or other players. Either way, they’re still enemies. But of course, it’s not been revealed how the gameplay will flow, in fact little is known about the game, but it will surely be, in time.

    #9 12 months ago
  10. Zackslacky

    This is all in game if the post two days ago aboit graphics in 2015 is to be believed. They showed off the 3d environment in a video. Quantem break looks pretty similar graphics wise too.

    #10 12 months ago
  11. Harrow

    The tech there using is called thorskan check it out on youtube

    #11 12 months ago
  12. IntrovertedOne

    I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys can do, despite the nice graphics they definitely seem to know gameplay is king.

    #12 11 months ago

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