Most-anticipated games of 2014: VG247′s staff share their picks

Friday, 3rd January 2014 14:00 GMT By Dave Cook

What are VG247′s most-anticipated game releases of 2014 and why? We’re sure it’s a question you lay awake at night pondering, but now you can rest your weary head as we reveal our top picks from the year ahead.

2014 is going to be a megaton year for gaming. It really is. As the next-gen consoles receive more exclusives and less cross-gen titles, we’re going to see more of what PS4 and Xbox One are really capable of. Shiny blockbusters like Destiny, Titanfall, Quantum Break, inFamous: Second Son, The Division, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and Driveclub will undoubtedly dazzle gamers with their mega-budget veneer, while the final run of last-gen titles continues with Dark Souls 2, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and much more.

Nintendo is also stepping up to the plate in 2014, with Bayonetta 2, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Mario Kart 8, Kirby: Triple Deluxe and much more. We look forward to typing up all of the company’s Nintendo Direct streams throughout the year, as much as they make our fingers bleed by the time they end. Bring it on we say.

The PC, Mac and Linux scene will also be treated to a slew of strong releases, including The Witcher 3, EverQuest Next, Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls and a run of prominent Kickstarter-funded titles like Broken Age, The Banner Saga, Wasteland 2 and Pillars of Eternity (if it makes its Q4, 2014 window of course).

There’s a ton more, so it’s clear there won’t be a shortage of heavyweight games and indie delights this year, but which titles are team VG247 looking forward to most?


Matt Martin, Editor

Our new chieftan in chief Mr. Martin knows what games he’s looking forward to, but one title he’s not that keen on is Watch Dogs. “All enthusiasm for that has dropped off,” he said, “and I worry it’s going to be a corny Matrix-style action game. Although I should have more faith in Ubisoft after the consistently high quality of games it released on the Xbox 360 and PS3.”

Matt added “Alien Isolation is quietly pinging my motion scanner. I’m hopeful. Using Ripley’s daughter as a main character is a nice nod to the original storytelling and with Creative Assembly on development duties there’s no doubting the talent behind the project. It’s not CA’s usual genre or themes, but that might be for the best if they can pump life into a franchise that has been kicked around the gutter in recent years.

“Sega is a different publisher now too, having jettisoned the Sonic baggage and focused on high-end PC gaming. It’s only backing projects it really believes in but when it does it pumps the necessary amount of cash into them, so I’m keeping the faith.”

In closing, Matt said that he’s curious, but not massively excited about The Elder Scrolls Online and Destiny, then added, “Oh, and I’m pumped for Titanfall. But everyone’s excited about Titanfall, right? That game is going to practically relaunch the Xbox One in March.”

Brenna Hillier, AU Editor

Brenna couldn’t pick one game, and that’s perfectly understandable given the ‘IP-heavy’ year before us. In something of a twist, she wrote, “Since I’m historically such a single-player adherent, I’m surprised how much I’m looking forward to Titanfall, The Division, Destiny and TESO.”

Last year’s hype-generator Watch Dogs seems to have cooled on the industry’s window-sill, to the point Brenna isn’t all that fussed about it. “All the stuff that excited me about it, the asynchronous multiplayer and tablet stuff, has been done elsewhere,” she said, adding: “I think, looking at AC4, that the cross-gen thing will probably hold it back considerably. Also I’m not particularly excited for InFamous: Second Son – more of the same, shinier? Pff.”

Brenna’s also keen on Transistor, Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Order: 1886, Until Dawn, Broken Age, Massive Chalice and Fantasia: Music Evolved, “because Harmonix, that’s why.”

She closed in saying, “I suspect that 2014 will be pretty similar to 2013 and 2012 for me in that there’ll be a bunch of big triple-As I’ll get tremendously excited about then forget immediately; one or two triple-As that surprise and consume me (whoa, hello Far Cry 3); and then dozens of indies we currently know nothing about and which I will love with a passion so pure sunbeams break out all over Sydney.

“Finally, let Squeenix bring Drakengard 3 west, amen.”

Sam Clay, Video Editor

Video editor Sam’s hoping to see another indie hit with the same mass and substance of Papers, Please but isn’t quite sure what that will be or who will make it. What he does know is that 2014 will bring giant robots. That’ll be Titanfall then.

“It’s going to be bloody great,” he said. “You get to shoot blokes on foot and in big fucking mechs and running off walls. It’s like what I imagine a night out in Slough to be like, but obviously with more illicit substances. Looking forward to seeing more of it.”

But Sam’s hit us with a curveball by not choosing a game as his pick of 2014, but DLC instead. “Weirdly though,” he began, winking from behind the shadows in some underground parking bay, “I’m kinda more excited to see DLC for my GOTY of 2013, PayDay 2. That game has the magic of Left 4 Dead and the pace of the film Heat. Any more content for that thing and I’ll be chuffed.”

Flicking his cigarillo to the ground, he concluded, “On top of that, I’ll have to mention DayZ. I’m sure it will get a few more layers of paint this year and the world of Reddit will be full of people talking about how they got kidnapped, tortured and then forced into eating their own digital scrotum, or something.”

Stephany Nunneley, Global News Editor

Steph chose Obsidian’s oft-delayed, but no less anticipated South Park: The Stick of Truth as her pick of 2014, “Just because I am a fan of both the show, Trey and Matt, and Obsidian. Basically, I look forward to anything which will include bleeped words of vulgarity. Plus, it’s high time I played an RPG which made me laugh. Nothing makes me laugh. I am an empty shell of a person.”

Coming in at a close second was Tom Clancy’s The Division and The Order: 1886, proving that yes, guns and bang-bangs can still light up the old excitement lobes. Steph wrote, “I am not a ‘shooter’ fan in the ‘shooter sense’ but this looks really promising – and is the only Tom Clancy title I have ever felt the need to play. Now all I need is a goddamned PS4. I will get one from Santa at Christmas this year. I better, or he’ll be served with divorce papers.”

Someone get Steph a PS4, stat!

Dave Cook, Deputy Editor

Well obviously I’m going to say Dark Souls 2 because the thought of being dry-fucked repeatedly by a +10 bastard sword for about 40 hours has become something of a sadistic, guilty pleasure. I finished Dark Souls in the summer and finally nailed Demon’s Souls over the Christmas break. You might think after all that pain and heartache I’d want to play something simple and dub-steppy like Need for Speed, but no, defeat has become my new drug. Bring it on From Software, you bunch of beautiful sods.

Titanfall has also poured new life into my typically cholesterol-riddled Scottish heart, because its verticality, parkour and massive chuffing robots put enough of a new spin on the dog-eared Call of Duty format to make it sing like Matt Bellamy having his nuts crushed. It’s not just a CoD clone though. You’ll see that for yourself when you play it. Keep the faith, people.

I’m also looking forward to Bayonetta 2, basically because I felt the original was as close to hack-n-slash perfection as any developer has got. I’ve played the Wii U sequel and it’s gloriously bat-shit mental with dressings of insanity on the side. It’s also hard, and not ‘Nintendo casual,’ as some fearmongers have suggested. It’s the real deal, make no mistake.

Lastly, but by no means least, I cannot wait to get my chubby paws on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. I thought the first entry was a revelation, with an ending that was brave enough to re-write over 25 years of Castlevania canon. I played this bad-boy at gamescom last year and seriously, you should have seen how stained the carpet around me was after I stepped away from the session.

With drool you horrid lot. With drool.

We’ve shown you ours, so now it’s time to show us yours. Tell us what games you’re looking forward to most in 2014 below.



  1. Mus42

    Fallout 4

    #1 11 months ago
  2. Legendaryboss

    Mine? Well um i suppose i would go with Dying Light, Watch Dogs, MGS V Ground Zeroes (Even though hype levels decrease with each revealing moment).

    The ones to watch are Titanfall (obviously), The Order 1886, X (Coming in 2014 still?), Destiny, Toukiden TAOD, Infamous SS, Driveclub, Sunset-drive (Insomniac puts this in maybe) and The Division.

    So 10 New IPs are among them, 2 successors. I’m very certain there was more than that though.

    #2 11 months ago
  3. tenthousandgothsonacid

    The Last Guardian *again* /not holding my breath

    #3 11 months ago
  4. ballz

    cod 100

    #4 11 months ago
  5. fihar

    My most anticipated game would definitely be Layton vs Ace Attorney.
    It’s a crossover between my favorite DS series with my brother’s favorite DS series and despite Layton’s prequel trilogy suffering the same fate as Star Wars’, there’s no way I’m going to miss out on a showdown (and collaboration) between my favorite top-hat wearing gentlemen and that finger-pointing spiky-haired defense attorney.
    I’m also interested in the new Yoshi’s Island. It doesn’t look as pretty as the DS one but it would surely be a refreshing change of pace after a sea of endless NSMB.

    As for the PS3, I’m firmly interested in Hohokum. I just hope it plays as amazing as it looks.
    I’m hoping that an English version of Persona 5 would be available as early as 2014 but I’m not holding my breath.

    The second chapter of Trails in the Sky deserves a mention as well, as I’ve been trying hard not to look at any spoilers for that stupid cliffhanger ending of the first chapter in preparation for this.

    I doubt I’d be buying a PS4 until a new Gran Turismo comes around so I will still be skipping the entirety of next-gen experience next year.

    #5 11 months ago
  6. pukem0n

    Titanfall, The Division, South Park: Stick Of Truth, Thief, Quantum Break and Wolfenstein: The New Order

    and propably a lot of arcade titles :)

    oh, and Fallout 4, BRING IT!

    #6 11 months ago
  7. Pytox

    Dying light, driveclub,evil within, wolfenstein, titanfall, Watch dogs , Destiny
    HL3 please :D, and also
    indie games like SCALE , The Long Dark and Among the sleep !

    I think KH3 and Mirror’s Edge 2 will be for 2015 and not this year sadly :P

    #7 11 months ago
  8. mistermogul

    Monolith Soft’s “X” please!

    #8 11 months ago
  9. infernalism

    And nobody, not in the comments, no one among the vg247 staff, has chosen Witcher 3? Hah.

    My list is as follows: Witcher 3, Dark Souls II, Infamous SS, South Park tSoT, maybe still Watch Dogs but yeah, a lot of the anticipation for this title has evaporated. Bad move Ubisoft, but hopefully the game itself will be better for it.

    #9 11 months ago
  10. Pytox

    @9 still have to play all the other witcher’s first :P

    #10 11 months ago
  11. Agt_Pendergast

    Bayonetta 2, Dark Souls 2, and I guess InFamous: Second Sons. I don’t know why, but I feel a bit off on MGSv and it’s not the voice actor change.

    #11 11 months ago
  12. Stephany Nunneley

    @9 Well, I am REALLY looking forward to The Witcher 3 (Geralt fan-girl here). I missed the deadline on this, actually… so that’s why my other picks aren’t included. I am also looking forward to The Order: 1886 (please be good please be good etc) Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (I NEED TO GET A 3DS!!!!), Dragon Age 3, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, Lords of the Fallen, and Dark Souls 2. I am also interested to see how Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is coming along as well as Murdered: Soul Suspect.

    #12 11 months ago
  13. abdooltk

    Hi guys ,can any one conform that, nextgen console can do such as this video in terms from physical ability can anyone tells us..
    the video

    #13 11 months ago
  14. fearmonkey

    2014 might be a busy year for gaming. I didn’t really buy that many games from 2013, I bought a ton of 2012 games this year.
    The future looks bright with all the titles i am interested in below, and of course what new surprises will come.

    Fallout 4
    Dragon Age:Inquisition
    Witcher 3
    South Park – SOT
    Murdered:Soul Suspect
    The Elder Scrolls Online
    Watch Dogs
    Dying Light
    The Order
    The Division
    Evil Within
    Deep Down – Hoping it will be good
    Kingdom Come:Deliverance – Hoping it will be good
    Daylight – Hoping it will be good
    Driveclub – hoping the extra time will make it good.
    Everybody’s gone to rapture
    Child of Light
    Wolfenstein – Hoping it will be good

    Hoping to hear more about….
    Two Worlds 3 or Raven’s Cry from Reality Pump

    #14 11 months ago
  15. junguler

    second son, order, watchdogs and division for me.

    #15 11 months ago
  16. SplatteredHouse

    Final Fantasy XV
    Wolfenstein: The New Order
    Kingdom Under Fire II
    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

    (either-way: Titanfall)
    @7 Mirror’s Edge as part of EA’s E3 conference most likely, but I doubt it will be publically playable this year. Maybe a launch early next.

    #16 11 months ago
  17. The_Red

    Stephany and South Park FTW!

    Also Dark Souls 2. It’s gonna be sick.

    #17 11 months ago
  18. bradk825

    Mass Effect and/or Dragon Age
    Titanfall, because I’m not crazy.
    Watchdogs. I feel like it’ll be Assassin’s Creed with hackers and to me that just sounds cool.

    #18 11 months ago
  19. noobman

    Majoras mask 3ds

    #19 11 months ago
  20. Clupula

    Don’t give a fuck about Titanfall. Don’t give a fuck about Destiny. Don’t give a fuck about Watch Dogs. All of those look boring as shit to me. Just not my genres.

    I would like to be excited about Dragon Age but after what a disaster DA2 was, I’d have to research it more to see that it’s more like Origins than 2 before starting to care. I’d like to be excited about Witcher 3, but I haven’t played the first two, and there’s no plans to bring them to any system I own, so I don’t know if I should just jump into the last third of a story like that.

    To be quite honest, I can’t think of a year where I’ve cared less for AAA titles before.

    That said, I am super excited about Drakengard 3, Lords of Shadow 2, Ultra Street Fighter IV, Tales of Xillia 2, and the new Guilty Gear.

    What I’m most excited about are Final Fantasy XV and Persona 5, but I’d be very surprised if either of them made 2014. Just like MGS V. Ground Zeroes is just the prologue, so I doubt we’ll see the full game until 2015.

    #20 11 months ago
  21. Legendaryboss

    Hear that lads? He dissed our titles, Get him!

    #21 11 months ago
  22. Clupula

    I’m an American. Walking into other people’s homes and telling them they’re doing it wrong is just the way of my people. :p

    #22 11 months ago
  23. infernalism

    So you only own Playstation and/or Nintendo consoles? If you have a fairly modern laptop, you could play The Witcher 1 without any trouble. You probably don’t own a 360 or else you would have played TW2 (although I would strongly advise a powerful PC over a 360 as a platform of choice).

    Myself, I read all the books (including the one from this year) by Sapkowski, and I played both games that have come out thus far, so I can’t really imagine how it would be to get into the game and the lore with TW3, but if you can’t or won’t play other titles/read the books, then jump in with TW3. I can almost guarantee you’re not going to be dissappointed, if you like open worlds, mature and non linear, multi faceted storylines and themes, you can’t go wrong here. And maybe then you will be tempted to play other entries in the series/read the books, to better understand the overall plot and fiction.

    Here is some incentive, early on in TW1 Geralt loses his memory, in TW3 he has JUST regained it. It’s going to be a completely different game story wise, because he learned some very important things (which will be outlined in TW3, and are evident to the fans of Sapkowski’s books and those who finished TW2) and his priorities will change. Most of the connections with TW2′s story will probably be explained in the first 10-15 minutes of gameplay. Sure, some characters will act like you have known them since forever, but CDPR said there is going to be an extensive and easy to use journal, which you can quickly consult for some succinct info.

    Don’t hesitate with TW3, wait for reviews if you want, but once those are golden (and I have faith they will be), just jump on the bandwagon. :]

    #23 11 months ago
  24. Clupula

    @23 – The last generation was the first gen that I ever only owned one system during. I have a rule that I don’t buy a system until it has 20 amazing exclusives for it that and last gen, only the PS3 reached that goal. The 360 never even got to 10 games that I absolutely must have (Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey, Alan Wake, Witcher 2, Guardian Heroes, Infinite Undiscovery, and that’s the entirety of my interest in the system), so I never bought one.

    I don’t PC game because it’s too expensive and complicated for me. I have an old school 10 year old desktop that I do word processing with and occasional photoshop and that’s all I need it for. I doubt this thing could survive Half-Life 1, nevermind something like The Witcher. I’m a console gamer.

    I am sure the Witcher 3 will be amazing, because I’ve heard enough good things about Witcher 2, but as I said, I hate not having experienced the story beforehand. It’s something with me that I feel like I need to know the story from the beginning or I feel like I’m grabbing a book and only reading the last 200 pages, you know?

    If there was some sort of Witcher collection announced for either the PS3 or a system I may own in the future, I’d be all over that. But if I know that I’d be going into it without the knowledge I feel I’d need, then it’s just no use getting excited for it. Even the fact that you said he loses his memory in the first game and then recovers it in this one, that’s a level of continuity that I want to experience if I’m going to get into a series. I’m huge on storyline in games, so I would feel very weird playing 3 without having touched 1 & 2. Hell, I’d still feel weird playing 2 without playing 1.

    #24 11 months ago
  25. ps4fanboy

    is that titanfall in this article’s header picture?

    #25 11 months ago
  26. KineticCalvaria

    @25, yup.

    #26 11 months ago
  27. SpacemanSpliffz


    #27 11 months ago
  28. airsick7

    So according to Brenna, Watchdogs will probably suffer from being cross-gen, but she doesn’t seem to have the same concern for Titanfall, which is also cross-gen. Hmm

    This Titanfall hype is spreading, but I haven’t quite been infected yet. It looks cool, but I just can’t get excited for multiplayer shooters anymore. If there truly is a single player worthy campaign, my temperature might rise a few more degrees.

    Question, BTW: does anyone know if we’ll be able to play the game without a gold account? I let that lapse on my 360 since I never game online and now I’m locked behind the silver paywall.

    #28 11 months ago
  29. sebastien rivas

    Craving or need for while not in any particular order:
    1) Elite
    2) Star Citizen
    3) The Witcher 3
    4) Wolfeinstein
    5) Mad Max
    6) The division

    On the radar:
    TESO if I feel respected as a fan and not especially targeting my wallet
    EQ _Next if I feel respected as a fan and not especially targeting my wallet
    DA 3 but I don’t hold my breath but I stay open and hold onto a thread of optimism.
    Destiny with a slight skepticism to be deceived and quickly forget about it.

    But guys as well as for the staff, drop it!
    Stop making vague comparison of an upcoming IP to COD.
    COD is COD and not anything else or stolen from or overused or abused by an upcoming IP.
    There are genres, styles, types from which the authors believe in, perhaps 1 or more elements of COD may be retrieved in another IP somehow, somewhere, anyhow but it does not make the IP COD per se.
    Hearing and fantasizing Titanfall is COD is a pure nonsense, now perhaps Titanfall or any upcoming IP are failing in your eyes and the justification needs to be heard out rationally why it fails but not from the fact that it is COD, maybe the game instead lacks of or need something to be implemented.

    #29 11 months ago
  30. lolatfanboys

    Star Citizen

    #30 11 months ago
  31. infernalism

    Well, i get what you’re saying about being huge on storyline in games. It’s about the single most important factor for me, I don’t do multiplayer (with exceptions like Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls) because of that. Yes I know the Souls games are not big on story per se, but they do have a very interesting way of storytelling through gameplay, even if there isn’t that much story to tell in the first place.

    I also get that you can’t just jump into a story mid way but if you really have it like that then…You may as well not play the previous two games, because they rely HEAVILY upon the books, they basically continue the story. Although the books are canon, the games are…not. But myself, I could see them as such, because the quality of writing, attention to detail and respect to the source material are sufficent for me, to treat them as an extension of the books.

    I wouldn’t hope for TW1 to come to ANY console by the way. They would have to make a remake or a conversion of that game, and they already tried outsourcing that to another studio and it was called The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf (and this entire project was probably the biggest disaster in CDP’s history). Maybe TW2 will be remade for PS4 and Xbone. And I would advise you then, to grab it and start playing, TW1 has almost NOTHING to do with TW2 story-wise, and if you don’t do PC, and you don’t do sequels without playing the original…then you’ll be missing out on some fantastic story, on par with anything GRRM wrote, but in an interactive, non linear form (my own opinion, mostly based on TW2).

    #31 11 months ago

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