New MOBA Deadbreed from ex-Just Cause dev rises from the grave

Monday, 6 January 2014 08:11 GMT By Matt Martin

This is the first in-game footage of Deadbreed, a new MOBA from a team led by ex-Just Cause developer Stefan Ljungquist, and due for release this year.

The game offers tactical 3v3 battles online or versus AI opponents, and a team chosen Sentinel becomes the endgame bossfight challenge.

“I wanted to play a MOBA where I could totally customize how my hero looked and, more importantly played, but I couldn’t find one,” said Ljungquist, developer at the Stockholm based studio.

“Talking to friends, I realized I wasn’t the only one wanting this, so we decided to make it. Also, this was our chance to make a darker themed MOBA for hardcore gamers like ourselves and bring in some additional RPG gameplay features,” added Ljungquist, who also has a background in pen and paper RPG design.

The free-to-play PC game is going through Steam’s Greenlight process now, and you can sign up for a chance to get on the beta at the official website. One to watch.